Beautiful brunette woman having fun at a party

They say blondes have more fun - but brunettes know that’s a myth.

If you’re feeling a bit tired of your brunette locks, fight the urge to change your hair colour completely and take a look at these stunning brunette shades we’ve curated. From rich, dark chocolate and espresso to caramel highlights and bronde, there are so many ways to mix up your brunette style.

Dark brunette hair colours

1. Espresso brown hair colour

Can’t wake up without your morning shot of caffeine? You won’t be surprised to hear that espresso (the colour, not the coffee) can provide the same boost to your hair. As one of 2024’s hottest hair beauty trends, the espresso shade is widely appreciated by beauty lovers because of its eye-catchingly dark, bold and luxurious tone.

Try out our Deep Brown Black hair dye for perfect espresso hair at home.

Young woman with deep, dark brown espresso hair colour

2. Dark chocolate brown hair colour

If you’re going for a rich and dark one-tone shade, it’s important to factor in your height and hair length. This is because clashing hair colours and styles can work against you - for example, dark, long tresses can swamp you and minimise your features if you’re petite.

Dark chocolate hair colour paired with a chic shoulder length hairstyle is the perfect combination for petite women.

Get the look with our Dark Chocolate Brown hair dye, and keep your brunette deep and rich with our Midnight Brunette Colour Deepening Shampoo and Midnight Brunette Colour Deepening Conditioner.

Woman in her 40s with dark chocolate brown hair

3. Chocolate brown hair colour

This warm, flattering brunette hair colour is perfect if you're looking to experiment with blonde ombré hair. It looks natural on your roots and makes the two-tone effect even more dramatic.

Why not switch it up with a modern twist? Instead of going from light at the roots to dark ends, go from dark at the top, graduating to lighter ends.

Replenish, rehydrate and stop your colour from fading with our Brilliant Brunette Colour Vibrancy Shampoo and Brilliant Brunette Colour Vibrancy Conditioner.

Woman with light chocolate brown hair colour with ombre

Medium brunette hair colours

4. Smoky ash brown hair colour

Add subtle smoky greys to your brunette strands for an instant style update. It doesn’t require too much upkeep and there are lots of ways to make the look your own, including adding icy highlights as a contrast, a lightning ash blonde toner, or just a hint of smoke on the ends.

Woman with smoky ash brown hair after using a beige toner

5. Brunette hair with caramel highlights

Caramel highlights are universally flattering; they suit any shade (and any length) of brunette hair. If your hair’s got layers, they’ll effortlessly show off the caramel and blonde dimensional highlights, giving your hair depth and movement. If you have shorter hair, curl your hair overnight to showcase your caramel highlights in their best light.

Keep brassiness at bay by using our Blue Crush Shampoo and Blue Crush Conditioner to knock out stubborn orange tones.

Brunette woman with gold and caramel highlights

6. Rose gold brunette hair colour

Because brown hair already has plenty of warm, golden undertones, it doesn’t need to be bleached to hold a darker rose gold colour.

Rose gold is generally more suited to people with dark eyes and a yellow-based skin tone; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of this trend. Ask your stylist for the best rose gold shade for you, and take it from there.

Treat your tresses post-salon with our Overnight Miracles Repair and Renew Hair Mist - it weightlessly nourishes and smooths split ends for softer hair while you sleep.

Rose gold hair colour on long brunette hair

7. Burnt sienna hair colour

Also known as dark ginger, burnt sienna is the perfect mix for brunettes who want to mix things up with an injection of rich, lustrous colour. Ask your stylist for a coppery, golden red base with warm, fiery auburn tones. You may also want to mix in some copper and rose gold highlights to give your look even more edge.

Amplify your hair’s glossy shine and bring out the best in your colour by using our Vibrant Shine range.

Woman with burnt sienna brown and red hair

Light brunette hair colours

8. Beachy blonde highlights on brown hair

Blonde highlights weaved in between brunette waves are a sure-fire hit for summer. To refresh your look with minimal maintenance, add some well-placed highlights into brunette hair. It’s an easy to lighten up your overall look and create a multi-dimensional mane by adding golden blonde, honey and butter blonde accents.

Blonde and caramel highlights on brown hair

9. Bronde hair colour

This pretty brown-meets-blonde colour is a colour technique that marries brown and blonde to create a flattering, sun-kissed colour for brunettes. If you've never coloured your hair before or you don’t want a drastic update, bronde hair could be the subtle refresh you’re looking for.

This light brown hair colour is best achieved by using balayage (the free-painting highlight technique), rather than traditional foils. The correct tone should be only two to three shades lighter than your existing brunette colour, but you should check with your colourist to find out which tone suits you best.

Woman with bronde hair having fun at a party

10. Light brown hair

Gently-highlighted light brown hair sometimes gets a bad press (it’s often used interchangeably with ‘mousy brown’), but light brown hair is a seriously-underrated colour for when the nights draw in. This warm, tawny shade works best on people with golden, warm complexions and warm brown eyes. Our Lightest Cool Almond Brown hair dye is ideal for getting the look at home with salon-quality coverage.

Prettyy woman with light brown hair styled in waves

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