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Different Shades Of Red Hair To Suit Every Skin Tone

by Sarah Joan Ross

Red is one of the most versatile colours to wear, no matter your skin tone, and John Frieda Radiant Red Red Boosting collection promises to keep your vibrant colour from fading. We guarantee there’s a shade of red hair to suit you.

Read on for the red hair colour chart that the pros use to determine the right shade range for you. 

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What shade of red hair is best for me?

For pale skin

Avoid darker tones, as they’ll leave you looking washed out. Instead, opt for lighter, more natural shades such as strawberry blonde, copper, and red sand.


For medium skin

Shades of auburn and warmer tones give a healthy boost to your skin. Avoid purple-based colours as they have the tendency to make skin look on the yellow side.

For olive skin

Opt for coppery tones with golden highlights to bring out the best in your complexion.

For dark skin

Dark purplish reds with rich colour will compliment your skin - think merlot.

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The 10 most popular red hair shades for Autumn 2018

1. Cherry Coke

This works well on skin that’s tans easily and will bring out the garnet shades of brown eyes.

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2. Bright Auburn

This is one of the easiest shades to pull off as it has a balance of warm and cool and will work across all skin tones.

3. Red Sand

The new orangey blonde is a fantastic way to redden up your summer blonde beach streaks.

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4. Brick Red

This super warm shade complements pale – to medium skin tones of people who also have hazel and brown eyes.

5. Poppy Red

Think Jessica Rabbit bombshell and team with a Hollywood wave too. It’s a pretty drastic colour - but works with pale to medium tones.

6. Coral Red

This has a pinky-orange undertone and really brings out the colour of blue and green eyes.

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7. Merlot

The violet aspect of this colour will enhance golden skin tones.

8. Electro Orange

This adds a little more ‘pop’ to your copper hair – and compliments cooler skin tones.

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9. Fire Engine Red

This colour is great for neutral tones which have a balance of pink and yellow in their skin. 

10. Mauve Red

Mauve Red is perfect for dark skin tones. It’s the reddish, purple base that brings out the skin colour and makes your cheeks look rosy and your skin glow.

10 Radiant Red Shades Of Red

How to keep your red vibrant

Once you choose a shade of red hair that works for you, be sure to take care proper care of the colour. Here are some tips for keeping your red hair colour fresh weeks after the first wash. 

Wait before you wash!

After your dye, wait at least 3 days before washing your hair – this ensures the cuticle is closed and the colour has settled.

Steer clear of hot styling tools

Hot styling tools can make red fade faster – so keep the use of these to a minimum.

Choose the right hair care products 

Always use care products dedicated to keeping the red colour alive. Radiant Red Shampoo and Conditioner not only preserves tone, but the pomegranate and vitamin E formula leaves an incredible shine too. Online reviewers love it because it replenished red tones with every use. 

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