5 Benefits of Avocado Oil

Find out how avocado oil can transform your hair.

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We all know that avocados have a tonne of health advantages. Whilst we might not be applying guacamole onto our hair any time soon, the oil from an avocado is loaded with wonderful benefits for your locks. Here are 5 ways in which Avocado Oil can help your mane...

Benefits of Avocado Oil


When your hair is wet, it is more prone to tangle and break off. By adding avocado oil after your hair washing routine, this acts as a lubricant to help stop the hair tangling and breaking.


Avocado oil contains a higher amount of monounsaturated fats than olive oil, and is known to help deeply nourish the hair


Over-styling and harsh chemicals can leave your hair feeling dry, dull and damaged. Avocado oil has Vitamin E and B, and helps restore the look and feel of healthy hair


Avocado oil is known for its replenishing properties, and contains a rich blend of proteins, folic acid, magnesium and minerals.

Add shine

More moisture = more shine! By using avocado oil for hair, this will add back in the shine. If you’ve got wild or unruly hair, avocado oil can help tame your mane, leaving your locks smooth and glossy!

Benefits of Avocado Oil

Make sure you include this wonderful ingredient in your daily hair care routine for shiny and healthy-looking hair!

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