10 Braided Hairstyles To Try This Year

by Sarah Joan Ross

For summer 2019, it’s all about the plait! There are regal halo plaits, punky under side braids, pretty fishtails and the off-duty simple Dutch and French. Each option has their USP, but they do have one thing in common — they all have style longevity that lasts from morning to night. Plus they run the gamut from being loose or slicked down and schoolgirl straight. Not to mention these cool braids and super plaits mean you keep a cool head in the summer heat. 

1. French braid

Closeup Of Hairstylist's Hands Braiding Client's Hair

Upgrade the schoolgirl go-to with some serum. We love Frizz Ease Original Serum to help smooth frizz and flyaways and protect your from humidity. It makes it much easier to weave if you have frizzy, unmanageable locks. A touch of hairspray on your finished look can also keep everything in place.  

2. Pull-through braid

blonde woman with braided hair

Although this looks like you might need a beauty school qualification, it’s surprisingly easy. Why? You secure hair into separate ponytails first to keep everything under control. The braid looks better on well-conditioned, glossy hair, so invest in the Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Straightening Spray. It tames frizzy hair and gives you well-groomed hair for days.

3. Fishtail braid

beautiful woman with braided hair

The tightly woven fishtail looks complicated, but the trick is to secure into a low pony, weave sections and then, when finished, cut off the elastic. Finish your style with Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème to camouflage flyaways. For even more neatness, use a baby toothbrush spritzed with some hairspray to anchor the flyways down.

4. Dutch braid

two thick braids of artificial hair, a youth hairdo, colored hai

The basic principle of a Dutch braid is that it’s a reverse of a French plait, so it sits on top instead of being weaved underneath. If you’re in any doubt of the popularity of this style, then check Instagram – there’s more than 198k posts dedicated the neat braid. The only decision to be made? Will you go with a single plait down the middle or one on each side?

5. Waterfall braid

Young woman with beautiful hairstyle on white background

Romantic and whimsy, waterfall braids also look best when the hair has body and movement, so before you start, use the Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion on towel-dried hair, to amplify volume at your roots for crown volume, while thickening the fine hair strands. If your hair is super fine, it might be worth breaking out the hot rollers. Highlights are shown off with this style too.

6. Messy Braid

woman with messy braid

Simple, romantic braid that will work perfectly for a date night! This is the easiest braid - you literally can't mess it up! Make sure you add some texture and volume before - we love Luxurious Volume Mousse!

7. Mermaid braid

Brunette woman with long and shiny curly hair-min.jpeg

The mermaid braid is also known as the rib cage braid. It does take practise, but once perfected, it looks enchanting. Especially suitable for the beach, as it will stay intact in the surf and also make you look ever-so mermaid-like at the same time. The key is to create some volume, so try Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse to add lasting fullness without a crunchy feel, then plait all the way through to lengths or half-up-half-down.   

8. Box Braids

African braids are gathered in the tail with a pattern from the cornrow on the temple, an original youth hairstyle

Box braids are a brilliant hair solution for summer, as it saves you time (no need for hot air and flat iron styling) and means you won’t break out into a frizz. Before any box braid styling session, you’ll need to get hair in tip-top condition. Weekly deep conditioning treatments are a must before a stylist weaves their magic.

9. Halo braid

Portrait Of A Beautiful Young Blond Woman With Braid Crown Hairs

Channel your inner Greek goddess with a beautiful halo braid. This look keeps hair entirely away from the face so you can work or play in style. The golden rule? Shine. So don’t forget a spritz of glossing mist on the finished ‘do. A few gold leaf accessories wouldn’t go amiss either. 

10. Side braids

There are many directions to take side braids from a modern-day spin on the classic cornrow to super casual and loose. Want an instant way to upgrade the braids? Add some jewellery-esq charms.

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