Blonde woman with her hair in a bun sitting by a pool

by Sarah Joan Ross

As the mercury rises, our hair feels the heat and starts to misbehave. However, there are plenty of way to wear your hair to stay cool.

We’ve pulled together some breezy, simple styles that will stand up to heat and humidity and keep your hair away from your face and off your neck.

1. Half-Up Top Knot

This casual style can be worn by anyone, from those with bobs to bottom-skimming locks. But it takes more prepping than you might think. Here’s the easy how-to guide to get a pro-finish.

Section a third of the hair (from the front to the crown) then secure with a snag-free band. Amp up the volume by backcombing the pony and then wrap around in a clockwise direction and secure with a grip. Viola! The perfect topknot is born.

Black woman with braids in a half-up top knot

2. Messy Updo

A messy updo is a fresh alternative to the classic chignon, and it’s brilliantly-versatile. It can be dressed up with pretty flowers or diamante pins – it’s perfect for a summer wedding hairstyle or simplified and tamed down for a workday.

To get the look, create a parting to the centre or the side and tie your hair into a mid-to-low pony. Twist the tail to secure into a bun, pulling out pieces to frame your face and loosen the look.

Blonde woman with messy bun

3. Half Updo

This style looks great when worn with a pretty surf-girl wave. Choose between a plait, twist or a 60s-inspired half chignon to keep hair up and away from your face.

Prep your hair by sparingly adding thickening mousse along your lengths to add volume, then if you have the time, curl with your flat irons or tongs. Backcomb at the crown to create height, then roll or plait your wefts, and pin. Pull out some face-framing tendrils and finish with medium-hold hairspray to hold everything in place.

Brunette woman securing her hair into a bun

4. Low Updo

The chic street-style look is slick with glass-like shine, and it's perfect if your hair is predominantly straight to start with. If your hair is curly, break out the straightening irons - and don't forget the heat protection spray.

The crucial element is to use a tail comb to create a clean centre part and give you a definitive hairline. Team that with serum to boost shine and ensure your ‘do doesn’t get frizzy when humidity is high. Then tie, knot, or plait into a bun.

Dark blonde woman wearing a low updo wedding hairstyle

5. Plait Updo

A plaited updo, like an upside-down French braid, looks super complicated but is pretty quick to do, and gives you that stand-out-from-a-crowd style.

Practise your braiding before you begin, as you’ll need to tip your head upside down and work from the nape of your neck towards your crown. Once you’ve got this off to a fine art, you can create one or more braids and secure hair into a topknot or high on-trend ‘80s pony.

Blonde woman with plaited updo hair

6. French Braid Updo

All that’s required for this Grecian style is some simple plaiting skills and plenty of pins. Plus, it works well on medium to long lengths and both curly and straight locks.

Apply a hair smoothing cream to either wet or dry hair to help smooth flyaways before you start braiding. Starting at the temple, French braid the hair by taking three sections and weaving the left part, cross it over the middle one and combine it with the right section. Then repeat from the opposite side. Secure with an elastic and work the ends into the plait and pin into place.

Brunette woman with caramel highlights with a French braid updo

7. Braided Bun Updo

This look is easy, classic and has staying power – from spin classes to soirees. Take a piece of hair from the left side of your head and plait. Do the same on the right side and gather all the hair up into a pony.

Plait the pony length and twist around and pin into place. Add a spritz of a strong hold hairspray so your bun stays neat and tidy.

To reduce the risk of your hair getting damaged after braiding it multiple times, invest in a hair protecting spray to lightly condition and protect against damage.

Dark blonde woman with a braided bun updo

8. Bun Updo

The messy bun has been the go-to for the past few years because it’s easy, fast and injects a whole lot of fun into your off-duty style.

This look needs both body and guts, so prep wet hair with a volume-boosting mousse to add lasting fullness. Then pull your hair into a high pony, tease with a brush for a little extra pouf, twist around and pull through the hair or loop through a band (an oversized scrunchy is on-trend) or firmly fix with sparkly or pearl-encrusted clips.

Brunette woman wearing a grey t-shirt with a messy bun

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