Shiny blonde hair in waves

Sleek, glossy hair with a mirror-like shine seems to be the stuff of magazine adverts and A-list events – especially if you’ve tried (and failed) to replicate celebs’ super-chic looks. The good news is there isn’t a single haircare hack to get your tresses looking top-notch – there’s so much you can do to bring back your hair’s shine.

Use a shine-boosting shampoo when you wash your hair

Shine-boosting shampoos are a great way to start your journey to glossy hair – our Vibrant Shine range brings out the best in your colour and it’s vegan-friendly, too.

Our sulphate-free Vibrant Shine Shampoo is infused with rose hip oil and Shine-Enhancing Complex, and gently cleanses and illuminates hair from within without weighing it down. Pair with our Vibrant Shine conditioner to detangle your strands and leave your hair hydrated, satiny-smooth and ready for styling.

John Frieda Vibrant Shine range

Rinse your hair with cold water

If you can stand it, rinse with cold water after you’ve finished rinsing out your conditioner. Cold water helps to prevent the loss of natural oils from your hair, locks in moisture to prevent frizz, and closes your hair’s cuticle.

Your hair’s cuticle is the outer layer, and it’s made of overlapping cells, like a tiled roof. When you wash your hair with hot water, the cells forming the cuticle don’t seal properly, which can cause your hair to look dull. By contrast, when you rinse with cold water, the cuticle lies flat – and light reflects off each strand, giving your hair a glossy look.

Top tip: Can’t bear the thought of a cold shower? Take it a large plastic jug into the shower and fill it with cold water, then tip over your hair. Brrrr-illiant.

Woman in the shower rinsing her hair under cold water

Add shine with a serum

Nourish and tame extra-dry or damaged hair with a smoothing, gloss-inducing serum. Our versatile hair serums can be used on wet or dry hair to smooth, lock in moisture and add shine.

If you’ve got fine hair and you’re worried that a heavy serum may make your hair look greasy, go for our All-in-1 Lightweight Serum. It’s infused with argan oil, coconut oil and moringa oil, and reduces frizz for instant, long-lasting smoothness.

Range of John Frieda Frizz Ease serums

Use a silk pillowcase or hair wrap

When you’re asleep, you toss and turn – and your hair moves with you. Cotton and polyester sheets can be rough on your hair, so invest in a silk pillowcase or hair wrap to protect your hair.

Silk won’t rub against your hair as harshly, and reduces friction when you move overnight – which means reduced frizz and hair breakage, fewer split ends and silkier, smoother hair when you wake up.

Young woman with shiny blonde, beige hair worn loose

Add a hair mask into your weekly hair routine

A weekly hair mask is a great way to replenish and care for your hair, especially during the cooler months when plummeting temperatures and central heating can leave your hair dehydrated and dull.

Our Rehab + Revive Deep Conditioner is liquid gold for damaged, over-processed hair which needs some serious attention – smooth it through your lengths after washing and then wrap your hair in a warm towel to let this deep conditioner soak in. Remember to rinse with cold water to let that gloss shine through.

John Frieda rehab + revive deep conditioner

Turn down the heat and use a heat protection spray

Whether you’re bonkers for a blow-dry or you’re crazy about your curling wand, now’s the time to step away from high-temperature hair styling. Styling tools can result in split ends and hair breakage, and in extreme cases can lead to thinning hair and hair loss. Hot rollers and curling irons are particularly problematic as the extreme heat and twisting they incorporate can lead to traction alopecia.

If you still want to use your styling products, try to turn the heat down and limit the time you spend styling your hair. You should also use a heat protection spray - our Heat Defeat Protecting Spray protects your hair from heat damage as it’s formulated with ThermaGuard Complex and humectants.

Young woman with long, black, shiny hair

Invest in a boar bristle hairbrush

Boar hair brushes are made from domesticated boar hair - collecting the hair is a humane process, much like shearing a sheep.

Boar hair is similar in structure to human hair, and contains the same protein our hair is built from - keratin. Boar brushes distribute your scalp’s oils more evenly to discourage greasiness, gently strip away and dead hairs and close the hair’s cuticle, helping to encourage light reflection - and shiny hair. They can also stimulate blood flow to the scalp, which may encourage hair growth.

Woman with dark blonde hair having her hair styled with a rounded brush and a hairdryer

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