13 Shades Of Blonde To Try This Summer

Shades Of Blonde and How to Maintain It

Already blonde or looking to go lighter for the warmer months? Summer is the perfect time to add some golden, sun-kissed or cool tones into your locks! So whether you want an ashy look or a brighter blonde, check out our roundup of 13 different shades of blonde you can choose from this Summer!

Light Blonde Shades

Platinum Blonde

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Maintaining platinum blonde hair between trips to the salon can be a little tricky. So if you find your icy toned mane becoming brassy, purple shampoo is your new best friend. Our Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Shampoo works by neutralising yellow tones to re-balance your blonde, leaving your locks looking perfectly cool-toned. Follow up with the Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Conditioner to moisturise your lightened strands.

Strawberry Blonde

If your locks are slightly warmer and you’re rocking a strawberry blonde shade, try our Highlight Activating Brightening Shampoo and to revitalise dull tones and keep your strawberry blonde looking radiant. If you’re wanting to go lighter in between trips to the salon, check out our top 5

Silver Blonde

With the same slightly icy tones as platinum blonde, to ensure your shade is as cool as possible, we recommend using our Colour Renew purple Shampoo and to keep any brassy tones at bay in between trips to the salon.

Light Ash Blonde

Ashy doesn’t have to mean dull, so to help keep your blonde looking perfectly cool-toned, swap your usual shampoo for our Colour Renew range. Never used a purple shampoo before? Discover everything you need to know about our purple shampoo 101

Bleach Blonde


Between visits to the salon, bleached blonde hair is prone to dulling and fading. To prevent this, try our Go Blonder Shampoo and which is formulated to gradually lighten blonde hair by up to 2 shades! Have regular bleaching left your locks damaged? Try our Lemon Miracle Masque to strengthen fragile hair fibres before and after lightening or check out our guide on how to repair damaged bleached hair.

Medium Blonde Shades

Golden Blonde


Ensure all the tones in your golden locks are illuminated and bright with our Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo and .  They work together to gently cleanse and moisturise the hair to leave your colour with a full spectrum of brighter tones.

Dirty Blonde

 When choosing slightly darker shade of blonde, a ‘dirty’ blonde can be a little easier to maintain, so keep your hair looking its best by treating it to our Sheer Blonde Flawless Recovery Deep Conditioner to repair & strengthen any damaged strands.

Ash Blonde

Just like light ash blonde, you can use a purple shampoo to neutralise darker ash blonde hair. With any blonde, you can experience a bit of brassiness, so neutralise those orange or yellow tones with our Colour Renew Shampoo and Conditioner.

Copper Blonde

Being a blonde can equate to damage with the constant up-keep of bleaching and dying, so repair distressed strands with an intense surge of moisture. Try our Sheer Blonde Flawless Recovery Deep Conditioner for a radiant glow.

Dark Blonde Shades


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Debating between staying brunette and going lighter...go Bronde! The perfect stepping stone into being a full time blonde, try our Brilliant Brunette Visibly Brighter Shampoo and infuse a golden glow and illuminate your darker locks.

Caramel Blonde

With a warm blonde like caramel, it’s important to keep every strand hydrated. Use our Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner to moisturise your blonde to reveal brighter tones.

Chocolate Blonde 

If you want to boost the highlights in dark locks, try our Brilliant Brunette Rich Radiance Multi-Tone Revealing Shampoo and . Fortified with crushed pearls, this duo works to hydrate and nourish every strand to reveal all of the tones.

Blonde-Brown Ombre

If your hair is on the darker side and you think you can’t use purple shampoo, think again! We love the ombre trend and it’s a great way to add some lightness into your locks without fully committing to being an all-over blonde but it’s normal for the blonde bits to start looking a little brassy so use our Colour Renew Shampoo to banish any unwanted orange tones.

Now you know exactly how to keep your light locks looking their best, treat your blonde and shop our full Sheer Blonde range here.

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