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Over three decades ago, the John Frieda brand started with the opening of a salon on New Cavendish Street, London. Today, the vision of the brand reflects that salon heritage: delivering transformational products that target specific style problems, for salon-calibre results you can see and feel.

We learnt that to get there, the solution has to be tailored to your hair’s specific needs. So we made it our mission to crack the differences behind exactly what makes blondes brighter, brunettes shine, and frizz an ancient memory. Our products are fueled by an understanding of what makes each individual hair type unique. To help your style meet its perfect match.


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Live Frizz-Free

Enjoy your locks smooth and frizz-free 
whetever the weather with our Frizz Ease icons.

Selection of John Frieda Frizz Ease products of varying sizes and colours

The first name in the fight against frizz. The original John Frieda® Frizz Ease® serum. In 1990, this launch revolutionised style for once-untamable, frizzy manes. Giving them new freedom and flexibility. Now a collection to target frizz from every angle. Effortlessly mastering any style. 

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Be That Blonde

Transfrom your blonde.
Light, bright, and absolutely shimmering.

Selection of John Frieda Sheer Blonde products of different colours

Since 1998, the John Frieda® Sheer Blonde® collection has been making blondes BLONDE. Tailored to deliver what your blonde hair desires most. Not just daily care, but what it takes to keep it the center of attention.

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Start a Brunette Revolution

A brunette revolution. Redefine your brunette.

Selection of John Frieda Brilliant Brunette products in brown bottles

Brilliant Brunette®. A collection that changed the game.
The first-ever colour-care range made to enhance brown hair’s unique tones. Dimension for every kind of brunette. From rich caramel to the deepest espresso. Shine on.

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Ignite Red

Red is the fire behind fierce confidence.
Let’s amplify it.

Two bottles of John Frieda's Radiant Red product (shampoo, conditioner)

For over a decade, our Radiant Red® collection has kept hair vibrant. Combating the way red hair colour fades. Red doesn’t have to stop.

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Fine hair doesn’t have to fall flat.
Now the luxury of volume is yours.

Three products from John Frieda's Luxurious Volume range (shampoo, mousse and blow dry lotion)

In 1988, Luxurious Volume® Blow Dry Lotion transformed fine hair. And we’ve been building ever since. Today, we offer a full range of solutions tailored to help give every style long-lasting, touchable volume. That speaks for itself.

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