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While grey hair can be a major style statement, it takes a bit of work to help it look its best. Here’s how to maintain it and the products we recommend for grey hair to make sure you’re giving your hair the best-possible treatment.

What makes hair go grey?

Hair follicles produce melanin, a pigment which gives hair its natural colour. As people age, their hair follicles stop producing as much melanin, and new hair strands grow in lighter, appearing white, silver or grey. Once a follicle stops making melanin, it won’t produce it again.

Genetics have a huge impact on when we go grey, but some hair experts also believe that stress can be a contributor.

How is grey hair different from normal hair?

The main difference you’ll notice when you start to get grey hair is your hair’s texture. Your scalp’s oil glands start to produce less sebum as you grey, and this causes strands to become coarse, dry and rough in texture, which make hair appear dull and lifeless. Grey hair can also feel thinner than naturally-coloured hair because hair cuticles decrease with age, which narrows your hair strands.

Going grey doesn’t affect how quickly your hair grows - it should still grow at its normal rate, even if you’ve gone completely grey.

Smiling woman with mid-length grey hair wearing a light blue shirt

Will grey hair suit me?

If you’re unsure about going grey, a good rule of thumb is to assess how you feel about grey clothes. If you suit grey, it’s likely you will suit grey hair - however, if grey clothing tends to make you look washed out, there’s a chance grey hair will do the same.

You can also use your skin undertone to assess if grey hair will suit you.
  • If you’ve got cool undertones (your skin looks red or pinky, with hints of blue), you may not suit cool grey hair - but you may suit peachy tints, such as rose gold.
  • If you’ve got warm undertones (your skin has yellow hues, with peachy golden hints), you’ll suit silver and grey hair
Most grey hair colours flatter olive skin tones, as olive skins have hints of beige, yellow, green, and even grey. Lighter greys tend to flatter darker skins, and conversely, deeper greys look best on lighter skin tones.

Tips for growing out grey hair

  • Patience is key - you’ve got to be committed when you’re growing out grey hair as there’ll be a period where you’re about halfway through the process where regrowth will be obvious. It takes around a year to 18 months to fully grow out grey hair.
  • If you’re unhappy with regrowth, use root blurring products to touch up your hairline - they’ll disguise harsh regrowth lines.
  • Ask your stylist for professional help - they’ll be able to advise you best on how to plan your regrowth, including adding some highlights or lowlights to make your colour look more premium, as well as suggesting a shorter haircut if you want to speed up the process.
  • Deep condition your grey hair to keep it hydrated - as grey hair has a naturally-open cuticle, it’s more prone to dryness and frizz. Using a hair mask will keep your hair shiny, soft and in tip-top condition.

Smiling older woman with grey hair wearing her hair in a bun

Our recommended shampoos for grey hair

Our Shimmering Silver Shampoo is perfect for people rocking natural grey hair - it gently cleanses and enhances grey hair, and is formulated with SilverGloss Technology to moisturise and polish silver strands. It also neutralises yellow tones found in naturally grey and white hair, and is safe for colour and chemically-treated hair. Pair with our Shimmering Silver Conditioner to smooth, detangle and moisturise your greys.

If you’re trying to blend away the first signs of greys and don't want to commit to a permanent hair dye, our Defy Grey Brunette Blending Shampoo is ideal for gently infusing natural-looking brunette tones - reducing grey from the first time you use it. It’s made with coffee extract and GreyBlend™ technology to gradually add brunette tones into grey strands for a naturally blended brunette look. Finish with our Defy Grey Brunette Blending Conditioner to smooth and hydrate early greys and wiry strands.

Our recommended colour-depositing foam for grey hair

Our Defy Grey Brunette Blending Blow Dry Foam is ideal for disguising the first signs of greys - it’s a colour-depositing heat-activated foam that transforms greys to multi-dimensional brunette tones. Like our Defy Grey shampoo and conditioner, it’s made with Coffee Extract and GreyBlend™ technology - use the set together to cover greys and maintain rich brunette tones.

For best grey blending results, we recommend you use the whole Defy Grey range. You can just use our Defy Grey Brunette Blending Shampoo and Conditioner, but the results will be more gradual.

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