Dark-haired woman wearing a novelty witch hat and a black dress

Dressing up is half the fun on Halloween, whether you’re going to a Monster Mash-themed bash or planning on wowing the local trick or treaters.

We’ve put together 10 of our favourite Halloween hair ideas to get you inspired and complement your costume. So grab your broom, dim the lights and pop on your most ghoulish playlist - things are about to get seriously spooky.

Vampire Hair

Calling all queens of the night - now’s your time to shine. Vampire (or vampiress) hair is spookily easy to recreate. Usually dark, long and straight, vampire hair can also be voluminous and bouncy - particularly around the forehead to give it that messy, ‘undead’ edge.

To get the look, wash your hair with our Volume Lift range, and then blow-dry with our Thickening Blow-Out Spray for optimal volume. Then, spritz our Heat Defeat Protecting Spray through your lengths, straighten your hair, and then separate your hair into a half-up-half-down style.

Backcomb the strands closest to your forehead to give a messy bedhead vibe, whilst keeping the rest of your hair super straight and sleek.

Woman dressed as a vampire with mid-length black hair

Mermaid waves

Glamourous and modern, mermaid waves are the perfect Halloween hairstyle - especially if you’re planning a vintage costume which needs a sultry, semi-formal style to balance out your make-up.

To get mermaid waves, begin with clean, dry hair. Apply a heat protectant and use a curling wand or flat iron to create loose waves, alternating directions as you curl. Finger-comb the waves for a natural look, and spritz with a light hold hairspray to encourage your waves to stay in place. Finish by scrunching the ends, and don’t use too much product - you want a soft, beachy look without any stiffness.

Woman with dark blonde hair in mermaid waves

Viking braids

To achieve this striking Halloween hair look, divide your hair into two sections and then pick up a section at your forehead. Separate into three strands and start braiding until you reach the crown, at which point you can start tugging strands out of the braid to make it a little messier.

We’d recommend backcombing the bottom of the braid to stop it unravelling and keeping the braids closest to your head secured tightly in place with Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Hairspray. Then with the remaining hair on the left side of your head, take two different sections and start braiding into two separate Dutch braids.

Meanwhile, on the right hand side of your head, create just one looser Dutch braid towards the back of your head and then pin it under the main fishtail braid at the top.

Redheaded woman in a strapless dress with Viking braids

Curly hair

These slightly-askew curls tie together a clown costume nicely. Think funhouse meets fabulous, and you’re on the right track.

Curly hair works best on shorter locks with natural curls - but if your hair is long and naturally curly, try braiding it overnight to really accentuate those spirals when you wake up. Avoid brushing your curls too much on the day you want curly hair to avoid frizz and maintain your curls’ structure. If your hair is naturally straight, use a heat styler to create spiral curls from your roots all the way down to the ends to give that bouncy and playful look.

Backcomb your curls and use an intense-hold hairspray to hold them in place - don’t forget to scrunch up the ends to break up any uniformity, and give your curls the wild edge they need to pull off this look.

Woman dressed as a clown with short red curly hair

Crimped hair

Crimping isn’t just for 1980s models - it’s a great way to structure a super-witchy hairstyle with body, volume and a supernatural edge.

To get the crimped look, braid your hair overnight to create natural waves with no heat required. Keep your locks loose and bouncy or backcomb at the roots to give extra volume. This will also help keep your style’s volume if you’re wearing a witch’s hat. Top tip - add a stuffed black cat toy to your ensemble to make sure you’ve got a faithful familiar to hand.

Redheaded woman wearing a grey top with crimped hair

Witch hairstyle

These days, curating a ‘witchy’ look is often less about hiding your hair under a black hat (although we still love this look) and more about embracing the moon, sky and nature for an ‘Earth Goddess’ look with a twist.

To get this look, you’ll need to tie two-day old hair back in a messy bun with plenty of bobby pins - pull some strands out around your face and at the back of the bun to keep things looking ‘messy’. Twist the strands at the front of your face and add floral, woody accessories to give your look some bite - use our Volume Lift Root Booster to add volume and texture on the hair around your crown.

Woman dressed as a witch in a forest

Bunches hairstyle

Unplaited pigtails work well for this ever-so-slightly-sassy look - it’s ideal if you’re going as a demented doll, mischievous clown, or superhero-gone-wrong. If your hair is dead straight (pardon the pun), then use a curling iron on large sections, spray with Moisture Barrier Intense Hold Hairspray to set, backcomb, and tie with a non-snag elastic.

The great thing about this Halloween hairstyle is that it works on both medium-length and long locks and the pigtails can be as messy or neat as you like.

Asian woman with her hair in bunches on a pink background

Cat ears hairstyle

Mee-yow. This feline look is a definite crowd-pleaser when it comes to Halloween hair because it’s not too difficult to recreate at home.

Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair, and run a large blob of our Volume Lift Thickening Mousse through your lengths to add texture. Blow dry straight, then take a 5cm section of hair where you’d like your ear to be placed, backcomb, spray with hairspray, twist the ends until you create a 'v', then secure with a bobby pin. Repeat on the other side.

Brunette woman with a cat ears hairstyle

Zombie Hair

Zombie hair takes messy to the next level. Since a lot of backcombing will be involved, you’ll want to give your hair a little TLC pre-styling, so make sure you treat it to a deep-conditioning treatment to get it looking its best. Our Detox & Repair Masque infuses lifeless, dull hair with new energy - exactly what you need before a night out.

The key to this look is volume, not frizz - so resist the urge to backcomb your hair too roughly. Start by backcombing different sections of your hair - you want the end result to be dishevelled and undone, not chaotically-messy. Once your locks are sufficiently messy, tie them up with a hair band or keep them loose and party-proof with hairspray to help your Halloween hair stay shapely throughout the night.

Beautiful brunette woman wearing a tousled zombie hairstyle

Devil horns hair

Two top knot buns can make a brilliant start for brilliant devil horns. Start by spritzing some Volume Lift Root Booster on your roots to add some texture, then split your hair into four sections, and keep each segment separate by using non-snag elastic bands.

The next bit’s tricky, so make sure you have your templates in place before you start this style. Get two empty small cardboard tubes (toilet roll tubes are ideal), and crush one end so it has a ‘point’. Using bobby pins, fix the tubes to either side of your head where you want your ‘horns’ to be. Then wrap each segment of hair around the horns, using two sections of hair per horn, and pin at the top where the ‘point’ is. Fix with hairspray and try to avoid touching your hair throughout the night if you can - horns don’t take kindly to being interfered with.

Brunette woman with a devil horns hairstyle

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