The 9 Hottest Hair Colours for Winter

Switch up your look this winter with one of our hair colour ideas below! 

With the changing of the seasons, you may be thinking about switching up your hair colour too! If you want some inspiration, look no further. Here at John Frieda, we’ve put together a round-up of 9 winter hair colour ideas for blondes, brunettes and redheads. You’ll be sure to find your perfect shade from our list below, as well as some awesome John Frieda hair dye product recommendations to recreate the style you want.  

Remember to take a look at our winter hair care tips before you dye your hair too, so you know how to protect your luscious locks in the colder weather.

Winter hair colours for blondes

You can just as easily rock blonde hair in the winter as in the summer! There are so many shades of blonde to choose from, but we’ve picked out three winter blonde hair colour ideas below that are sure to wow this season.

1. Ash blonde

Cooler tones are always a go-to in the winter months, so ash blonde is a great option. To keep your winter blonde from getting dull, why not try our Violet Crush range? It features purple shampoo and conditioner to accompany.


2. Golden blonde

Golden locks look beautiful all year round, but we like this shade of winter blonde to add a burst of sunshine on a grey day. For a darker golden blonde, we’d recommend trying shade 7G Dark Golden Blonde and if you’re in the mood for something lighter, then why not go for shade 10N Extra Light Natural Blonde?


3. Blonde highlights

Highlights aren’t just for sunny holidays; they can transform your locks into the ultimate winter blonde hue! Subtle blonde highlights through darker hair can boost your style and brighten your complexion on those rainy days. If you’re not quite sure what shade to go for, definitely check out our list of highlighted hair ideas.


Winter hair colours for brunettes

In winter, you can either embrace warmer or cooler hues when it comes to brunette locks. Choose from our top three winter hair colour ideas for brunettes below. If you’re going brunette, be sure to take a look at our round-up of the best hair care products for brunette hair so your darker hues are nourished to the max.

4. Brunette balayage

There are so many variations of a balayage, from a warm brunette to striking blonde or even a cooler-toned brunette balayage. If you’re umming and ahing about whether to go for it, then take a look at our Balayage Q&A with our expert Luke Hersheson.

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5. Natural brown

Sometimes the natural route is the way to go in the winter months. Try our 5N natural brown hair dye for a medium/dark winter hair colour that is easy to maintain. This shade works with so many different complexions, so you’re bound to love it!


6. Natural black

The darkest brunette shades are perfect for the winter months as they’re not only dramatic and sexy, but they also make your locks look so healthy and shiny. Give the 2N Luminous Natural Black dye a go if you’re feeling like standing out this season for all the right reasons.


Winter hair colours for red hair

To combat ice with fire, try going red this winter and don’t be scared of a pop of colour. Take a look at our best winter hair colours below if you want to embrace your wild side, and be sure to check out our list of the top 10 red hair colours if you want even more ideas!

7. Dark red/brown hair

A dark red/brown shade is a great winter hair colour idea for both natural blondes and brunettes looking to take a walk on the wild side. For a rich and velvety colour, try shade 4R Dark Red Brown. It’s bold, plus it complements fairer skin tones beautifully!


8. Radiant Red

Just because the weather is cold, that doesn’t mean your hair colour can’t be hot and fiery! Our shade 5R Medium Red Brown is perfect for those who want to stand out and embrace darker red hues this winter.

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9. Cherry Red

A deep cherry red is always popular thanks to its striking look and versatility. This hue suits both fair and deep skin tones, and is the best winter hair colour for those wanting to make a statement. Try our shade 3VR Deep Cherry Brown for super shiny and healthy-looking results.


Now that you have your winter hair colour inspiration sorted, it’s never too early to think about summer, so check out our list of 9 summer hair colours! Whatever the season, make sure you take a look at our best foam hair dye colours so you’ve got all the year-round inspiration you need!

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