4 Ways to Give Your Hair a Little TLC After The Party Season 

Red how to detox and repait your hair after the party season. 

by John Frieda UK

With non-stop parties (and continuous hair styling) throughout the festive season, combined with cold winter weather, it’s no surprise that your hair can feel a little dry and dull come January. Luckily, with the right products, and our top tips and tricks, you can revive your locks back to full health in no time. 


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1. Do a hair detox 

Detox: this may sound like you’ll be forgoing fun for a strict and intense regime, however our Detox & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner will make this the easiest detox you’ve ever done! Simply replace your usual products with our Detox & Repair range. The cleansing Shampoo works to remove impurities and leave your hair ready to receive the repairing benefits from the Conditioner. Discover more on How to Detox Your Hair. 

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2. Protect your hair when styling
We think you should still be able to style your hair with heat stylers during your hair detox, so a heat protecting spray is a MUST! Try our Detox & Repair Spray which has been formulated with avocado oil. It's designed to strengthen your strands and gently detangle whilst protecting from heat and daily challenges. Simply spray liberally on towel-dried hair before drying and styling.

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3. Use a hair repair mask
The best way to combat dry and damaged hair is to use a repairing hair mask. Look no further than our Detox & Repair Masque. Enriched with antioxidant green tea and nourishing avocado oil, the masque provides intense nourishment to instantly revitalise your tired locks. Simply apply to clean, wet hair, concentrating on the ends and leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes to work its magic.

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4. Repair split ends with a small trim

Sometimes no amount of product will help those split ends, so heading to your hairdressers may be your best bet. A little trim will instantly eradicate dry ends leaving your hair feeling instantly healthier.
Now you’re well on your way to rescuing your hair after the party season, read our Top Tips for Weatherproofing Your Hair to keep your hair in its best condition for the rest of winter.

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