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High-volume hair’s always in style - and the fluffy hair trend shows no sign of slowing down. If you’ve got a serious love of volume but you want a more understated, less-formal look than a traditional blow-out, fluffy hair’s the way forward.

What is fluffy hair?

Fluffy hair looks natural, soft, and touchably-full without frizz. Imagine the place between a messy textured style and a voluminous blowout, and you’re on the right track.

It’s full of body and movement, with a lived-in feel that looks effortless. It’s big hair without the endless styling, and leaves your hair looking glossy and bouncy, but with added texture to balance the look.

What’s the difference between fluffy hair and frizzy hair?

The key difference between fluff and frizz is your hair’s overall finish. Fluffy hair has volume, but your strands look shiny, smooth and healthy, with just a hint of texture. Frizzy hair, on the other hand, looks dry and your strands look misaligned.

Frizzy hair also has volume, but it’s unintentional - and it’s normally all in the wrong places - for example, at the ends of your hair. Frizzy hair won’t look deliberately styled and tamed.

The other major difference is fluffy hair is a deliberate styling process to give your hair body and gloss, whereas frizz is normally a result of your hair reacting naturally to external elements, such as humid weather.

Woman with long auburn fluffy hair standing in a field

How to get fluffy hair

There are several easy switches you can make to your routine to get the fluffy hair look:

Blow dry your hair upside down

When you’re drying your hair with your hairdryer, keep an eye on the dampness of your hair. When you’re around a minute away from turning off the hairdryer, run a palmful of Volume Lift Thickening Mousse through your lengths and flip your head upside down, then continue drying. This method gives your roots added volume and encourages them to ‘lift away’ from your scalp, creating the perfect base for fluffy hair.

Brunette woman drying her hair upside down in front of a mirror

Use velcro hair rollers

Getting the lived-in look needn’t be hard - just use heatless curlers to give your hair volume without looking too overdone. When your hair’s still slightly damp, gently roll your hair into velcro curlers and pin in place using non-snag grips. Wear the curlers overnight, or for up to 3 hours to let your hair dry and set into place. When your hair’s dry, take out the curlers and run your fingers through your lengths for a messy, fluffy look.

Young woman fastening red and purple velcro rollers in her hair

Use dry shampoo to lift your roots

Dry shampoo’s the perfect product to give your hair some added volume to maintain your new, fluffy look. It’ll refresh your hairstyle and absorb any excess scalp oil that can ruin voluminous styles - spritz on before styling and brush out the excess dry shampoo to amp up your style’s volume and height.

Brunette woman spraying her hair with a dry shampoo

Use a volumising shampoo and conditioner

Give your hair the best-possible start for fluffy, touchable volume by investing in a shampoo and conditioner which lift and volumise your hair. Our Volume Lift range includes a lightweight volumising shampoo and lightweight volumising conditioner for naturally-full styles - and they’re both formulated with Air-Silk Technology for natural volume, bouncy movement and shine.

John Frieda Volume Lift range on a white background

Gently backcomb your hair

Yes, it was big in the 80s and Spinal Tap gave this technique a bad rep - but gently teasing your hair at the roots and through your mid-lengths is the ideal way to build up a soft, fluffy look with minimal fuss. Start by backcombing the hair at the crown of your head - run the comb inwards from your mid-lengths towards the root - this will gently ‘tangle’ your strands, and boost volume. Finish with a spritz of hairspray to keep things in place.

Redheaded woman backcombing her hair

Use your hairdryer’s diffuser

Diffusers dry your hair more quickly as they evenly distribute heat across your strands - they’re also great for ‘rough’ drying to achieve an effortless ‘fluffy’ look. Diffusers normally use ‘fingers’ or prongs to disperse heat evenly, minimising frizz and enhancing natural curls by evenly drying hair - avoiding disrupting your hair's natural texture.

Woman with curly hair drying her hair with a diffuser

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