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We've got a superb range of hair serums for all hair types - so if you're looking for smooth, hydrated, frizz-free locks, you're in the right place.

The best serums work as a sort of hybrid wonder product, bridging the gap between treatments and styling. However, if they're not used correctly, your serum could make or break your look - so here's our guide to using hair serums correctly for stunning results.

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Do: Use hair serum sparingly

The first thing to remember is hair serum is a lot like perfume - a little bit goes a long way. You can always apply more, but you won't be able to remove excess serum without washing your hair. Over-applying serum can leave your hair looking greasy and dull.

If your hair is fine, we recommend using a pea-sized amount at first. Apply a half-pump of product to your palms, rub them together, and evenly distribute throughout your hair.

If you've got fine hair and you're worried that hair serum might be too heavy for your hair, we'd recommend that you use our All-in-1 Lightweight Serum.

Do: Apply hair serums to your lengths

As a rule, your roots won't need serum - they'll be moisturised by the natural oils produced by your scalp, and applying serum to your roots can be overkill.

By avoiding your roots, you'll manage to avoid product buildup - and you'll ensure that your serum gets to work on the areas which need the most help.

Do: Get to know your hair type

Getting to know your hair type and buying the right products for it is the cornerstone of good haircare.

If your hair is very thick and coarse, try All-in-1 Extra Strength Serum; if you have medium to thick hair, All-in-1 Original Serum is best for you.

If you’re more concerned with perfecting your style and your hair is somewhere in between thin and thick, use our Perfect Finish Serum to give your locks the love they deserve.

Do: Read the label and follow the instructions

As different hair serums have a variety of different textures and ingredients, make sure you read the instructions carefully before application.

Our serums can be used on wet or dry hair - so it's easy to deal with pesky flyaways on the go.

If you're applying our serums onto wet hair, sparingly, dispense one pump of serum into your palms and rub your hands together to gently warm the product. Spread evenly through your hair, avoiding your roots.

If you're applying serum to dry hair, start with half a pump and apply to target areas only. You can always apply more if you need to.

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Don't: Apply to fine unwashed hair

Serum works by calming and smoothing frizzy, distressed hair, and protects against environmental factors such as humidity. Fine hair can quickly look greasy and dull if you apply serum on top of your scalp's natural oils and any already-existing product build-up.

If possible, make sure you wash and condition fine hair before adding serum. You can apply our Frizz Ease serums to wet or dry hair, but for fine hair, we'd advise applying hair serum to damp hair before the rest of your styling products to maximise the benefits.

You can always add more serum to your dry hair throughout the day, but make sure when you first apply serum that your hair is clean.

Don't: Apply serum without warming it slightly

When you first use serum, you may be surprised at the texture - especially if you're using a serum for thicker, coarser hair. It can feel quite thick - but there's a trick to applying serum evenly.

When you apply the serum to your palms and rub them together, you're gently adding your body warmth to liquefy the serum - after 5-6 seconds, it should feel softer, smoother and have more slip to it. This will let you run it though your lengths much more easily.

Serums are different to oils, and creating gentle friction to get the product ready for application is vital for even, smooth application.

Don't: Rinse hair serum out

All of our Frizz Ease serums contain film-forming silicones to seal in moisture and hydrate your strands, for glossy, shiny hair. Think of the silicones as a raincoat over the outer layer of your hair, helping to prevent your locks from getting frizzy.

Our serums are also enriched with argan oil, coconut oil and moringa oil to transform your hair from frizzy to fabulous.

Don't: Settle for any hair serum product

A good hair serum will be your go-to product whenever humidity hits - so go for a product which will keep working hard to keep you frizz-free. Our iconic All-in-1 serums provide 72-hour frizz protection, resist 90% humidity, and provide heat protection up to 220°C.

They're safe for colour-treated hair, vegan friendly, and instantly transform your hair from frizzy to smooth.

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