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You’ve probably seen the ‘Villain Era’ trend on TikTok, X and Reddit recently - and the movement’s not as murky as it might seem. Put simply, ‘entering your Villain Era’ is about asserting and maintaining your own boundaries, putting your own mental health first, and practicing self-love. It‘s got nothing to do with Dalmatian puppies or teaming up with Gotham’s most notorious criminals.

If you’ve always been a people-pleaser and you’re looking forward to a fresh start, here are 8 of the baddest, boldest looks to suit your new dark feminine energy.

Skunk hair

Caitlin Moran’s been rocking this look for years, but skunk hair’s the latest look for those who have always wanted to try two-tone hair. Skunk hair is inspired by bold, edgy 90s hair trends - you bleach the front sections of your hair to frame your face, letting the white, grey or blonde streaks form a pleasing high contrast.

The look’s come a long way since Geri Halliwell-Horner embraced ginger skunk hair at the Brits. Ask your hairdresser for a clear separation in the colours, with no clashing, and start the contrasting colour from your ears forward if you want a more gradual change in tone.

Young woman with dark and blonde skunk hairstyle

Long grey hair

Grey hair is definitely having its moment, and younger, more fashion-forward trendsetters are starting to move towards shimmering, multi-tonal all-over grey. If you haven’t started to go grey, this is a look which requires professional help to carry off, so make sure you call your stylist in advance and tell them exactly what you want.

Grey hair requires careful maintenance to keep it looking its best, so use our Shimmering Silver range to keep your grey toned, silvery and healthy.

Young woman with long silvery grey hair

Sleek black bob

There’s something irresistible about a super-smooth, shiny black bob with sharp angles and touchable softness. If you’re planning on going over to the dark side, consult your stylist or our hair colour chart first - black hair can look severe, and warmer skin tones will suit black better.

To keep your bob soft and sleek, use our Brazilian Sleek range to tame frizz and keep your style smooth - add a tiny dab of our Frizz Ease All-In-1 Original Serum to dry hair for mirror-like gloss.

Young woman with red lipstick and a sleek black bob hairstyle

Bright red hair

It’s time to paint the town red - and give your hair the same treatment. Bold, eye-catching and a statement which can’t be ignored, bright red hair allows you to bring the drama without saying a word.

Keep your red looking vibrant with our Radiant Red range – this shampoo and colour-depositing conditioner moisturise and smooth red hair, and preserve your colour.

Woman with long red curly hair standing against a cherry blossom tree

Blonde mermaid waves

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan and you couldn’t get enough of Cersei’s luxe mermaid look, this is the style for you. Long, wavy blonde hair is eternally chic and needs prepping to ensure your waves stay all day - but the effort’s worth it.

Start by washing and conditioning your hair with our Volume Lift range, and run our Thickening Mousse through damp, brushed hair. You’ve then got two choices - braid your hair before bed for overnight waves, or use your curling wand or straighteners on dry hair for beachy waves in under 30 minutes.

Blonde woman with long mermaid waves holding an apple

Grey ombré

Blondes are rumoured to have more fun - but girls who go grey get more things done. This ultra-modern style is perfect if you’re already a very cool, icy blonde and you want to take things darker for autumn and winter. Grey ombré uses the traditional two-toned ombré technique, with darker grey at the roots, gently transitioning into lighter grey through your lengths.

Your hair might need to be bleached if you’ve got naturally-dark hair and want to go grey, so make sure you use our Rehab + Revive Deep Conditioner to avoid dry, stressed hair post-bleaching.

Woman with long grey ombre hair

Slicked-back blonde bob

The beauty of blonde bobs is that they’re endlessly-versatile - and slicked-back bobs look the business when you’re at work, play, and everything in between. The trick to any kind of slicked-back ‘do is to make sure you use minimal product at first. You can always add more if you need to, and you’ll avoid weighing down your style.

Our Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème is your perfect partner in crime for this style - warm 1-2 pumps in between your palms, then smooth through your mid-lengths and ends. Pull out a few face-framing strands if you’d like, and if your bob’s on the long side, secure your lengths with hairgrips.

Blonde woman in a black jacket with a slicked-back bob

Tousled mid-length curls

Fight Club’s Marla Singer may have had some fairly odd hobbies, but there’s no denying the girl had perfect Villain Era hair. This look works best if you have naturally curly hair, and the key to this look is avoiding over-styling - casual imperfection is what you’re after.

To get this look, wash your hair with our Dream Curls range, and apply a small dab of our Curl Defining Crème to damp hair. Dry your hair using a diffuser, and wrap random curls around your fingers as you dry to enhance their springines, gently pulling out these individual corkscrews to add texture and volume.

Woman with dark brunette hair with tousled mid-length curls

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