10 Party Hairstyles for the Ultimate Night Out

Be the belle of the ball this party season with our round-up of essential party hairstyles below.

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by Sarah Joan Ross

It's time to go out out! Whether you’re looking to throw some shapes on the dancefloor or be the belle of the ball, figuring out a party hairstyle for your evening out can be tricky. To help you out, below we’ve outlined our top 10 club hairstyles.

No matter your texture, colour or cut, these 10 night out hairstyles will hold up on the dance floor, at dinner or anywhere the night takes you – while giving you the best possible look.

Our number 1 tip: prep your hair before styling

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Before styling, it's essential that you don’t scrimp on the pampering – as this is the building block of any great style. Explore products that will boost your colour or look for products that will help repair the look and feel of hair damage. These are especially ideal if you use heat styling tools frequently, or have naturally frizzy locks. 

Our Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner is a great option for repairing damage and quenching dry hair. It fixes lifeless, dull hair and infuses it with a whole new vibrant look – which is exactly what you want if you’re going on a night out. 

If you feel your hair is lacking energy, check out our amazing tips on how to inject life into your hair.

10 party hairstyles that last all night

1. Sleek Ponytail

This is a perennial evening hairstyle popular among celebrities, and there’s a reason for that. It looks pulled-together and groomed come rain, shine or humidity. Secure down low, right at the nape of the neck, and cover the band with a piece of your own hair. Use Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Blow Dry Styling Spray, as it’s excellent at erasing flyaways and keeping them smoothed down for up to 24-hours.

2. Tucked-Under Pony

Beautiful  braid hairstyle

The great thing about these tucked under ponies is that they appear complicated, but with practice are easy to pull off. Gather your tresses into a low, loose pony; create a gap in the middle of your hair — just above the band — and flip your ponytail through the gap. Extra points for a few plaits too. 

3. Double Dutch Braids

Beauty model with braids from back

These are brilliant if you’re at a party and need to keep hair fuss-free! Plus, you can always pull the braids out later for perfectly symmetrical beach waves. To make plaiting easier, use a deep conditioner and Frizz Ease Original Serum to instantly eliminate frizz, hydrate hair and provide heat protection  
4. Slicked-back Hair


This style was all over the spring and summer catwalks, and it oozes sophistication and confidence. The beauty of the slicked-back look is that it can be a party hairstyle for long hair AND short hair as well. 

It does however require a little bit of prep. Blow dry with Volume Lift Root Booster
to give root lift, then straighten out any kinks with an iron. Create some drama and elevation around the top of the hairline with a little teasing, then use a glossing product to create a glass-like, wet-look shine all over.

5. Messy Top Knot

Gorgeous young woman with yellow tulips

For a fresh party hairstyle that's still laid-back, the top knot is for you. Thick hair types only need an elastic and some pins to pull it off. However, thinner types might benefit from using our Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray on towel-dried hair before blow-drying and then using a hair donut once dry.

 6. Double Buns
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There is plenty of evening hairstyle inspiration for the double bun — think low, boho goddess shape or high on the crown neo-punk-meets-nineties grunge. It's worn best when slightly messy, so follow our tips for the top knot above, but split into two.

7. Single Braided Bun

Be confident, embrace your beauty

Buns with plaits give off a polished look and are a stylish alternative to a messy top knot. Finish with a little glossing mist, so your style really shines. There are so many braiding techniques to use, so check out our round-up of more incredible ways to plait your hair.

8. Pompadour

Closeup Of Woman Leaning On Couch

This iconic hairstyle dates back to the 17th century, but can look very modern when given a mohawk upgrade. You’ll need to provide hair with endurance to keep the quiff high, so lock it down with Volume Lift Hairspray once you have the required shape. It will give hair more body while holding your style in place.

9. Glitter-Do

attractive woman with violet glitter on face and hair looking at camera isolated on grey

From mermaid hues to Grecian spun gold, there’s a whole host of glitter styles to take inspiration  from. To be utterly mess-free, invest in glitter extensions or sparkle-infused gel (so you don’t sprinkle it all over your floors and walls). Be sure to stockpile Detox and Repair Shampoo and Detox and Repair Conditioner to remove the dazzle dust the next day.

10. Flowers and Accessories

Hispanic woman wearing flower crown outdoors

As far as hair accessory trends go, it’s about owning your look and celebrating you. So, try braiding a scarf into your plait or adding a tiara or flower crown for a bit of boho style. For the most budget-friendly option, opt for hair littered with Kirby grips – either haphazardly or in neat little rows.

Time to Go!

With these fantastic party hairstyles, you’re ready to throw some shapes on the dancefloor! Make sure to read our article on post night out hair care routines to keep your hair healthy and vibrant during party season too.  


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