9 Chic Shoulder Length Hairstyles You'll Want to Try

 woman cutting her own hair to shoulder length, looking in a small mirror with scissors in one hand and a comb in the other

Are you growing out your shorter style, thinking of chopping off some length, or just feel the need for a change? We’ve got all the inspiration you need to inspire your next trip to the salon. Medium length hair is the most versatile of all hairstyles, as it’s just the right length to be able to pull off multiple looks. We’ve covered haircuts, fringes and updos in our list of 9 shoulder length hair ideas – read on to find out more!  

Find your style of shoulder length haircut

The beauty of shoulder length hair is that it suits every face shape and can be tailored to any situation. Whether you’re a bit more edgy, or want something more delicate and feminine, there are many different looks you can explore with the shoulder length cut.

1. Layered shoulder length hair

back of a woman's head with blonde layered shoulder-length hair looking in the mirror whilst a hairdresser feels her hair

Adding layers to your shoulder length hair will create texture and volume. Layers are also perfect if you want to add curls or waves for a tousled look. Once you’ve perfected your style, don’t forget to hold it in place with our Forever Full Hairspray.

This product is great for not just for long-lasting hold, but its Air-Silk Technology makes fine hair appear fuller. If you can’t get enough of all things layered, then have a look at our guide on luscious layered hairstyles for some more inspo. 

2. Choppy shoulder length hair

back of a woman's head with auburn shoulder-length hair

If you’re wanting a low maintenance style, ask for choppy layers and you’ll fall in love with that ‘just-woke-up-like-this’ look this cut gives you. The medium length choppy haircut is ideal for someone who wants to look effortlessly chic, yet has an inner rock star edge. If you’re looking for more styles that you can perfect in under 5 minutes, check out our round-up of easy video call hairstyles.

3. Feathered shoulder length hair

side profile of a woman with feathered shoulder length hair wearing a polka dot top and looking over her shoulder

Shoulder length hair can sometimes look a little flat when you wear it down, especially if you have naturally straight locks. To combat this, ask your hairdresser to add some feathered layers to add texture and volume to your locks. To maintain the look at home, replace your regular shampoo with our Lightweight Shampoo. Our specially designed formula gently cleanses and detangles fine hair whilst adding natural looking volume and bounce. 

Embrace change and try shoulder length hair with a fringe

A shoulder length hairstyle with a fringe is a super flattering option. Adding a fringe to shoulder length hair will add definition around your face, regardless of whether your locks are curly or straight. Plus, it's perfect if you want to change up your look without losing length. We’ve included our favourite fringe styles for shoulder length hair below, but if you are wanting even more fringe inspo afterwards, then check out our piece on top fringe hairstyles.

4. Shoulder length hair with side fringe

side profile of a woman with brown shoulder length hair and a side fringe looking out to sea

If you want to add some softness to your shoulder length style, opt for a side-fringe. A sweeping style will also add the illusion of volume. There are plenty of products you can use to vary the thickness and finish of your side fringe to your taste. Try using our Lightweight Conditioner to add even more lift to your hair without weighing it down. 

5. Shoulder length hair with long bangs

close up of a woman with brown shoulder length hair and long bangs, biting her lip and looking off camera

Long bangs are perfect for lazy girls, as they require minimal maintenance but look effortlessly chic. A shoulder length hairstyle with long layered bangs can stop those annoying longer strands from falling into your face. To repel any frizz and flyaways, simply use our Secret Agent Touch up Crème to complete the look. 

6. Shoulder length hair with curtain bangs

Curtain bangs look super cute paired with shoulder length hair, plus you can easily switch them up between a side and full fringe! Styling curtain bangs with medium length hair avoids the style looking too heavy. Try using our Moisture Barrier Intense Hold Hairspray to keep your bangs in place whilst maintaining natural movement. 

Stay classy and try an updo for medium hair

If you love your shoulder length haircut but want to change up your look, try a non-committal updo. Whether you’re wanting something fancy for a special occasion or a style that’s quick and easy (that looks like you’ve tried), we’ve got you covered. If you want even more updo inspo, check out our top pick of 9 updo hairstyles as well as tips on how to create them at home. 

7. Shoulder length braids

One of the most versatile styles, braids can act as a fuss-free style at the gym or elevate your look for something more special. Whatever the length of your locks, braids are a great option, and there’s a wide range of styles to choose from. For all the braid inspo you need, check out our top 10 braided hairstyles and how to recreate them. 

8. Half updo medium hair

side profile of a woman wearing a blue jumper with her blonde shoulder length hair in a half updo with two pearl hair clips

If you’re just having one of those days when your hair needs a refresh, try a half updo. It’s a super simple shoulder length hairstyle, doesn’t require a lot of time, and makes it look like you’ve made a real effort! You could even curl the hair left down - just make sure you use our Heat Defeat Protecting Spray first to protect from any heat damage. 

9. Messy bun for shoulder length hair

 woman with black shoulder length hair tied back and strands of hair blowing across her face, smiling with her eyes closed

No time? No problem! Simply scoop up your medium length hair up and twist into a bun, then tease out small sections of hair to make this style look intentionally messy. tTo keep your hair feeling nourished after all that teasing, try our Nourishing Oil Elixir. Run this through your hair (avoiding the roots) to keep it feeling luxuriously soft.

With all these styles to choose from, now you know why medium length hair is so popular! Which style will you be trying first? If you want more hair styling tipsfor shoulder length hair, be sure to check out our piece on long bob hairstyles.

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