How to Hydrate Hair at Home

Quench dry, lifeless hair with a surge of moisture with the NEW Hydrate & Recharge range.  
Discover our best products for dry hair. 

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by John Frieda

Everyday factors like sun exposure, cold air, wind, coupled with everyday heat styling and hair colouring, can all contribute to stripping your hair’s natural moisture, resulting in dryness.

Despite using heat protection, people with thicker, coarser hair need products formulated for dry, dehydrated hair, as their hair doesn’t produce as much natural oils to keep their strands moisturised. To combat dryness: use products designed to add a surge of much needed moisture! John Frieda’s new Hydrate & Recharge range helps do exactly that. Keep reading to discover how to do a home hydration therapy for hair… 

Choose a hydrating shampoo

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Rescuing dehydrated, brittle hair starts with your shampoo. Choose our Hydrate & Recharge hydrating shampoo, infused with nutrient rich drops containing monoi oil and keratin. Quench thirsty, dull hair, transforming your locks from dry and lifeless to a silky soft and hydrated mane.

Include a conditioner for dry hair in your routine

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A hydrating conditioner is an absolute staple if your hair looks and feels dry. It provides your locks with the much-needed moisture boost to inject some life back into them. For best results, use our Hydrate & Recharge hydrating conditioner in combination with the shampoo.

Like the shampoo, the conditioner is infused with nutrient rich drops and will leave your locks feeling soft to touch. The formula acts as a moisture reservoir, providing a quenching and nourishing boost to bring your hair back to a silky state. Goodbye desert dry hair, hello silky soft hair!

Recharge with a hair mask for dry hair

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Does your hair look and feel like a straw? For an intense surge of hydration, introduce our Deep Soak hydrating hair mask into your haircare routine once a week. Simply apply to freshly washed, wet hair and leave for 2-3 minutes to deeply nourish each strand. This hair mask transforms dry, dehydrated, brittle strands into touchably soft, silky hair that moves with you.

Ready to hydrate and recharge your hair back to looking silky smooth and full of life? Discover more of our top tips on how to get healthy-looking hair!

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