Gorgeous colour shades for brunettes you simply have to try

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Are you bored of your current brunette hair colour and thinking about switching up your look? Are you swayed by blonde instead? 

Well girls, forget it! The fact that blondes have more fun is a myth! We’ve put together a round-up of 10 fabulous brown hair colour shades just for you.

If you want to be the next Aphrodite (a real brunette bombshell!), pick a tone you like below, follow the instructions and then, BOOM! You are the goddess.

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Brunette shades: dark brunette hair

1. Espresso hair colour

Can’t wake up without your morning shot of caffeine? Well, your brunette hair might look lifeless without a hit of “espresso” too! As one of the hottest hair beauty trends, the espresso shade is widely appreciated by beauty lovers because of its eye-catchingly dark, bold and luxurious tone.  

To keep your espresso locks looking beautiful, use the John Frieda Rich Radiance Multi-Tone Revealing Shampoo in your hair routine. It contains smashed pearls and almonds to nourish each strand, cleansing and giving your locks a polished shine at the same time.

For those of you who don’t have eye-catching espresso hair yet, there’s no need to rush to the salon - we’re here for you! Try out the John Frieda Precision Foam - Colour 3N Brilliant Brunette Deep Brown Black for perfect espresso hair, achieved from the comfort of your own home.

Check out our tips on how to dye your hair at home for more information. You’ll have a salon-quality locks in no time! 

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2. Dark chocolate hair colour

If you’re going for a rich and dark one-tone shade, it’s important to factor in your height and hair length. This is because inappropriate blends of hair colours and styles can conceal your beauty – for example, hair that’s very dark and long could swamp you if you’re petite.  To accentuate your beauty, choosing the right hair colour and length is crucial. Dark chocolate hair colour and a chic shoulder length hairstyle is the invincible hair combination for petite women.

Are you looking for lovely dark chocolate hair? Dye your hair with the John Frieda Precision Foam - Colour 4BG Brilliant Brunette Dark Chocolate Brown and use Midnight Brunette Colour Deepening Shampoo for ultimate shine.

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3. Chocolate hair colour

This warm brunette hair colour is perfect if you're looking to experiment with the blonde ombre hair colouring technique. This is because it looks natural on the roots and makes the two-tone effect even bolder. If you’re someone who always stays ahead of the curve when it comes to hair trends, you’ll want to try it.

Why not switch it up with a modern twist? Instead of going from light at the roots to dark ends, go from dark at the top, graduating to lighter ends. So on-trend right now!

Use the John Frieda Precision Foam - Colour 5B Brilliant Brunette Medium Chocolate Brown to make it happen. If your hair isn’t dark, apply it at the top and leave it for up to 20 minutes to work its magic. Our non-drip formula makes it fast and effective!

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Brunette shades: medium brunette hair

4. Smoky ash brown hair colour

Add subtle smoky greys for an instant style update to brunette hair! For brunettes who want a change with low maintenance, this idea could be the most suitable option.

It doesn’t require too much upkeep and there are lots of hairstyle ideas that complement it, such as  adding icy highlights as a contrast, a lightning ash blonde tint, or just a hint of smoke on the ends.

If you’re craving this hair colour, why not try out the John Frieda Precision Foam - Colour 5A Brilliant Brunette Medium Ash Brown as your first step? Its non-drip formula helps the colour penetrate each strand easily and deepen colour saturation, giving you flawless coverage and richer ash-brown hair colour.

5. Bright and quirky brunette

Among the different types of brown hair, this is the boldest one. Streaks of not-so-natural colour like ultraviolet, blue and maroon can offer some awe-inspiring hairstyle inspo to bored brunettes.

You could also combine the colours with balayage to jazz your look up! Whichever colour you choose to add to your brunette, check with your colourist first as you might need some blonde hair-dye added in before (which will make the colour more prominent).

As extreme colour fades away quickly, take out some insurance by using an after-colour conditioner to add longevity to your colour-treated hair. Plus, use the John Frieda Colour Protecting Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner to make the colour last longer. Don’t let your shine fade away, and then go out and photograph yourself looking like a real insta-model!

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6. Rose gold hair colour

Rose gold has become a cult favourite because its elegant feel. As if we haven’t had enough of rose gold interior and accessory inspo – we’ve now fallen for it when it comes to our hair  colour. Of course, the major reason is that it works wonders on all hair types – from brunettes to blondes. 

So, if you want to try out this colour, we’d recommend the John Frieda Precision Foam -Colour 5R Radiant Red Medium Red Brown. This glamorous colour could help you on your way to achieving rose gold!

Also, for those of you who are into reddish hairstyles, check out our 10 recommended red hair colours and how to find the best for your skin tone

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7. Burnt sienna hair colour

Want to find a colour that looks eye-catching during winter? Look no further than the red-brown hair colour - burnt sienna! Even when hair is drenched in mahogany, auburn or burnt sienna highlights — as long as the base is brunette, it will look uber natural. Also, if you have green and hazel eye colours, a pop of burnt sienna will really complement you!

So, try out the John Frieda Precision Foam - Colour 6N Brilliant Brunette Light Natural Brown this winter with us!

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Brunette shades: light brunette hair

8. Beachy blonde highlights on brown hair

Fashion-savvy beauty lovers, we know you never miss any trends and will tend to start preparing for the upcoming seasons in advance. So it’s time for you to start planning your spring hairstyle!

When it comes to spring hair trends, blonde highlights weaved in natural waves through brunette hair offer a great sunny lift to the hair and face, just like  the wave-tossed look of someone who's been marooned in Barbados – and not behind a desk.

Ask your hairdresser for a dark to light balayage! Oh, and if you want that beach-tousled hair texture, check out our tips on how to get beach waves in three different ways!

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9. Bronde hair colour

That pretty brown-meets-blonde colour is either brunette highlights or blonde low lights. Whichever way you want to look at it, this light brown hair colour is best achieved by using balayage (the free-painting highlight technique), rather than traditional foils.

The correct tone should be only two-to-three shades lighter than your existing brunette colour, but you should check with your colourist to find out which tone suits you best and which would add glow and radiance to your complexion.

After dyeing your hair, try the John Frieda Multi-Tone Revealing Conditioner to bring out all of the different tones in this shade. It’ll hydrate your locks while sealing in this beautiful bronde hair colour and enhancing vibrancy and dimension, giving you luminous hair. 

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10. Tawny brown hair

When it comes to brunette hair colour ideas — tawny is entirely underrated. The warm, orange-based shade not only brings out the colour of blue and green eyes, but also works well on very pale to medium skin tones.

Check with your hairdresser to see how you can channel this warm caramel colour during the winter. Sweeten up your locks in no time!

And remember girls!  Add the finishing touches to your hairstyle with the John Frieda 100% Shine Glossing Mist.  

Brassy tones can be a common enemy to brunettes, so why not check out our tips on how to remove brassiness from brown hair to maintain your gorgeous brunette shade?

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