Blonde woman with a shiny mid-length bob with dark roots

TikTok is a great place to find inspiration for a new hairstyle. There are plenty of styles and tutorials for you to try, brought to you in the comfort of your own home.

TikTok’s great for trend-spotting, as professional stylists and creative amateurs work alongside each other to try and develop the latest hair trends - and here are some of our favourites for 2024.

Wispy hair

There are loads of variations of the wispy haircut. Wispy bangs (or wispy fringes, as they’re known in the UK) in particular are a popular choice in 2024, as well as wispy highlights and layers. Apart from being stylish, wispy haircuts are also low maintenance.

They’re also a good option for people with fine hair who fancy a new style but don’t want to change their hair length. If you want to try this look at home, you can find out how to get fluffy hair.

Woman with light auburn hair with a styled wispy hairstyle

Triangle face shape haircut

There have been numerous hairstyles for round, square and long faces in magazines and on beauty sites for years - well now, things are on the up for triangular faces.

There are certain hairstyles that just work well with a triangle face shape; think bobs, bob with fringes, shorter lobs and pixie cuts. If you’re unsure whether you have a triangle-shaped face or not, examine your face in the mirror. If you have a triangular face, your face will be widest at your cheekbones and narrow at your jaw and chin.

In general, styles with layers around the chin and texture around the eyes work really well with a triangle face shape.

Young woman with a triangular face shape wearing a pixie haircut

Textured fringes

Fringes have always been a popular choice over the years, however, there’s been another resurgence in 2024 with an emphasis on texture, colour and movement. The days of super-straight, stiff fringes are over - 2024’s bangs are all about shape and multi-tonal colour which complements your overall style.

There are lots of different options you can go for, like wispy bangs, curtain bangs and side swept bangs. Fringes are a versatile way to frame your face, working well with different lengths and styles. They also tend to be low maintenance.

Brunette woman with a soft wolf cut with a textured, messy fringe

Square face shape haircut

Square-shaped faces have a strong, angular jawline and straight ‘sides’ of the face - and 2024 is the year to capitalise on your face’s striking features.

There are lots of hairstyles that suit square faces; these styles help to draw attention to the length and style of your hair.

Side parts, wavy textures and tousled bobs are all great styles for people with square-shaped faces.

Young woman with a square face shape wearing a sleek mid-length bob

Single-strand hairstyle

The single-strand hairstyle is versatile and can be adapted to almost any hairstyle - you’ll have seen it recently on the 2024 Met Gala red carpet. As the name suggests, it features a single strand from the front of your hair that stands alone to help frame your face.

To avoid this look becoming too severe, make sure the rest of your style isn’t tied back too tightly, and your style has plenty of softness and texture. Messy buns, loose plaits and chignons are the ideal partners for single-strand looks.

Bridesmaid with an elegant single-strand updo hairstyle

Soft-brushed blonde

Soft-brushed blonde was made famous by Taylor Swift - but it’s the ideal summer 2024 look for blondes who want to add another dimension to the Clean Girl aesthetic.

With this shade, your base starts as a cool acorn brown, then blends into a subtle blonde shade which looks neat, multi-dimensional and touchable. If you like the sound of this shade, you can ask your stylist for a light-faded ombré. This shade is also low-maintenance, it should last without needing a refresh for at least 8 weeks.

Woman with soft, brushed blonde hair

Blue-toned reds

Another new trend emerging is red shades subtly toned with blue. Auburn is often considered a ‘cool-toned’ hair colour because it has a slightly blue undertone to it; however, if you’d prefer a more classic colour, mahogany and violet both pair beautifully with brunette shades.

If you want to try this style yourself, check out our copper hair guide for inspiration.

Woman with blue-toned red hair cut into a mid-length bob

Baroque bob

2024’s baroque bob is a simple, structured bob hairstyle that sits just above the shoulders. It has bounce, volume and texture, as well as waves that give a polished and luxurious look. This is an elaborate, heavily styled look, so we’d advise asking your hairdresser to style your baroque bob in the salon first, so you know how to recreate the look at home.

This look’s key takeaway are big, bouncy, brushed-out curls that don’t quit - use our Dream Curls range for effortless waves which hold their volume all day.

Blonde woman with tousled baroque bob

Wolf cut

The wolf cut is a throwback to the 70s; it’s almost like a cross between the mullet and the shag. This revamped, modern style with tons of body and texture is a versatile option, as you can go as long as short as you like.

It’s a natural and slightly scruffy look, which works with any colour and face shape.

Smiling young woman with a softly-tousled wolf cut

Kitty cut

There have been a few animal-themed hair trends in recent years, like the wolf and the butterfly cut. The most recent trend which we’ve seen all across TikTok and in all the fashion mags is the kitty cut. This style features soft, round layers which frame your face and give plenty of texture - it’s similar to the wolf cut, however it is gentler and with a softer finish.

The kitty cut is a versatile style, in between the usual length of a long bob or shoulder cut, with an overgrown curtain fringe.

Elegant brunette woman with a kitty cut hairstyle

Birkin bangs

Birkin bangs are a natural, effortless-looking hairstyle. They are longer and more outgrown than normal bangs, and they’re great for straight and wavy hair to give a little more texture.

Due to the length, texture and softness you get from birkin bangs, they’re a popular style for people with a square-shaped face. This is because they soften the jawline and add definition to the eyes.

Brunette woman with mid-lenth Birkin bangs

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