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It’s cold, gloomy and grey outside – and if you’re thinking of switching up your hair colour to add some much-needed glamour this winter, you’re in the right place.

We’ve put together a round-up of nine super-sumptuous winter hair colour ideas for blondes, brunettes and redheads. If you’re not sure which hair colour shades will suit you, use our hair colour chart to find your ideal shade – and check out our guide on winter hair care to get your locks in tip-top condition before you change your colour.

Winter hair colours for blondes

There are so many shades of blonde to choose from when the mercury falls, but we’ve picked out three of our favourite winter blonde hair colour ideas below that are sure to wow this season.

1. Ash blonde hair

Cooler tones are always a go-to in the winter months, so flattering shades of ash, sandy and platinum shades of blonde are an easy-to-maintain blonde which ties into the current ‘expensive blonde’ trend. Keep brassiness at bay by using an intensive purple shampoo and purple conditioner - our Violet Crush range contains crushed violet pigments to gradually neutralise yellow and orange tones.

Choose our 9A Light Ash Blonde hair dye to get the look.

Woman with ash blonde hair against a light background

2. Golden blonde hair

Hollywood-style classic golden locks look beautiful all year round, but we like this buttery shade of winter blonde to add a burst of sunshine on a grey day.

For a darker golden blonde, we’d recommend trying shade 7G Dark Golden Blonde. If you’re in the mood for something lighter, then why not go for shade 10N Extra Light Natural Blonde?

Woman with long golden blonde hair in a ponytail

3. Blonde highlights

Highlights aren’t just for the summer; they can transform your locks into the ultimate winter blonde by adding movement and depth.

Subtle blonde highlights through darker hair can boost your style and brighten your complexion on those rainy days. If you’re not quite sure what shade to go for, our guide to highlights will help you pick the perfect shade and highlighting technique.

Woman running her hands through her highlighted blonde hair

Winter hair colours for brunettes

In winter, brunettes have the option of embracing warmer or cooler hues. If you’re going brunette, be sure to take a look at our round-up of the best hair care products for brunettes so your hair stays nourished, shiny and healthy.

4. Brunette balayage

There are so many balayage variations, from warm brunette to darker blonde or even a cooler-toned brunette balayage. It’s a great choice for brunettes who want to go lighter but don’t want all-over blonde, and it’s a relatively low-maintenance technique as the dye your stylist uses only goes on your lengths, not your roots.

We’d recommend going for honey and caramel blondes, light browns, and light reds as possible balayage shades – you want to create contrast without the colour change being too stark.

Brunette woman with shiny blonde balayage

5. Natural brown hair

Sometimes the natural route is the way to go in the winter months, especially if you’re looking for a chic, sophisticated look that’s low maintenance.

Try our 5N Medium Natural Brown hair dye for a medium to dark winter hair colour that’s easy to maintain. This shade works with so many different complexions, so it’s super-flattering - plus the foamy formula means minimal mess.

Windswept natural brown hair

6. Black hair

The darkest brunette shades are perfect for the winter months as they’re not only dramatic and eye-catching, but they also make your locks look healthy and shiny.

If you’ve been inspired by Wednesday and you want to take things to the next level, try our 2N Luminous Natural Black hair dye to stand out out this season for all the right reasons.

Beautiful woman with long black hair

Winter hair colours for red hair

To combat ice with fire, try going red this winter and don’t be scared of a pop of colour. If you’re not sure which shades of red will suit you, our guide to red hair colours can provide some inspiration. Our Radiant Red shampoo and conditioner will ensure your red tones stay shimmering and vibrant.

7. Dark red on brown hair

A dark red to brown shade is a great winter hair colour idea for both natural blondes and brunettes looking to take a walk on the wild side and go darker.

For rich, deep, velvety colour, try shade 4R Dark Red Brown. It’s bold without being too showy and it complements fairer skin tones beautifully.

Woman with chin-length red bob

8. Brick red hair

Just because the weather is cold doesn’t mean your hair colour can’t be hot and fiery - and brick red hair is a happy medium for people who want a smouldering redheaded look with depth, dimension and shine.

Our shade 5R Medium Red Brown is perfect for those who want to stand out and explore the red hair trend.

Women with shoulder-length light brick red hair

9. Cherry red hair

Deep, lustrous cherry red is always popular thanks to its striking look and versatility. This hue suits both warmer and cooler skin tones, and it’s an ideal winter hair colour if you’re looking to make a statement.

Try our shade 3VR Deep Cherry Brown hair dye for super shiny and healthy-looking results.

Young woman wearing a red bobblehat with cherry red hair

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