Find out how avocado oil can transform your hair.

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We’re going to share how to avoid hair nightmares caused by damage and breakage as a result of over-styling, and how to restore your gorgeous locks, thanks to trusty avocado oil.

Is avocado oil good for hair?

The short answer is yes! Avocado oil has many benefits for damaged hair in particular, as it’s loaded with wonderful nutrients. So, even though we might not be applying guacamole onto our hair any time soon, we can still look for products that contain avocado oil to give ourselves the true “avocado hair treatment”.  Here are five ways in which avocado oil can help your locks …

Benefits of Avocado Oil

Benefit 1: It helps detangle

When your hair is wet, it is more prone to tangling and breakage. Nevertheless, adding avocado oil to your locks after your hair washing routine will act as a lubricant to help stop this from happening.

Alternatively, washing your hair with John Frieda Detox & Repair Shampoo is also a good way to address unwanted breakage. It contains antioxidant rich green tea and nourishing avocado oil which not only free up your hair from pollutants, but also smooth it, helping you clean, detangle and care your damaged hair at the same time.

Benefit 2: It helps moisturise

Avocado oil contains a higher amount of monounsaturated fats than olive oil and is known to deeply nourish hair. This is because monounsaturated fats have great penetrability, which means they can ease into your locks quickly and easily, creating a protective barrier to support moisture retention.

If you’re looking for extra moisture and nourishment, why not try out the John Frieda Detox & Repair Conditioner? It contains avocado oil that’ll penetrate your locks and inject its nutrients into each strand.

Simply apply it to wet hair from root to tip, leave it for a while to work its magic and then wash it out. Your locks will go from dry and stressed to smooth and shiny in no time!

Hydrating your locks is just as essential as preventing moisture loss.

Benefit 3: It helps revitalise

Over-styling and harsh chemicals can leave your hair feeling dry, dull and damaged. Avocado oil is chockful of vitamins E and B that help nourish your scalp and restore the look and feel of healthy hair.

To revitalise your hair, we’d recommend John Frieda Detox & Repair Masque. It will give your hair a little bit more nourishment whilst taming frizz and returning hair to a shinier state at the same time. But, of course, we’d recommend still sussing out the best hair mask for your hair type beforehand.

Simply smooth it on clean and wet hair, focusing on the tips in particular. Leave it for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse it well. Then, get ready to see a natural, healthy glow emanating from your locks!

Benefit 4: It helps replenish

Avocado oil is also well-known for its replenishing properties, and it contains a rich blend of proteins, folic acid, magnesium and minerals. Those nutrients help seal cuticle cells which strengthen the flexibility of hair and enhance its resistance against breakage, preventing split ends.

So, if your locks need a boost, use John Frieda’s Miracle Drops Hair Mask weekly to realign your hair fibers and leave your beautiful hair glowing.

After shampooing, simply squeeze out the excessive moisture and apply the avocado hair mask onto wet hair from root to tip, leaving it for up to five minutes. After that, rinse thoroughly.

Benefit 5: It helps add shine

More moisture = more shine! Another avocado oil benefit is that it makes hair shiny. If you’ve got wild or unruly hair, avocado oil can help tame your mane, leaving your locks smooth and glossy!

Avocado oil’s vitamins, minerals and fatty acids can penetrate every layer of your hair fibers thoroughly – making your locks feel soft and enriched from the inside out.

Use John Frieda Detox & Repair Care & Protect Sprayto protect your locks from daily challenges before drying and styling. It keeps your locks healthy, provides them with moisture and also makes detangling less of a faff. It not only helps tame frizzy hair, but it also smooths away split ends, adding more shine back to your mane.

Benefits of Avocado Oil

Make sure you include this wonderful ingredient within your daily hair care routine for shiny and healthy-looking hair!

But avocado oil isn’t the only ingredient that can benefit your locks! Check out the answer on our guide to argan oil & castor oil for hair too for further hair care tips!

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