How To Treat Dry Hair: Tips And Products To Turn Your Hair From Dry To Dazzling

Best Products For Dry Hair

by Sarah Joan Ross

Has the winter left your hair dry, brittle and damaged? We thought so. Add central heating, woolly hats and the overuse of styling tools to the mix and your hair will start feeling dryer than tumbleweed. However, with the right approach, a few tips and tricks, product swaps and pro-tactics mean that glass-like healthy shine and soft, bouncy locks are just a few moments (and products) away. Read on to discover the best tips and products for dry hair.

1. Don’t leave the house with wet hair

Woman sitting in a bath tub with wet hair and her back facing us

OK, so the old wives tale ‘you’ll catch a cold’ may have been banished to works of fiction – as we all know you get a cold from catching a virus, not with wet hair. However, it does leave your hair in a very vulnerable and compromised state, meaning it’s more susceptible to breakage and damage. An easy dry hair remedy is to ensure your hair is at least touch-dry before heading out into the cold.

2. Invest in an air humidifier

A blue and silver air humidifier sitting next to a plant pot

This is the best way to combat the dry air that’s circulating in your home from the thermostat being cranked up. A humidifier is basically the same thing as a steamer and provides a much-needed moisture boost to both skin and hair. Make sure you look for one that is size appropriate for your room. You'll also want one that is quiet enough to operate while you sleep. Another nice addition is one that imparts a feel-good, spa-like scent.

3. Use a deep conditioner for dry hair

Woman sitting in the bath, smiling, with a white towel wrapped around her head

A deep conditioner dedicated to your hair type should be used every week. For optimal results, always towel dry before application so the product can absorb in. Take time to massage the product into the hair shaft. John Frieda Full Repair Hydrate + Rescue Deep Conditioner
is expertly formulated to reduce the risk of further breakage and split ends, without weighing hair down.  It’s perfect if you want to restore over-styled, dry and brittle strands.

4. Use a shampoo for dry hair

A tanned woman with her back to us in the shower, washing her hair with shampoo

Experts recommend keeping a variety of shampoo in your bathroom. One that is brilliant at removing product build-up is the Detox + Repair Shampoo, which is formulated with avocado oil and antioxidant-rich green tea. It not only removes impurities, but also provides dry, stressed hair with rich nutrients and regenerates hair immediately.

5. Massage your scalp

Back of a blonde woman's head. She's massaging her scalp.

A scalp massage will not only help you relax and relieve tension, but it also boosts blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth and helps relieve a dry, itchy head. Starting at the temples, use your fingertips to massage in small circular motions all over the scalp. Take small pieces of the hair, twist around your finger and gently pull.

6. Protect from the heat-styling

Japanese Woman Beauty

Try a hair protecting spritz to safeguard strands from temperature fluctuations. It will also help prevent hair frizzing under your winter woollies. We love Detox & Repair Care & Protect Spray. Formulated with green tea and avocado oil, it helps to nourish and repair while providing heat-protection.

Whether it's by starting a hair detox or figuring out which hair mask is right for you, there are many different ways you can combat the effects of dry, damaged locks and keep them looking healthy and happy with a few lifestyle changes and product swaps. Say goodbye to lifeless locks and hello to heavenly tresses!

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