Bride with wavy hair and a flower crown kissing her groom

by Sarah Joan Ross

Looking for the perfect up or down-do to complement your bridal gown? From beautiful braids to wonderful waves, we’ve got the pick of the prettiest wedding hairstyles to wow your friends and family on your big day.

Summer wedding updos

1. Half up, half down

This style is perfect for when you want to wear your hair down but keep it off your face. Give your locks fullness and all-day longevity by using a dynamic blow dry spray, like our Volume Lift Thickening Blow-Out Spray.

To get the look, wash your hair the day before and use hot rollers to add body and bounce to your lengths. Finish with Volume Lift Lightweight Hairspray to boost hold and flexibility.

Half up half down wedding hairstyle

2. Messy Chignon

This ‘do has a chic vintage vibe, but it’s updated for the modern bride with framing strands falling around your face to soften the overall look. It's even better when topped off with a tiara.

Curling your hair before sweeping it back into the chignon will help to add extra texture and volume, and give the strands around your face a volumising finishing touch.

Messy chignon wedding hairstyle

3. Face-framing Fringe

From bouncy bangs to French-girl fringes, this is Riviera chic all the way to the altar. Get your fringe under control by blow drying into place and then adding a little hairspray to hold.

Top tip – if you don’t already have a fringe and you want to try one for your wedding hairstyle, make sure you consult your hairdresser and ask for their honest opinion. For example, round faces can suit a long side-swept fringe, and full, heavy fringes will best suit square faces.

The texture of your hair matters as well - fine hair suits a more solid cut, and thicker hair can pull off a choppier, textured fringe.

Bride with a wedding hairstyle with a fringe

4. Messy Updo

This tousled updo is super easy to do without enlisting the help of a hairdresser. All you need are bobby pins and a strong hold hairspray to scrunch up curly pieces of hair and create this romantic, structured hairstyle.

It looks lovely under any kind of veil, and takes minimal upkeep during the day - just make sure your bridesmaids are carrying some hairpins and hairspray to keep everything in place.

Bride with a messy updo bun hairstyle

5. Accessorised Updo

Adding pearls and flowers to your tresses makes any hairstyle instantly bridal and add an air of boho romance.

Either scatter randomly or add some oversized baubles at the base of your pony, slipped into your chignon or placed perfectly around that half up, half down do.

Bride wearing pearl accessories in her hair

Wedding hairstyle braid ideas

6. French Braid Halo

These milkmaid-inspired plaits work well when nuptials are down on the farm. They also look equally great with fishtail or Dutch braids, too.

Pull pieces out to frame your face and don’t make this look to neat – a structured, tousled approach works best. Our Volume Lift Thickening Mousse volumises flat hair with Air-Silk Technology to create natural-looking and feeling volume with no crunch.

French braid halo wedding hairstyle

7. Rope Braid

Wedding braids needn’t be fussy – in fact the simpler they are, the easier they are to maintain throughout the day.

Rope braids are perfect for destination weddings - especially when you need your hair out of the way to keep you cool from day to night.

Top tip: if you end up getting bumps in your braid, you can smooth them out with a bobby pin and hairspray.

Rope braid wedding hairstyle

8. Soft Loose Braid

This style shows off a backless dress to perfection and works on any hair type, and it oozes modern-day glamour.

Soft, loose braids looks effortless and half-undone, but it’s a tricky look to do by yourself - especially when you have a million other things to think about, so consider asking your stylist to step in.

Weave a ribbon through your braid for a dreamy boho-inspired look and a showstopping finish.

Loose soft fishtail braid wedding hairstyle

9. Braided Crown

There’s no need to buy a tiara to look like a princess – just plait your own crown for a less formal take on royal hair. You could also add some diamanté grips or glitter to boost your crowing glory.

If you’ve got long, thick hair and you’re struggling for regal-looking hair ideas, this could be the look for you. For minimal fuss on the day, give yourself beach waves overnight and pay special attention to the sections near the front of your face – they’ll be bringing all the drama.

Braided crown wedding hairstyle

10. Accessorised Braid

Fresh or faux flowers woven into braids propels any hair style into something more swoon-worthy. Fresh blooms add a beautiful scent to hair - choose varieties with a sturdy stem like orchard, gardenia, and peony so they’ll stay in place and won't wilt in the heat.

