10 of Our Favourite Festival Hairstyles: From Braids to Updos and Natural Curls

Here are our top 10 festival hairstyles!

girl with blonde braided hair at a festival, wearing sunglasses and laughing with her friends

by Sarah Ross

Whether you're heading off to a festival or planning a miniature Woodstock in your garden, we've put together a list of our favourite festival hairstyles, accessories and product essentials to help you look and feel like a headline act.

From Dutch braids and French plaits to unicorn horns and space buns, these festival hair ideas are head-turners and easy to achieve. 

Different Types of Festival Braids

Make bombshell braids your go-to style for the festival season. Once plaited, they will keep hair out of your face and stay in place as you go from set to set. Below are our top picks for festival braids. 

side profile of a woman with long dutch braids wearing glasses

1. Dutch Braids

The ‘Dutch Braid’ has many incarnations and names. It’s also referred to as a reverse French, as the technique is the essentially the same, except you cross the strands under instead of over.
This allows the braid to appear mounted on top of hair instead of being thoroughly blended in it. Whatever you decide to call it,  the look has limitless options. Try it with a loose pony or a double Dutch for fabulous festival hair. 

back of the head of a woman with a centre parting french plait

2. Centre-Parting French Plait

This look involves a French plait straight down the middle of your head with your hair either left loose or swooped into your style of choice, giving off an effortless boho-inspired vibe. It works a charm at keeping hair off your face while dancing and is easy enough to achieve. 

woman with long auburn hair and skinny braids, hiking her face and wearing a crochet top

3. Skinny Braids

A scattering of skinny braids instantly gives you a festival-friendly style. For a free-spirited, ‘70s look, take small sections of your hair and weave in a couple of simple thin plaits to frame your face. Or, for a more eco-activist vibe, add skinny braids to your entire head.

side profile of a blonde woman with hairline braids and a quiff

4. Hairline Braids

For the ultimate rock chick look, these hairline braids can be styled on one side of the head (or both) for a buzz-undercut vibe. Keep the height at the crown with a dramatic side part flip or a backcombed quiff to give it some glamour. Let the Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray lend a helping hand when it comes to achieving that volume. 

side profile of a woman looking down with long ginger hair and a braid headband

5. Braid Headband

You can go with a super skinny braid across your forehead or plait a halo braid to keep hair out of your face. Use a little hair serum before you attempt any kind of braiding to ease the way and prevent a tangled mess.

Different Types of Festival Updos

Updos have graduated from slick back to uber relaxed, and they're one of the best ways to beat the heat. Perfect for any hair type and texture, they're also great at adding oomph to second day festival hair.
In fact, updos tend to be easier to achieve on dirty locks. All you need is a hair band, a whole lot of pins, and some practice.

woman with colourful festival makeup and dark unicorn horn bun hairstyle

1. Unicorn Horn

Say hello to the latest Insta-viral hair trend—the unicorn horn bun. For the perfect shape, add a Styrofoam cone, cover it with hair and pin into place for the ultimate style statement. Make sure it stays there with Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Intense Hold Hairspray

back of the head of a woman with space buns in a dimly lit neon room

2. Space Buns

Space buns are a firm festival fave. Evoking a 'Minnie Mouse meets Princess Leia' feel, they can be worn sleek and shiny (to achieve that shine, we recommend Frizz Ease 100% Shine Glossing Mist) or backcombed and messy with plenty of flyaways and tendrils framing your face. 

woman with a topknot, smiling and putting her hand to her cheek

3. Topknot

The DIY topknot has to be the easiest festival hairstyle out there. If hair is lacking in volume, add a hair donut to take it to the next level. Plus, it makes for a wonderful cushion when you crash out in your tent.

woman with tanned skin smiling and wearing a side ponytail

4. Side Ponytail

Start by blow-drying your hair with a decent mousse, then sweep to the side (either an extreme parting or off-centre depending on your face shape) and secure. To finish, take a weft of hair and wind around the band to disguise. Pin into place and gently tug to release some hair.

5. Embrace Your Natural Curls

woman with glasses and red lips touching her naturally curly brown hair

The perfect stowaway for girls with natural curls has to be Frizz Ease Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray, which gives locks bounce and can re-spring them when applied the next day. For a smooth, salon-finish blow-dry, check out the Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Blow Dry Styling Spray. It will help tame any frizziness when humidity levels reach their peak. 

How to Wear Hair Accessories

woman wearing glasses and a silk headband dancing on a beach and looking to the side

Hair accessories are having a moment. Festivals are a great way to experiment with different accessories to find the ones that really suit your hair type and length. 
Here are our top festival hair accessories:

1. 90s Clips
These are perfect for keeping hair tamed and out of your face when you're dancing. Secure them on one or both sides of your parting depending on the look you're going for - and make sure to carry around a few reserves because you're bound to lose a couple! 

2. Silk Headbands
Not only are they soft and super comfy, silk headbands can be as vibrant or as understated as you like - making them a truly versatile addition to your festival wardrobe. 
 3. Scrunchies
Scrunchies are a festival staple. They're great at keeping hair in place and make a great wrist accessory on days when you're not feeling the updo. Choose from bright or neutral colours depending on the rest of your outfit. 

4. Baseball Caps 
For days when your locks are looking a little lacklustre or the sun is out in full force, we recommend rocking a baseball cap for a dose of Coachella glam. Just try not to lose it in the crowd...
5. Glitter 
Last but not least, glitter is your secret weapon when it comes to festival hair ideas. Whether you go for a spray, extensions or chunky glitter granules, adding a splash of sparkle to your braids or updo brings the whole look to life. 
We hope you feel confident at taking your festival hairstyle to the next level. Once you've figured out your style, just party-proof your locks and you're ready to go! 

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