The John Frieda Guide on How to Stop Your Hair Colour Fading

From blondes to brunettes to redheads, we give you all the tips you need for maintaining hair colour brilliance.

Let’s face it - your hair looks best .when it’s been freshly coloured. Nothing beats that ultra-glossy, rich and lustrous look of newly tinted, highlighted or balayaged tresses. But do you find that ‘good-hair-day’ feeling fades as quickly as your hair colour does? Whether you colour your hair at home, or in the salon, it’s likely you’ll ask yourself “How can I make my hair colour last longer?”. Here, we reveal tricks & tips to keep your blonde glowing, your brunette rich and your red vibrant.

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How to keep brunette hair colour from fading?
Whether your brunette is caramel and golden, or a deep, dark chocolate tone, one thing is certain - your colour looks best when it’s shiny and radiant. Saturate your strands with an extra
glossy Shampoo and Conditioner, such as the Brilliant Brunette Rich Radiance Multi-Tone Revealing range. Fortified with real crushed pearls and sweet almond, this colour-care range hydrates as it smooths for a polished, mirror-like shine.
When it comes to keeping brunette hair from fading, hydration is key. Dry, undernourished strands can make your brunette colour appear dull and faded, so a tailored hair care regime dedicated to keeping your colour looking it’s vibrant best, will make your colour last longer. Making your brunette hair colour last longer is easy with the Brilliant Brunette Colour-Protecting Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner, which has been expertly formulated to hydrate and replenish dry brunette hair, wash after wash.
Don’t forget that heated styling tools can also dehydrate your hair, resulting in dull, faded brunette tones. Help protect hair colour from heat damage with a prep spray such as the Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protecting Spray - formulated with ThermaGuard Complex and humectants. This formula helps protect your hair from heated styling tools, while replenishing for a smooth and moisturised finish.

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How to keep dyed blonde hair from fading?

There’s no doubt that your blonde looks best when it’s bright and glowing with radiance. Keep blonde hair in its best condition with our Sheer Blonde Flawless Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner. Designed just for blondes, this rejuvenating range gives over-processed strands new life and restores healthy, vivid hues. Get an extra brightening blonde boost with the Flawless Recovery Deep Conditioner - use weekly for a radiant glow and boosted shine.   


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How to keep platinum blonde hair from turning brassy and yellow?

When nothing less than cool, platinum tones will do, seeing those brassy, orange tones coming through can be frustrating! Revive your blonde with a purple shampoo and conditioner such as the John Frieda Violet Crush range to knock out stubborn brassy tones in just one use. Want to know more about how purple shampoo actually works? Check out our tips from the experts on how to use purple shampoo.
To restore healthy radiance back to over-processed, platinum blonde strands, treat with a weekly mask such as the Sheer Blonde Flawless Recovery Deep Conditioner. Designed especially for dry, brittle blonde hair, this intensely nourishing treatment rejuvenates and restores for a radiant blonde glow, while strengthening strands and boosting your texture. 

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How to keep red hair from fading?

It’s true. Red hair is one of the most difficult shades to maintain, and that’s because red hair molecules are much larger than other colour molecules, so the colour washes out and fades quicker. The best way to keep red hair colour from fading is by using a colour-depositing hair care range, such as the Radiant Red Red Boosting Shampoo and Conditioner. Expertly formulated specifically for redheads, this Pomegranate Extract and Vitamin E-infused collection recharges your hair with vibrant red tones with every wash, and will help keep your red hair colour from fading, while softening for silky-smooth strands. 

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