What are Your Best Products for Frizzy Hair?

Top Tips for Weatherproofing Your Hair

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by John Frieda

Whether your hair is ultra fine or coarse and curly, all hair types are prone to frizzing at some stage. Luckily, with our wealth of expertise in fighting frizz, we’ve rounded up our best products for frizzy hair, whatever your hair type, whatever the weather!

Best Products for Curly Frizzy Hair

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Good news curly girls, although your locks may be prone to frizzing, we’ve got great products for curly frizzy hair! To define your curls whilst controlling your frizz, spritz our Frizz Ease Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray to wet hair. Simply spray evenly from root to tip and scrunch with your fingers!

If your curls are extra thick or coarse, pur Extra Strength Serum on soaking wet hair and then style as desired. This will give you a smooth and glossy foundation to any style and protect your hair from heat and humidity! If you’re unsure about which serum to use on your hair, read through our handy hair serum guide to discover your ultimate Frizz-Ease partner.

Best Products for Straightening Frizzy Hair

Most of us have straightened our hair only for the humidity or rain to transform our sleek ‘do into a frizzy mane. Straightener addicts, rejoyce! We’ve got the perfect solution to keep your style sensationally smooth. Simply spritz our 3 Day Straight Straightening Spray onto wet hair before blow-drying and straightening to seal in a long-lasting straight style, whatever the weather.

Best Products for Dry Frizzy Hair

A lack of hydration can make your hair more likely to frizz, so begin your hair care regime by combatting the dryness & you’re on track to a long-lasting, frizz free style. Add moisture back into your locks and prevent the appearance of future damage with our best products for dry frizzy hair like our Miraculous Recovery Shampoo and Miraculous Recovery Conditioner. For an extra boost, treat your hair to our Miracle Drops Hair Masks. Perfect for travel, our handy miracle drops sachets are ideal to instantly hydrate your locks after basking on a beach. For a professionally groomed and ultra shiny finish, apply one pump of our Nourishing Oil Elixir through your hair for optimum smoothness and shine.

Best Products for Fine Frizzy Hair

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As experts in fighting frizz, we’ve realised that those of you with fine hair can also suffer with frizz and flyaways and traditional frizz repelling products can weigh your locks down. Meet your smoothing saviour – Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Crème! This lightweight crème transforms frizzy AND fine hair to smooth styles without weighing your hair down. Plus, you can apply onto wet or dry hair! Pop into your handbag and touch-up during the day to perfect your style.

Best Products For Frizzy Hair in Humidity

Even in the most humid of climates, we’ve got our est products for frizzy hair in humidity to help you maintain a smooth style. After drying and styling, lock in smoothness by using one pump of our Perfect Finish Serum to boost shine and add a final layer of frizz protection against the humidity. Serums can be a little tricky to use, so we put together this helpful guide on how to apply hair serum.

Now rainy walks to work seem more bearable and summer humidity not as bitter-sweet, style and perfect your locks knowing you can brave the rain and enjoy the sun with the guarantee that your style will stay smooth all day with our top anti frizz hair products.

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