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Whatever your hair type, anyone can find themselves fighting a losing battle against frizz. However, once you know what causes frizzy hair, you can take some simple steps to prevent it.

There isn’t just one simple trick to smoothing frizzy hair - there are several ways to keep your tresses looking sleek. We’ve put together the main causes of frizzy, dry hair - and some helpful hair care tips to ensure your style stays smooth and defined.

Why is my hair so frizzy?

It’s a mixture of two things - humidity due to hot weather, and how hydrated your hair is to start with.

The main cause of frizz is a lack of moisture in your hair. This causes your hair to seek out and absorb moisture from the air, causing frizz - which also explains why humidity can make frizz even worse.

Do some people have naturally frizzy hair?

Yes - naturally curly hair is more prone to frizz as the natural oils produced by your scalp can’t travel down the hair shaft as well as they can in straight hair, so curly or wavy hair is prone to natural frizz.

Straight hair can get frizzy as well, but it doesn’t tend to be as noticeable unless the hair is really dry and damaged, or it’s hot and humid outside.

Factors which cause frizz

Here are six reasons why your hair might be so frizzy, coupled with easy steps you can take to try to ensure frizz control.

Rough towel drying

While you may think drying your hair with a towel is better than using a hairdryer, wrapping your hair in an abrasive bath towel and rubbing it dry can actually draw the oils out of your hair, resulting in frizz. Instead, try a microfibre towel or braid your hair whilst damp and leave it to dry overnight for perfect waves in the morning.

Blonde woman drying her hair with a soft white towel


Brushing your hair too much can cause breakage, and when you have brittle lengths and split ends, your hair is more prone to frizz. Stick to brushing twice a day - once in the morning, and a quick, gentle brush at night to smooth out any tangles before you go to bed.

If you need a serum to conceal the look of broken ends and repel humidity for a silky smooth finish, our bestselling All-in-One Original Serum is the perfect product to tame frizzy hair.

Woman running a white hairbrush through tangled brunette hair

Not using heat protection

Frequently using heated styling tools can strip hair of its natural moisture, leading to dry and damaged strands that are vulnerable to frizz. Make sure you always use a heat protector like our Frizz Ease Heat Defence Protecting Spray to help prevent damage. If you're a serum lover, our iconic Frizz Ease Serums provide heat protection up to 220°C.

Redheaded woman using red hair straighteners on her hair

Rinsing your hair with hot water

While a hot shower may feel relaxing, it can strip your scalp and hair of the natural oils that keep it moisturised and shiny. That lack of moisture can lead to more frizz. It’s an easy fix - just turn down the temperature slightly when you’re washing your hair.

If you can stand it, rinsing your hair with cold water smooths your cuticles, minimises frizz, and increases shine.

Woman washing her hair in the shower with a gentle shampoo

Split ends

Split ends are extremely prone to frizz and the longer you leave them, the worse they’ll get. We recommend regular trims to prevent dry ends - however, if a trip to the hairdresser isn’t possible, use a serum like our All-in-One Original Serum on soaking wet hair after washing to seal in moisture.

You can now use our serums on dry hair as well, so you can touch-up during the day to tame flyaways - and if you’re a newbie to serums, have a look at our tips on how to use hair serums.

Woman running a comb through damaged hair with split ends

Humid air

Humidity is a major cause of frizz. In humid weather, your hair’s cuticles become rough and open to absorbing moisture from humidity. Overdried hair becomes frizzy as the outer layer of the hair soaks in the moisture from the surrounding air.

While it’s impossible to control the level of humidity in the air, the right products can defend your locks. On wash days, use one of our anti-frizz shampoos and conditioners, and finish off with a Frizz Ease serum to lock in hydration and shine. Our cult classic Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème is the perfect partner for on-the-go frizz fighting - use a small dab throughout the day to smooth flyaways and quench thirsty hair.

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