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Frizzy, unruly hair is more common than you think – and it can be the biggest hair bug-bear for lots of people.

Frizz can be caused by a lack of moisture in the hair, as hair reacts especially badly to high humidity and excess moisture in the air. When dry hair meets a fierce onset of moisture, the result is unwanted frizz.

Curly hair
and wavy hair types have an even harder time, as these hair types tend to be dryer. However, help is at hand – there are several tips and tricks (and must-have anti-frizz products) to help you tame frizzy hair.

1. Get rid of split ends

Split ends damage your strands by travelling up the hair shaft and weakening the hair – making it easier for your hair to frizz in hot and humid weather. There are several products available to help repair some of the damage caused by split ends – but ultimately, only a haircut can stop them in their tracks.

If you live in an area with high humidity, a haircut with blunt lines can be a great option, as it keeps the ‘weight’ of your haircut.

Brunette having her hair cut

2. Don’t wash your hair with hot water

Hot water dries out your scalp by removing natural oils and sebum which keeps your hair healthy, weakens your hair roots, and can make your hair overly porous – which can lead to breakages and brittle hair.

To protect your hair before your de-frizzing wash routine, wash it with warm water. If you can brave a cold finish, rinse your hair after conditioning with cold water – it’ll close your hair’s cuticle and lock in moisture, helping to prevent frizz.

Woman washing her hair with warm water

3. Wash your hair with a frizz-fighting shampoo

Our Frizz Ease range is the perfect solution to stop frizzy hair before it starts and avoid stripping your hair during wash day.

Start with a nourishing shampoo like our Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Shampoo to help restore dry and damaged hair for silky-smooth results.

If you have curly frizzy hair, try our Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo, which hydrates and helps define curls whilst smoothing frizz.

Our Frizz Ease Brazilian Sleek Shampoo is a godsend for thick, frizzy hair – and its formula is suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair.

Woman washing her hair in the shower

4. Condition frizzy hair without adding weight

If you’ve got fine frizzy hair, some anti-frizz conditioners may weigh your hair down and make it feel greasy and dull.

Our Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Conditioner smoothes, nourishes and packs a frizz-free punch without making your hair look flat. It’s infused with hydrating aloe water for a burst of moisture and will tame your tresses without weighing down your locks.

If you have thick frizzy hair, try Frizz Ease Brazilian Sleek Conditioner for an ultra-smooth, sleek style – or Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Conditioner to repair heat damage and dryness, and help to restore your hair.

Blonde woman conditioning her hair

5. Use a weekly hair mask for deeper nourishment

A weekly hair mask helps to strengthen hair bonds, smooth your hair’s cuticles and add a boost of much-needed hydration. Our Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner rescues distressed, heat-damaged hair and helps to rehydrate and nourish dry hair In just one use.

If you’ve got curly or wavy hair, our Frizz Ease Dream Curls Ultra Nourishing Deep Conditioner is the once-a-week treat your hair’s been waiting for. It intensely moisturises and detangles for a smooth, finger-combable finish with long-lasting moisture.

Brunette woman smoothing on a hair mask

6. Dry your hair gently

If you towel dry your hair, avoid rubbing it roughly – hair is weaker when it’s wet, and you’ll damage your hair, increase breakage, and create knots or tangles which will be a pain to brush out.

We recommend you gently pat your hair dry with a soft, microfibre towel, or wrap up your hair in a microfibre turban to gently dry it until you’re ready to add some frizz-defying styling products..

Woman drying her hair with a soft towel

7. Smooth on a serum while your hair’s wet

You can use our hair serums on wet or dry hair to tame flyaways and reduce frizz, but we recommend you use serum on wet or damp hair to products to lock in hydration and provide a barrier against frizz. Pop it in your handbag to touch-up during the day - perfect for taming those pesky flyaways!

Our bestselling Frizz Ease All-in-1 Original Serum protects against frizz, protects from heat and humidity and adds shine – and if you’ve got fine hair, our Frizz Ease All-in-1 Lightweight Serum will protect and nourish your hair without weighing it down.

Woman combing serum through her hair

8. Minimise heat damage

If you’re planning on using straighteners or your curling wand, remember that a heat protectant will help you to minimise heat damage, which can leave your hair vulnerable to the effects of humidity.

Our Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protecting Spray with ThermaGuard Complex and humectants replenishes and protects hair, so you can style with confidence even when the weather’s not on your side.

Brunette woman blow drying and styling her hair

9. Use your hairdryer’s diffuser

If you’ve got curly or wavy hair, use your hairdryer’s diffuser to dry your hair with minimal movement and keep your curls bouncy and detangled.

Using your hairdryer without a diffuser will toss your hair around, which can lead to knotted, tangled, frizzy hair when you brush.

Woman checking her hair for split ends

10. Use a frizz-repellent hairspray to finish your look

Remember that an anti-frizz hairspray will help you control flyaways and problematic areas when your hair’s almost finished. To set your last few strands into place, spray a clean mascara wand or toothbrush with Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Intense Hold Hairspray.

The close bristles will gently lock each hair into place for a sleek bun or neat high ponytail, keeping your hair frizz-free and out of your face all day.

Woman with a stylist wedding hairstyle

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