9 Ways to Style Fringe Hair Based on Your Face Shape 

Forget the wonky bangs you might have rocked during childhood – a fringe hairstyle suits pretty much everyone!

woman with wavy red hair and fringe, smiling with her hand against her face

Whether it’s wispy bangs or a blunt, eyebrow-skimming face framer, there’s a fringe for every face shape, with each one accentuating your gorgeous features in different ways. 

Convinced? There’s more! Fringe styles work equally well on short, medium and long hair. If you’re looking for a style update but don’t want to alter your length, bangs are the perfect way to give your locks an instant refresh. 

We’ve got all the fringe’spo you need before you opt for the chop. Keep reading to find out which is the best fringe for your face shape…

Fabulous fringes for round faces

If you’ve got a round face, the right fringe can elongate and create angles that you didn’t have before. Whatever your preferences, we’ve got three fabulous fringes for round faces to show you!

1. Sideways fringe

woman with a blonde sideways fringe and braid smiling to the side

A style that will never go out of fashion, sideways fringes add an angular dimension to your face and look great with any hair length. Keep this style in place with our Intense Hold Hairspray  for long-lasting volume.

2. Curtain fringe

woman with wavy light brown hair and a curtain fringe, wearing a white top and looking down

A curtain fringe is almost triangular in shape, therefore bringing angles to a rounded face. With its longer sides, it’s extremely versatile and easy to change up if you’re getting bored – simply swish it to the side and make it into a sideways fringe or tuck behind your ears for a style update. 
If you’re tucking behind your ears, make sure to tame those flyaways with Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Smoothing Crème to keep your tendrils in place. 

3. Baby bangs

Woman with short pink hair and a baby fringe with green eyes and red lipstick

Cut high on the forehead to elongate your face, baby bangs are a trend-setting style not for the faint hearted. These bangs are often paired with a cropped cut, but can work on any length of hair.  

Flawless fringes for square faces

A softer, layered style is the trick to nailing flattering fringe hair if you have a more angled face shape.

4. Side swept bangs

woman with short brown hair and side swept bangs, wearing dark eyeshadow

A side swept fringe can add curves into an otherwise structured face shape. This particular fringe hairstyle is also the perfect complement to an elegant updo. Check out eight of our favourite updo hairstyles for more updo inspo. 

5. Choppy fringe

Woman with green eyes facing the camera with brown short hair and a choppy fringe

You may think that a choppy fringe could look a little harsh on a square face, but, this choppy style adds texture and softness compared to a blunter style. 
Choppy fringes definitely have a bed-head feel to them – and if messy, beach waves are what you’re looking for when it comes to styling the rest of your locks, check out our guide on creating beautiful beach hair in three different ways.  

6. Feathered bangs

Delicate feathered bangs are perfect when it comes to softening a square face shape. Keep this cool style frizz-free by putting the finishing touches to your ‘do with our Frizz Ease Perfect Finish Serum.
If you’re new to serums, we’ve put together a guide on how to apply hair serums like a pro – so check it out ahead of time to discover the dos and don’ts of this amazing product.   
Flattering fringes for oval faces

7. Wispy bangs

For the ultimate ‘cool-girl’ look, we recommend wispy bangs - chic and super easy to style too. Their finer texture means that they fall nicely without much effort needed, plus they look great with the rest of your hair worn up or down. Just spritz a little bit of Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray for additional volume and lift. 

8. Fringes with layers

woman with dark brown hair and a layered fringe, resting her face between her hands

A layered fringe is a fun and modern style that will complement an oval face. The shaggy shape looks great paired with layered locks, so we’d recommend having a browse of our favourite luscious layered hairstyles for further inspiration.

9. Blunt fringe

woman with dark brown hair and a blunt fringe, wearing a white blouse with her hand against her head

When you think of bangs, you think of the blunt fringe, and this ultra fashionable and modern vibe is perfect for oval faces. Keep this sleek style in place with our Moisture Barrier Intense Hold Hairspray – great at holding fringe hair in place without any stickiness. 
For even more hairspray inspo, check out our round up of hairsprays for party proofing your locks. 


We’ve given you plenty of fringe hair inspo to work with. So, whether your face is rounded, angular or oval, now you’ve got an idea of the best look for your face shape. 

Whilst your bangs may be the show-stopper of your overall hairstyle, ensure the rest of your tresses are looking their best with our guide to getting salon-worthy hair at home. 

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