How to Restore Heat Damaged Curly Hair

How can I repair damaged curly hair?

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Want to embrace your naturally curly hair after years of straightening? We've put together a list of tips and best products to restore heat damaged curly hair.

What causes heat damage?

Curly hair is naturally more prone to breakage as the oils from the scalp struggle to get past all of the kinks and curls to nourish the whole strand and ends of the hair, leaving curls in constant danger of drying out. If you’re adding heat styling to this inherently dry hair type, you’re even more susceptible to dehydrated hair, vulnerable to breakage and frizz in desperate need of knowing how to restore curly hair.

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How can I repair damaged curly hair?

If you want to restore your curly hair, start re-hydrating your locks in the shower. Use our moisture boosting Dream Curls Shampoo & Conditioner which not only provides hydration but will also help define your curls. For more intense nourishment, try our Dream Curls Deep Conditioner once a week for a surge of moisture. Before drying, apply our Frizz Ease Original Serum to lock in that replenished hydration and provide heat protection from further heat styling.

Which products should I use on curly hair?

If you’ve made a pact to put down your heat stylers to repair damaged curly hair but still want your curls to look defined, you need to try our best curl defining products. To add definition to your curls that will hold and last all day, try our Curl Reviver Mousse. Its formulated with Abyssinian oil which is the perfect lightweight & non-greasy oil to care for curly hair. If your curls need a boost a day or two after washing, spritz our Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray to revive that bounce and add moisture and shine back into your locks!

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Want to know more about our best products for curly hair? Discover our different hair masks for each hair type and add in that much needed hydration to your daily routine.

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