20 Bridal Hairstyles That Are Perfect For Summer Weddings

Summer Wedding Hairstyles

bride with a beautiful hairstyle and flower crown leaning in to kiss her groom on their wedding day

by Sarah Joan Ross

Looking for the perfect up or down-do to complement your bridal gown? From beautiful braids to wonderful waves—we have the prettiest wedding hairstyles to wow the crowds on your big day.

Wedding Updos

1. Half up and Half down

1 gettyimages-502351076-612x612.jpg

The benefit of this style is that it’s perfect for when you want to wear your hair down, without it getting in your face. Give locks fullness and longevity by using a dynamic blow dry spray like Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Spray. Use hot rollers and finish with a shine-giving hair spray.

2. Messy Chignon

2 gettyimages-1150126183-612x612.jpg

This has a chic Grace Kelly vibe but updated for the modern bride with piece-y strands falling around the face to soften the overall look. It's even better when topped off with a tiara. 

3. Framing Fringe

3 gettyimages-536847880-612x612.jpg

From Bardot bangs to French-girl fringes, this is Riviera chic all the way to the altar. Keep fringes under control by blow drying into place and then adding a little hairspray to hold.

4. Messy Updo

4 gettyimages-955560016-612x612.jpg

This tousled updo is super easy to do without enlisting the help of a hairdresser. All you need is pins and a strong hold hairspray. Plus it looks lovely under any style of veil.    

5. Accessorised Updo

5 gettyimages-1156682342-612x612.jpg

The addition of pearls and flowers make any hairstyle instantly bridal and add an air of boho romance. Either scatter randomly or add some oversized baubles at the base of your pony, slipped into your chignon or placed perfectly around that half up, half down do.  

Wedding Braids

6. French Braid Halo

6 gettyimages-528892926-612x612.jpg

These milkmaid-inspired plaits work well when nuptials are down on the farm. They also look equally great with fishtail or Dutch braids too. Pull pieces out to frame the face.

7. Rope Braid

7 gettyimages-467638353-612x612.jpg

Wedding braids need not be fussy. Rope braids are perfect for destination weddings—especially somewhere romantic in the Med, so you keep cool from day-to-night. Top tip: if you have bumps in your braid, you can smooth them out with a Bobby pin and hairspray.  

8. Soft Loose Braid

8 gettyimages-659468735-612x612.jpg

This style shows off a backless dress to perfection and works on any hair type. Plus it oozes modern-day glamour.

9. Braided ‘Crown’

9 gettyimages-1150040422-612x612.jpg

There’s no need to buy a tiara to look like a princess. Plait your own crown for a less formal take on royal hair. You could also add some diamanté grips or glitter to boost your crowing glory.    

10. Accessorised Braid

10 gettyimages-1082790778-612x612.jpg

Fresh or faux flowers woven into braids propels any hair style into something more swoon-worthy. Fresh blooms add a beautiful scent to hair. Choose varieties with a sturdy stem like orchard, gardenia, and peony so they will stay in place and won't wilt in the heat. 

Wavy Hair

11. Mermaid Waves

11 gettyimages-510170754-612x612.jpg

This beach-inspired look has universal appeal and will look lovely whether you’re near the coast or in the countryside. Use Beach Blonde Sea Waves Sea Salt Spray to add texture and for style staying power.  

12. Finger Waves

12 gettyimages-182152941-612x612.jpg

These are super-chic—especially if the wedding theme has a retro romance or vintage feel. Diamanté and sparkles would be a great addition here too.

13. Wavy Half Bun

13 gettyimages-946996012-612x612.jpg

This works well on bobs or longer styles. Loosely curl the lengths to give some polish and spritz Forever Full Hairspray to offer fine types more body while holding your heat-styled hair in place.

14. Wavy Half-Updo

14 gettyimages-935415588-612x612.jpg

To achieve this charming look, take sections of your hair and twist into shape, then secure with something pretty like floral, pearls or twinkly grips.

16. Side Part Waves

15 gettyimages-915045270-612x612.jpg

This look gives the impression of old Hollywood hair glamour. Use Heat Defeat Protecting Spray to shield hair from the onslaught of blow drying, rollers, and curling irons.

Wedding Ponytails

16. Textured Ponytail Twist

16 gettyimages-875320440-612x612.jpg

This look is a super pretty alternative to a classic pony and has a more relaxed vibe than a more structured coiffure. Place in the centre of your head or low and to the side depending on your dress neckline. 

17. Side-Swept Ponytails

17 gettyimages-1124483231-612x612.jpg

If your dress is strapless or asymmetric, a one-sided pony is the look for you (plaiting optional). If you have fine hair that’s also frizzy, smooth through some Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Crème onto ends. It hydrates and tames frizz without weighing fine hair it down.

18. High Ponytail

This is super slick and sophisticated, so hair needs to be in great shape or else you won’t get those clean, refined lines. In the lead up to the big day, use a care-giving hair treatment such as our Detox & Repair Masque once or twice per week to revitalise dry, dull and lifeless hair.

19. Sleek Ponytail

19 gettyimages-1008672916-612x612.jpg

This sleek pony is excellent when paired with full-on make-up to elevate it to red carpet status. Wrap your own hair, a faux weft or some pretty fabric around the band that co-ordinates with your dress to jazz it up too.

20. Tucked-Under Pony

20 gettyimages-919006734-612x612.jpg

Wedding hair doesn't have to always mean ‘up-do.' This down-do, aka the tucked under pony, looks equally as glamorous when teamed with a gown, make-up and shoes. Arm yourself with pins and hairspray to hold in place. 

And there you have it! Hopefully you will now an array of ideas to to share with your hair stylist, to create hair perfection on your big day. If you'd like more inspiration on how to make your special day even more perfect, explore our wedding guest hairstyle etiquette guide for additional ideas.

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