Hairstyles for Curly Hair: 6 Easy Looks You Can Do at Home

Curly girls! There are endless ways to style your naturally curly locks, so if you are looking for a new hairstyle for curly hair, we’ve got all the inspiration you need below.

woman with curly blonde hair and wearing a white blouse, smiling with her hands next to her face


Short curly hairstyles

You may think that short curly hair doesn’t give you much to work with, however, with a few little tricks you can add an instant touch of glamour that doesn’t take too long to master.

1. Curly bob hairstyles

woman with short curly blonde hair, wearing a black off the shoulder top and looking down

Curly bobs are chic, but you’re limited in the amount of hair you can play with. That said, never underestimate the power of accessories! Simply make a side part (this will also add volume) and add some jewelled bobby pins and you’re good to go! 
Or, invest in a lightweight silky headband to keep those flyaways at bay. You can make the headband as understated or as colourful as you like. 

2. Loose curls short hair

woman with short brown curly hair and wearing red lipstick, smiling with her hand on her shoulder

If your locks are feeling a little lacklustre, braid your hair overnight to create loose, natural waves the morning after or use a heat styler if you’re short on time. 
Remember though that regularly using heat stylers could be another reason why you’re losing a little bounce, so read our guide on how to restore heat damaged curly hair to keep your curls looking their best! 
Then, to revive your curls throughout the day, spritz our Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray to give them an instant boost of bounce and definition to help you feel confident wearing your curls loose. 
Medium length curly hairstyles

Medium length curly hair can look ultra-voluminous, meaning just a little bit of heat and humidity could cause major frizz! 

To prep your curls for whatever weather they may face, use our Perfect Finish Serum to repel humidity and give a silky smooth finish to your style. It’s important to avoid using too much serum, so read our guide on how to apply hair serum like a pro first! 

3. Curly hair updo

Curly hair updos are great to keep tresses tame, especially in hot weather. Not only that, but they’re super easy to pull together on the go. Simply tip your head upside down, bunch up your hair on top and secure with a scrunchie. 
For a messy look, tease strands out of the scrunchie and ruffle the hair around your face to accentuate your curls.  

4. Half up curly hairstyle

For days when you can’t decide whether to wear your hair up or down, achieve the best of both worlds with a half up curly hairstyle! 
Use a comb to neatly section the top part of your hair, then tie in a bun or top knot for a simple but stylish look. 

Long curly hairstyles

Back of woman's head with long curly brown hair in a ponytail

If your long curly hair is in a good mood, let it loose - you lucky thing! But when it simply won't behave, we've outlined a couple of long curly hairstyles below to keep you cool. 

5. High curly ponytail

When your curls are not settling as you would like, a curly hair updo is the answer. Try a high curly ponytail by scooping your locks up and securing with a hair tie. Tame flyaways around your face for an ultra sleek look with our Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Crème. To add drama, tease your ponytail a little with a comb or brush. 

6. Curly hair bun

woman with tight curly hair in a bun smiling and wearing a denim jacket

If you want an even sleeker look, try a curly hair bun by twisting round the hair and scooping it onto the top of your head. Keep it in place with a few neatly placed hair grips. Buns can be as tight or as loose as you like and they’re perfect for keeping flyaways at bay. 

Whether you have short, medium or long curly hair, there are countless ways to style your locks. Keep them looking their best with our best products for curly hair for a bounce mane that’s full of life!  

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