John Frieda boxes of Precision Foam Colour hair dye

Whether you want to refresh and update your hair colour or conceal a few greys at home, our Precision Foam Colour makes it easier than ever.

With a non-drip, easy to apply formula, this is the perfect product to achieve a salon-worthy finish. Our hair dye provides 100% grey coverage, is vegan-friendly, and achieves results in just 30 minutes.

For best results, make sure your natural colour is no more than two shades lighter or darker than the colour on the pack.  You can also use our hair colour chart to see the best hair colours for your skin tone.

Best blonde hair dyes

While we would recommend leaving major colour changes to the professionals, our easy-to-use Precision Foam Colour is a great solution for dyeing your roots or applying all over to keep your blonde bright and fresh.

Medium natural blonde hair dye

If you want warm, slightly darker blonde hair, try our Medium Natural Blonde hair dye.
It’s a honey-toned, caramelly blonde which will suit cooler and neutral skin tones.

If you need inspiration, think sophisticated mahogany blonde or the latest nectar blonde trend – rich, lustrous and perfect on mid-length hair with some layers to add body.

John Frieda Medium Natural Blonde hair dye

Light natural blonde hair dye

Our Sheer Blonde Light Natural Blonde hair dye is perfect for mid-level blondes to take their colour up a gear. It’s a sunny, shimmering shade, and works well with warmer skin tones.

If you’re after this season’s fluffy blonde hair or the ubiquitous 90s blonde look, this is the shade to add some retro glamour with a twist.

John Frieda light natural blonde hair dye

Extra light natural blonde hair dye

Dyed blonde hair can be prone to fading, which makes our Extra Light Natural Blonde hair dye ideal for lighter blondes looking to try out the sunny girl blonde look, which is currently all over Instagram.

Its fade-resistant formula means you can enjoy your best blonde weeks after dyeing - and it’s suitable for people with warmer skin tones.

John Frieda Extra Light Natural Blonde hair dye

Best brown hair dyes

A ‘blocky’ brown colour result can be a problem when you’re dyeing your hair at home.

Luckily, our Precision Foam Colour comes with an after-colour conditioner that ensures long-lasting tonal richness and movement – you can even select a brunette dye that adds golden tones to brunette hair.

Lightest cool almond brown hair dye

Perfect if you want to perk up light brown locks, our Lightest Cool Almond Brown hair dye provides flawless, salon-quality colour that will ensure your lighter brown colour still looks rich, healthy and brimming with colour.

It works best on people with warmer skin tones, and for anyone who wants to experiment with taupe-like browns to try the latest mushroom hair trend.

John Frieda Lightest Cool Almond Brown hair dye

Light natural brown hair dye

If you want to lift your hair with a multi-tonal lighter brown, our Light Natural Brown hair dye is a sumptuous shade of brunette which is perfect for people with warmer skin tones.

With coppery and chestnut undertones, it’s brilliant anyone thinking of trying the expensive brunette trend. Pair with subtle babylights to add depth, dimension and drama.

John Frieda Light Natural Brown hair dye

Medium natural brown hair dye

Our Medium Natural Brown hair dye is the perfect shade to give you a deeper, richer brunette without going too dark.

If you’re a light brunette wanting to gradually go darker, then this shade will help you transition - and it works best on neutral skin tones.

The Louis Vuitton brunette trend was started by influencers shifting their hair colour towards darker, warmer shades - try it for yourself and relish the rich amber and caramel tones.

John Frieda Medium Natural Brown hair dye

Best dark brown hair dyes

Deep, glossy brunette locks can be hard to maintain, so refresh your colour whenever you need to with our easy-to-use, non-drip Precision Foam Colour. Darker shades of brunette lend themselves well to wet-look hair – elevate mid-length bobs with this sleek, fresh-out-the-shower style.

Dark natural brown hair dye

If you have a neutral skin tone and you’re looking for a darker brunette colour, try our Dark Natural Brown hair dye. Rich and glossy, this sumptuous dark brown also provides 100% grey coverage.

To take your look one step further, you can always head to the hairdresser after dyeing your hair at home to add a little lightness to the ends for some dimension.

John Frieda Dark Natural Brown hair dye

Dark chocolate brown hair dye

Smooth, rich and delicious - if you’re after a rich chocolatey colour, then Dark Chocolate Brown hair dye is the shade for you.

This warmer shade with subtle coppery, golden undertones will suit most skin tones. To get an idea of what to expect, the rich chocolate and glossy espresso trends sweeping Instagram right now will give you all the inspiration you need.

John Frieda Dark Chocolate Brown hair dye

Deep brown black hair dye

Our Deep Brown Black hair dye is the perfect choice if you want ultra dark, dramatic locks without the harshness of a complete block of black colour.

The gritty cassette brunette trend - where hair mimics the deep, almost-black brown of cassette tape - is created by using deep brown hair dye as a jumping-off point to create an edgy, unexpected grungy look which is influenced by black hair.

woman with grey hair looking into camera

Best red hair dyes

Whether you want to go deep, rich cherry red or you’re after a warmer autumnal shade to complement your complexion, keeping your red hair looking vibrant can be tricky as it’s prone to fading.

Here are our top red shades to let brunettes add some spice - paired with our Radiant Red shampoos and conditioners, your colour will look brighter and bolder for longer.

Deep cherry brown hair dye

If you’re craving a bright red to make a statement, then Deep Cherry Brown hair dye is the colour for you. This vibrant colour is perfect if you want a show-stopping look with shimmering, multi-faceted tones to catch everyone’s eye.

Remember to keep your tresses in tip-top condition by using our Hydrate & Recharge Deep Soak Masque once a week.

John Frieda Deep Cherry Brown hair dye

Dark red brown hair dye

For more natural, autumnal reddish tones, try our Dark Red Brown hair dye. This darker, sophisticated shade isn’t as bright as Deep Cherry Brown, which makes it a perfect stepping stone if you’re transitioning to a bolder colour.

Pair with your favourite red lipstick and let your look do the talking.

John Frieda Dark Red Brown hair dye

Medium red brown hair dye

Our Medium Red Brown hair dye is a warmer, more playful brown with red tones for a striking look - it’s ideal if you’re thinking about trying strawberry brunette hair or copper hair with subtle red hues added to your your natural brown hair.

Not quite brown, and not quite red, it’s the latest way for brunettes to keep everyone guessing.

John Frieda Medium Red Brown hair dye

Best black hair dye

Luminous natural black hair dye

When only the darkest, richest shade of black will do, you can rely on our Luminous Natural Black hair dye. It’s the perfect choice if your hair’s naturally black or ultra-dark brown, and you’d like to cover pesky greys.

With 100% grey coverage and a fade-resistant formula, you can enjoy dramatic, glossy locks for weeks between colouring.

John Frieda Natural Black hair dye

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