Our Best Hair Serums: Find the Perfect Anti-Frizz Serum for You

Choosing a hair serum can feel like a minefield! If you're unsure which one to go for, check out our round-up of the best hair serums for frizzy hair below and find the one that works wonders for your precious locks.

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Glossy, frizz-free and manageable hair - you can have it all once you've found the best hair serum for your haircare needs. These bottles of goodness are a game changing styling product when it comes to smoothing frizz, so it's important to make sure you're using the right one in order to benefit as much as possible. 
We've put together some recommendations below for the best anti-frizz serums, as well as information on ingredients and how they work to make your locks lovely and luscious. Keep reading to find the best hair serum for you. 

What are hair serums and what do they do?

Containing film-firming silicones, our serums work to seal in moisture and hydrate dry hair - leaving your locks glossy, soft and manageable.
Our anti-frizz serums have frizz-fighting properties. The silicones act as a raincoat over the outer layer of your hair, helping to prevent your locks from getting frizzy.

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1. Our best hair serum for dry hair 

Our Miraculous Recovery Repairing Creme Serum does exactly what it says on the label. Infused with an expert blend of conditioning agents, this is one of the best serums for dry hair and works to inject life and healthiness back into your locks - while also preventing further damage. 
You can apply it to dry or wet hair and its no-rinse formula means you can go about your day without needing to take the time to wash it out. You can apply it on the go as well! 

If you're looking for more tips on reviving dry hair, visit our guide on hydrating hair at home - full of tips and recommended products for bringing moisture back into your locks. 

2. Ourbest hair serum for fine hair

Worried that smoothing products will weigh your hair down? Do flyaways ruin your painstakingly perfected hair style? If this is the case, our Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Serum is the best hair serum for you. 

Best applied onto dry hair, apply just one pump (depending on the thickness of your locks) to tame flyaways, boost shine and protect your hair against humidity and frizz throughout the day. Enriched with Ginger Extract, its lightweight formula works for all hair types, including fine hair.
And if you're looking for an extra volume boost, check out our guide to adding volume to fine hair in five easy steps. You'll be rocking that bouncy, voluminous look in no time! 


John Frieda Frizz Ease Polishing Serum - finishing serum for flyaways

3. Our best hair serum for thick hair

If you have extra thick, coarse hair, our Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum is your hair hero - now with added Bamboo Extract! This is our strongest fighter against frizz - instantly repelling humidity and conditioning dry hair for manageable and silky smooth results. If you're looking for advanced smoothing and hydration as well as protection from heat styling and humidity - look no further! 

Simply apply to soaking wet hair after using Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo and Conditioner and let this anti-frizz serum work its magic. 

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum for extra frizzy hair

4. Our best hair serum for medium to thick hair

If your hair texture is medium or thick, our Frizz Ease Original Serum is the perfect serum for you! Enriched with Ginseng Extract, it protects each strand against frizz and provides heat protection, so it’ll be your saviour if you’re guilty of using straighteners or curling tongs regularly.
Use it sparingly and apply it to soaking wet hair - though we'd recommend avoiding applying directly to the roots. There's no need to rinse it out; simply style as you normally would and prepare to tame your frizz! 
For further anti-frizz inspo, check out our round-up of the best products for frizzy hair. 

John Frieda Frizz Ease Original Serum for frizzy hair

Now you know the best hair serum for you, discover our tips and tricks on how to use serums for the best results and get ready to wave goodbye to frizz! 
Check out the rest of our hair products articles too and discover even more nifty tricks and ideas to help you up your haircare game with John Frieda. 

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