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by John Frieda

It can be tough to maintain healthy, lustrous hair in winter. Between the cold weather outside and drying central heating inside, hair can be more prone to split ends and breakage in the winter.

Also, it's difficult to know how to treat hair in winter whilst catering to your specific hair type. So we’ve collated all the winter hair care tips you need to prevent damage and keep your locks looking fabulous all year round.

How to protect your hair in the winter

There are plenty of ways to safeguard your hair against the cold, wind and rain – try our tops tips to keep your hair looking spectacular until spring arrives.
  • Wear a hat to protect against the cold and damp – the more your hair dries out, the more breakage you’re likely to experience
  • Fight frizzy hat hair by using a moisturising leave-in conditioning spray
  • If you’ve turned up the heating at home, use a humidifier to add moisture to the air – dry air in your home will leech the moisture out of your hair
  • Use a deep conditioning treatment once a week, or as often as you need to – we’ve written a guide on finding the best hair mask for your hair type
  • Wash your hair using lukewarm water, and finish with a cool rinse to close your hair follicles. Hot water strips your scalp and hair of essential oils, and results in your scalp overproducing oil
  • Give yourself a scalp massage a few times a week to boost scalp circulation
  • Consider washing your hair less frequently – over-washed hair lacks the essential natural oils your scalp produces to protect and nourish it 
  • Get regular trims to minimise breakage and split ends
  • If you can, avoid using heated styling tools and blow drying – allow your hair to dry naturally before leaving the house
  • Don’t go out with wet hair – wet hair can freeze and break when it’s exposed to low temperatures
  • Replenish hydration overnight by using an overnight hair mist which absorbs rapidly to put back what the day’s taken out

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Winter hair products for frizzy and dry hair

Much like skincare, it’s important to switch up the products you use from summer to winter. The best hair products for winter are the ones that’ll give your hair back the moisture it needs and protect it from drying out.

If your main concern is frizz, try our Miraculous Recovery Shampoo. It’s formulated with anti-damage technology to help gently cleanse and nourish dry hair - pair with our Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner. This wonder product rescues distressed, damaged and frizzy hair, visibly repairing dryness in just one use. Apply a few pumps of All-in-1 Extra Strength Serum to damp hair to hydrate hair, smooth your strands and add shine.

If your hair feels dry and looks dull, try a winter hair treatment like our Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soak Masque or our Detox & Repair Masque. The former gives your locks an intense boost of moisture, whilst the latter revitalises damaged hair.

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Winter hair products for curly hair

Curly hair is prone to dryness at any time of year, but mastering curly hair care in winter is essential. Curls need hydration. Without it, they’ll quickly turn unmanageable and frizzy.

We always recommend washing with our Dream Curls Shampoo, then following with our ultra-hydrating Dream Curls Deep Conditioner to intensely nourish and detangle curls. Finish with Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum to hydrate and define your curls.

If your curly hair needs a serious hydration hit, apply our Dream Curls Ultra Nourishing Deep Conditioner to damp hair and leave on for up to 15 minutes to intensely moisturise and detangle your coils and kinks.

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