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From deep burgundies to bright orange and lush cherry reds, there are so many different types of red hair to choose from.

The trick is figuring out the best red hair shade for your skin tone and then investing in the right products - we'd recommend you use our Radiant Red range to keep your vivid colour from fading.

To help you on your quest, we've put together 10 different red hair shades, with guidance on how to find the best one for your skin tone. You'll be a ravishing redhead in no time.

What's the best red hair shade for my skin tone?

Red hair on pale skin

When it comes to red hair and pale skin, you'll want to avoid darker red hair tones as they’ll leave you looking washed out. Instead, opt for lighter, more natural shades such as strawberry blonde, copper and red sand.

If you have naturally brown eyes, these shades of red hair will also accentuate them, and add warmth to your facial features.

Redheaded woman with pale skin

Red hair on medium skin

If your skin is medium in tone, you’ll find that auburn hair colours and warmer hues bring out a healthy glow in your skin. We'd recommend avoiding purple-based colours as they have the tendency to make skin look slightly sallow.

While a little overpowering on paler skin, bright red hair colours (including coral and fire engine hues) suit medium skin tones well. So, if you're looking for a style that stands out, this could be a good route to explore!

Woman with dark hair with red streaks

Red hair on olive skin

When it comes to deciding on a shade of red hair for olive skin, we'd recommend opting for a copper hair colour with golden highlights to bring out the best in your complexion.

Dark red hair colours with bluey-purple tints (such as burgundy or deep violet) also complement olive skin nicely.

For more advice on which hair colours work best for certain skin tones, refer to our definitive hair colour chart.

Redheaded woman standing against a painted mural

Red hair on dark skin

If your skin is darker, the deeper or brighter the shade of red, the better! Rich, purplish reds will complement your skin (think dark burgundy or magenta).

Alternatively, go bold with a bright red hair shade of coral or fire engine to accentuate your features.

Redheaded woman hugging her friend at a festival

Our 10 favourite shades of red hair

Once you've figured out which shades bring out the best in different skin tones, you'll need to settle on a particular colour. Have a look below at some of our favourite red hair colour shades.

1. Strawberry blonde hair

Also known as ‘red sand’, strawberry blonde is a type of light ginger hair. It's a fantastic shade if you want to suffuse blonde-inspired sun streaks with red-blonde highlights, and maintain that sun-kissed hue all year round.

For the ultimate beach babe look, style your red sand hair with bouncy, tousled waves.

Woman with wavy strawberry blonde hair

2. Copper hair

At its best against fair, medium and olive skin tones, copper hair is a mixture of red and bronze combined together to create a warm and elegant hue.

Like real metal, copper hair works when it’s bright and shining. Keep your copper locks from becoming dull and looking lacklustre with our guide to getting healthy-looking hair.

Woman with copper hair on holiday in Paris

3. Cherry red hair

A vibrant mixture of deep red and purple tones, cherry red hair works well on skin that tans easily and is equally great at accentuating brown eyes. It works especially well with a short bob hairstyle for a Parisian chic look.

If you're keen to create this vibrant cherry shade, check out our Radiant Red Deep Cherry Brown red hair dye.

Woman with cherry red hair in a forest in autumn

4. Dark burgundy hair

Similar to 'merlot' in colour, the violet elements of this shade will enhance golden skin tones. It definitely leans more towards the darker side of the red hair spectrum, so keep the colour in check with our Radiant Red range.

Woman with dark burgundy hair

5. Bright orange hair

Bright orange hair adds a vivacious 'pop' to copper hair, while also complementing cooler skin tones.

This fiery red hair colour is vibrant to say the least, and can be combined nicely with other shades through balayage or ombre colouring techniques.

Beautiful woman with curly orange hair

6. Brick red hair

This super-warm shade complements pale to medium skin tones, as well as hazel and brown eyes. It's definitely more subtle than some of the other shades of red hair on this list, making it the perfect stepping stone from natural to more vibrant hair colour.

Give your brick red hair some love with a weekly hydrating hair mask and follow our tips on how to deep condition like a pro.

Woman with red hair on the phone standing next to a red brick wall

7. Bright auburn hair

This is one of the easiest types of ginger hair to pull off as it strikes a balance between warm and cool, and works across all skin tones. Bright auburn hair has an orange-red tinge, making it more eye-catching than some of the other shades of ginger hair on this list.

Auburn hair is great at neutralising pink tones in fair skin, and also warming up olive and darker skin tones by making them glow. That's why it's one of the most versatile red hair colour shades.

Beautiful woman with long auburn hair

8. Coral red hair

Coral red hair has a rosy-orange undertone and really brings out the colour of blue and green eyes. It works on a multitude of different skin tones, from fair and medium to olive and dark.

Because of its brightness, your stylist will need to bleach your hair to achieve this particular shade. Bleach can be quite tough on your locks, so after your trip to the salon, we'd recommend following our tips on giving your hair some post-bleaching TLC.

Girl with bright coral hair tied up in a bun

9. Fire engine red hair

Fire engine red is great for medium to darker skin tones, and nicely complements blue and green eye colours. It’s a showstopper of a hair colour, and is definitely one to make an entrance with on a night out.

Bold colours are more prone to fading, so you'll want to keep this deep and vibrant red hair shade in tiptop condition with our Radiant Red range.

Girl with fire engine red hair standing outside at dusk

10. Red violet hair

Slightly lighter than burgundy, red violet or magenta hair is perfect for all skin tones. It's all thanks to the reddish, purple base that brings out the radiance in your skin, making your cheeks rosy and your skin glow.

Girl with short purple and red hair

How to keep red hair dye from fading

Once you choose a type of red or ginger hair shade that works for you, be sure to take proper care of your colour to stop it from fading. Here are three tips for keeping your red hair colour fresh for weeks after dyeing.

1. Wait to wash your hair after colouring it

After colouring your hair, wait at least three days before giving it a wash to ensure the cuticle is closed and the colour has settled.

2. Use heat protection before styling

Keep heat stylers, straighteners and curler use to a minimum for the first few weeks after dyeing your hair, as the heat from these tools can make your red hair colour fade faster. If you do end up using heat stylers, make sure to spritz our Heat Defeat Protecting Spray beforehand to protect your hair.

3. Use a colour-protecting shampoo and conditioner

Always use hair care products dedicated to keeping your red colour looking vibrant. Our Radiant Red Shampoo and Radiant Red Conditioner preserve your colour and enhance your red tones every time you wash. Formulated with Pomegranate Extract and Vitamin E, this formula helps seal in moisture, leaving your red hair smooth, shiny and bright.

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