How to Get Salon-worthy Hair From the Comfort of Your Home

young woman in a bathtub with her hair tied up and her legs hanging off the edge of the tub

by Sarah Joan Ross

Transform your tresses in a matter of minutes with these relaxing home hair rituals. They’re guaranteed to make hair feel softer, look stronger and with a glass-like shine, all without leaving the house.

woman relaxing in a bathtub

What can cause hair damage?

Chemical processing, UV and environmental damage, chlorine and salt water and an addiction to a heat styling can wreak havoc on strands. Not to mention hair doesn’t like to be brushed or handled when wet. So when it comes down to hair damage, it’s often caused by basic, everyday wear and tear. However, with the right products and tips, you can return your dry, frizzy and damaged hair into a crowning glory with salon-worthy treatments you can do yourself.

How to repair damaged hair at home

No matter the texture, colour or type of hair, an excellent conditioning regime is crucial. Experts agree the perfect routine goes something like this: After cleansing your scalp and hair, gently squeeze out the excess water, as this will allow the conditioner to adhere and penetrate your hair. Then apply your conditioner in long fluid motions from mid-lengths to ends. This is the perfect environment for the conditioning mask to really work its magic. Below, the best hair repairing tips for your hair type.

back of the head of a woman with dyed streaky wet hair, looking to the side and smiling

Frizzy hair treatments that are great before a big night out

Frizz is no match for the Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner. It helps hair hold onto moisture to fortify the fried and split ends Its strengthening formula helps reduce breakage, so you can enjoy not only smooth, but healthy-looking hair. Hair will be perfectly prepped before a big night out.

Home remedies for dry hair and split ends

Made with Omega 3, Proteins and Nutrients, our Rehab + Revive Deep Conditioner leaves brittle strands undeniably softer after just one use and turns frayed ends into silk.

woman holding her hair and looking at split ends

Treatments for hydrating bleached hair – repair and strengthen in five!

The secret to keeping bleached blonde looking healthy and strong is by choosing products that are specifically formulated with lightened blondes in mind. You no longer need to choose between lighter blonde and healthy blonde - you can have both! Use our Go Blonder Intensive Repair Mask weekly to strengthen and protect lightened, fragile hair from damage.

Brighten up your blonde with the perfect pre-date treat

No time for a salon visit before a big date night? Grab the Blonde Brightening Miracle Drops from the store instead. In five minutes, the grape seed infused formula transforms dull, and lifeless hair into a shimmering shade of blonde with a glass-like shine.

blonde woman with wet hair looking in the mirror

Detox and Repair: Your self-care Sunday must-have

Along with the yoga classes and walks in the park, journal writing or adults-only colouring sessions, we should factor in a little healthy hair love too. Try a nice warm bath (loaded with magnesium salts to help anxiety and to aid a good night’s sleep) and indulge in the Detox and Repair Mask. Formulated with green tea extract and avocado oil, it leaves your hair looking and feeling shiny and revitalised. It's officially the easiest detox you’ll ever do. Now that is what we call self-care!

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