Artificial flower hair accessories can be just as bewitching, and they make lovely keepsakes to look back on and remember the day.

Accessorised braid wedding hairstyle with flowers

Wavy hair wedding hairstyle ideas

11. Mermaid Waves

Beach-inspired waves have universal appeal, and will look lovely whether you’re near the coast or in the countryside. Use Volume Lift Root Booster before you start styling to boost hair, add texture and thicken strands for a salt-slicked, tousled look without the sea.

Top tip: to keep your waves bouncy and effortlessly-undone through the day, avoid touching your hair – and make sure your hair stays dry.

Bride with blonde wavy mermaid hair

12. Finger Waves

Finger waves date back to the Jazz Age, when fun-loving flappers were looking for ways to update their short, straight bobs.

If you’ve got short hair which lends itself to intricate styling, finger waves are a super-chic look - especially if your wedding has a retro theme or vintage feel.

Diamanté and sparkly clips will add a touch of glamour, and don’t forget that finger waves aren’t a speedy style - factor in plenty of time, as this style needs to dry completely for long-lasting hold.

Bride with finger waves hairstyle

13. Wavy Half Bun

Wavy half buns work well on bobs or longer styles, but be warned – they look super-intuitive, but they demand a degree of skill, so don’t be tempted to try this pretty style solo on your big day unless you've had a couple of practice runs.

Loosely curl your lengths to give some polish and spritz Moisture Barrier Intense Hold Hairspray to hold your heat-styled hair in place.

Woman curling her hair

14. Wavy Half-Updo

This pretty hairstyle was made for long, voluminous hair which curls well. To achieve the look, take sections of curled hair and twist into shape, then secure with something pretty like floral, pearls or twinkly grips.

It’s not only an elegant statement, but also lifts and tames long hair on a warm and sunny day – especially if you’re being careful with your makeup. Leave selected strands around your face and pin the rest back to form an elegant crown.

Wavy half updo wedding hair

15. Side Part Waves

This fun, wearable look gives the impression of old Hollywood hair glamour. It’s great if your hair’s medium length and you need a style which can last the day and give you a serious volume boost.

Use Heat Defeat Protecting Spray to shield hair from the onslaught of blow drying, rollers, and curling irons, and boost volume with our Thickening Blow-Out Spray.

Bride with wavy hair and a side parting

Wedding Hair Ponytails

16. Textured Ponytail Twist

This look is a super-pretty alternative to a classic pony and has a more relaxed vibe than a more structured coiffure. Place in the centre of your head or low and to the side depending on your dress neckline.

Curling your hair is key to achieving this look – finish with our Volume Lift Hairspray to keep everything looking stylist-fresh from dawn till dusk.

Bride with a textured ponytail twist wedding hairstyle

17. Side-Swept Ponytail

If your dress is strapless or asymmetric, a one-sided pony is the look for you (plaiting optional – it’s trickier, but the results are stunning).

If you have fine hair that’s also frizzy, smooth through some Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Crème onto your ends. It hydrates and tames frizz without weighing fine hair down, and it’s also good for targeted touch-ups during the day.

Bride with side swept wedding ponytail

18. High Ponytail

This super-slick and sophisticated look needs hair in great shape or else you won’t get those clean, refined lines.

In the lead up to the big day, use a care-giving hair treatment such as our Detox & Repair Masque once or twice per week to revitalise dry, dull and lifeless hair.

Bride with high elegant ponytail

19. Sleek Ponytail

This sleek, super-stylish pony really comes into its own when paired with full-on make-up to elevate it to red carpet status.

Wrap your own hair, a faux weft or some pretty fabric which co-ordinates with your dress around the hairband to add a touch of sophistication and stop the look becoming too headmistressy.

If your hair's prone to frizz, smooth through some of our Frizz Ease Serum before your start styling to tame flyaways and add shine. 

Brunette bride with a sleek ponytail wedding hairstyle

20. Tucked-Under Pony

Wedding hair doesn't have to always mean ‘up-do.' This glamorous down-do, aka the tucked under pony, looks equally as glamorous when teamed with a stunning gown, make-up and shoes.

Arm yourself with pins and hairspray to hold in place, and enlist your stylist’s help for your big day, even if you’re a seasoned pro.

This style works well with straight hair, but curly hair takes it to the next level.

Brunette bride with tucked under ponytail hairstyle

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