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We love autumn! Boots, thick tights, statement knitwear - there’s just so much to have fun with. Autumn hair colours are another great way to embrace the season as the nights draw in.

Perhaps the falling leaves have got you thinking about embracing red hair, or the darker evenings have you lusting after shiny brunette shades. Maybe you're simply looking for inspiration on which colour to try next. Luckily, we've put together a round-up of stunning autumn hair colours for blondes, brunettes and redheads to help you make up your mind.

Autumn hair colours for blondes

1. Honey blonde hair

Honey blonde locks are rich and intense - and they look great with practically all skin tones. Blending dark and warm blonde shades together with a hint of light brown, honey blonde is a dreamy autumn hair colour.

Another great thing about honey blonde hair is that you can choose from a wide range of shades - from darker caramel to buttery blonde. To find the shade that works for you, store some photographs of hair colours you like, and ask your colourist for their advice on the best hue for your skin tone.

Honey blonde is a warm colour, and can be prone to unwanted brassy tones. Once you've created your chosen colour, maintain your blonde and avoid orangey tones with our Violet Crush shampoo, which neutralises stubborn brassy tones.

Beautiful young woman with long honey blonde hair

2. Mushroom blonde hair

A descendant of ashy blonde, this pretty autumn hair colour is particularly popular at the moment. It merges blonde and ashy tones to create a cool, multi-tonal look.

Mushroom blonde is the perfect in-between colour - it’s not quite blonde, nor brunette - so it’s an ideal colour transition between the two shades for those undecided about whether to go lighter or darker. It’s also great for brunettes looking to create a gentle balayage look.

To achieve mushroom blonde hair, visit your colourist - they can advise on the right ashy shades for your skin tone and eye colour. If you're naturally brunette, your hair will need to be lifted up to one to two levels lighter, with ashy pigments toned in on top; if you're blonde, the base is a lot easier to work with and colour can be applied directly. To maintain your gorgeous ashy mushroom blonde, use our Pro Colour Revive range to strengthen and protect coloured hair, and lock in your colour between salon visits.

Mushroom blonde hair

3. Sun-kissed blonde hair

Summer may be over, but the holiday season isn’t! For hair that says you’ve just come back from somewhere hot and exotic, try a hair lightening spray. Our Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray permanently lightens blonde hues by up to two shades, and is easy to use.

If you fancy something a little more permanent, add highlights or balayage to your locks to give them a subtle, summer feel. Afterwards, keep your hair colour looking its best with our Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo and Conditioner.

Woman with long, sun-kissed blonde hair

Autumn hair colours for brunettes

Brown hair really matches the autumn look and feel. We've picked out three of our favourite autumn brown hair hues (chestnut, cinnamon and gingerbread caramel), but you can find even more shades within our round-up of beautiful brown hair colours.

4. Chestnut hair

Chestnut is one of the most popular brunette shades because it suits most complexions. Combining bold, warm reds and natural browns, chestnut hair colour is stunningly rich, adding warmth and dimension without being too dramatic.

One of the more natural autumn hair colours, chestnut hair is a firm favourite and easily maintained at home with Brilliant Brunette Midnight Brunette Colour Deepening Shampoo and Conditioner.

Woman in a party dress with deep brunette chestnut hair colour

5. Cinnamon red hair

If you're looking for something lighter than chestnut, cinnamon hair colour could be the perfect option for you. Ranging from medium to dark shades, it's another way to incorporate warm red tones into your look.

Like the spice it was named after, this multi-dimensional autumn hair colour is characterised by soft ginger highlights, merged with browns and reds. It can be as bold or understated as you like - that's the beauty of cinnamon hair!

Post-colouring, make sure to give your locks a deep conditioning treatment to keep your colour in great condition.

Woman with cinnamon red hair playing on her phone

6. Gingerbread caramel hair

Ever the festive hair colour, gingerbread caramel hair is trending big time at the moment. Characterised by soft caramel highlights and deep orangey hues, this colour trend will give your locks depth and warmth, perfect for the colder months and festive season approaching.

For a more subtle approach, you don't have to opt for all-over colour; some people keep their roots looking natural while adding a splash of colour to the ends or around the face. The great thing about gingerbread caramel hair is that it'll add a glow and rosiness to your skin, too.

Keep your colour looking rich and vibrant with our Brilliant Brunette Colour Vibrancy Shampoo and Conditioner to protect colour from fading and nourish your strands.

Woman with gingerbread caramel hair in a top-knot

Autumn hair colours for redheads

This level of vibrancy takes some maintenance, but head-turning red hair for autumn is 100% worth it. We've picked out two trending shades to take your look from post-summer slump to winter-ready red.

7. Mahogany red hair

Similar to wine and burgundy hair colours, mahogany blends brown with red, giving it a subtle violet hue. It's the perfect shade for the colder months and festive season, and can be both warm and cool depending on your tastes. This makes it a versatile colour and flattering on practically any skin tone!

Create this rich, deep look with our Precision Foam Colour Deep Cherry Brown Hair Colour.

Redhead with mahogany red hair

8. Red velvet hair

If you're keen to really brighten up your locks this autumn and go for a stand-out colour, red velvet hair certainly fits the bill. It's as lovely and rich as the dessert it's named after - and is quickly becoming a popular hair colour trend for autumn 2024.

Get this vibrant look with the help of a colourist and keep up the intensity with our Radiant Red Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner to recharge your colour with every wash, so it looks brighter for longer.

Woman with red velvet hair standing outside

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