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You may have seen plenty of haircare products with ceramides listed as an ingredient recently - and you may wonder what they are, how they work to care for your hair, and the benefits of using ceramides in hair products.

Well, wonder no more - here’s our ultimate guide to ceramides and hair health.

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are fatty acids called lipids, which are naturally-occurring in the outermost layer of your hair (the cuticle) and your skin. They act as a protective film for your hair and skin, keeping moisture in and sealing out any harmful elements.

The ceramides in your hair’s shaft help to keep the hair cuticle closed, preventing frizz and keeping your hair soft and shiny. Raised cuticles can allow moisture to escape from the scalp and hair, leading to breakage. By keeping the cuticle sealed, the ceramides in your hair help to retain moisture within each strand and prevent any external damage.

There are several different types of ceramides present in your hair and skin, and they all work together to form a protective barrier over your skin and hair.

Hairdresser examining red and brunette hair using the metal end of a comb

What do ceramides do to hair?

Ceramides are known to create a light protective barrier over your hair’s surface, minimising frizz and calming dry, distressed hair. They only shallowly penetrate hair, normally just on top of or slightly underneath the cuticle.

Ceramides in your haircare products replace the cuticle cement (a fatty acid complex that holds your hair’s layers together) which may have been lost due to overwashing, heat styling or environmental factors, such as humidity.

What are the benefits of our ceramide-infused formula?

  • Protective barrier formation: Form a protective, smoothing ‘film’ around your hair’s outer surface, follicle and scalp to protect and strengthen hair.
  • Strengthens hair: Reinforce your hair’s structure, and reduces the layers of the outer shaft ‘lifting up’ and feeling rough.
  • Minimise frizz: Helps to seal in moisture, which minimises frizz and leaves your lengths smooth and silky.
  • Minimise future damage: By adding products with ceramides to your haircare routine, you can reseal your hair’s cuticles to strengthen and help protect hair against future damage.
  • Retains moisture: As we get older, the amount of ceramides your skin and hair produces lessens. Ceramides in hair products have been known to help rebuild this protective layer in your hair so your hair won’t lose moisture and feel dry or brittle.
  • Boosts shine and smoothness: As ceramide-infused formulas help to flatten and reseal your hair’s cuticle, you may find that your hair feels softer, looks shinier and less-tangled after using products containing ceramides.

Who can use ceramides in haircare products?

Anyone can use shampoos, conditioners and styling products containing ceramides - but they may be more suitable for people with dry, damaged hair that’s prone to frizz. If you use chemical hair treatments or use heat stylers, ceramides also work to reduce the appearance of damage caused by bleaching, chemical treatments and heat styling.

Pack shot of John Frieda's Miraculous Recovery range with Ceramides

Hair products with ceramides

Shampoo with ceramides

Our Miraculous Recovery Repairing Shampoo is made with a ceramide-infused formula to repair and smooth frizzy, damaged hair cuticles. This smoothing shampoo targets and repairs frizzy, dry, damaged hair at the cuticle layer, for increased shine, manageability, and protection against future damage.

Conditioner with ceramides

Developed to be used with ceramide shampoo, our Miraculous Recovery Repairing Conditioner is expertly-formulated with Ceramides and Anti-Damage Technology to target and help repair surface damage.

Hair masks with ceramides

Made for hair that needs a moisture boost, our Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner is formulated with ceramides that work hard to help repair frizzy, damaged hair cuticles and provide targeted repair for 86% less frizz*.

*with Miraculous Recovery line usage.

Before and after shot showing how John Frieda's Miraculous Recovery with Ceramides smooths hair

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