15 DIY Christmas Party Hairstyles

woman with long blonde hair sitting down on a living room chair with a christmas tree in the background

by Sarah Joan Ross

Get ready to stun this season with these party hair tips, tricks, and must-have products. The best part? There's no stylist or salon appointment required.

Go for a Bouncy Blow Dry

Want to know how to do a bouncy blow dry yourself? You'll need the products to boost volume and keep hold from the get-go. Prep your hair post shampoo with Luxurious Volume 7 Day In-Shower Treatment. It's been proven to increase thickness and helps keep it that way for up to seven days. Then blow-dry in sections using a large round brush. 

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Try a Relaxed Bun

The bun is the perfect party hairstyle for medium-length hair and works well for both black tie and cocktail parties. Just ensure it’s not too rigid. Get some texture into your hair by using a little sea salt spray, followed by rough-drying. Then secure your hair at the nape of the neck into a loose pony and wrap hair around, gripping with pins as you go. Pull any tendrils out to frame the face and loosen the overall 'do.

Dress up a Short Hair

Party hairstyles for short hair needn’t be a bore. Add some festive sparkle into your do by mixing make-up glitter with Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème and work through your hair adding the flourishes of glitz as you go.

a woman sitting down with snow in her hair, holding a straw

Do the Twist

This half-up, half-down is a nod to a Grecian goddess. Take small sections of hair from the front and twist until it forms a coil. Next, secure it with grips, sparkly clips or an elastic. Add a spritz of Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray, which will help keep everything in place. 

Create the Perfect Curls

Want to be a curl queen? If you have poker straight locks, but want curls that last, wind hair around the barrel of your styler and when you release, keep it in the coiled ring and pin into place. Spritz with hairspray and leave to cool for twenty minutes. 

a red-headed woman holding a small present and smiling

Invest in a Sparkly Hair Accessory

In a rush to get party-ready? Then invest in a few hair accessories to dress up your hair for an easy glam style this Christmas. Big for 2018 are sparkly star pins, gold metal ties that keep ponies in place and absolutely anything that incorporates sparkles and pearls.  

Slick it Back

This style works for every hair length. Simply dry as usual, take a blob of Frizz Ease Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème and run through from roots to ends, raking the hair back with your fingers as you go. Finish with a liberal misting of Frizz Ease 100% Glossing Mist to give a glass-like shine.  

a woman with blonde slicked back hair

Go for a Centre-part Pony

Middle parts have been resurrected from the 90s and make for brilliant party hairstyles for shoulder length hair or longer. Texture-wise, it can run the gamut from poker-straight (you’ll need Frizz Ease 6 Effects Original Serum) to voluptuous waves. Keep it sharp by using a tail comb to separate your parting and top it off with the coolest accessory of the season — a scrunchie.

Create a Beautiful Beehive

Get into a 60s groove with a modern Bardot-esque ‘do. Pin it up and away in a chignon. Try it half-up, half-down or secured into a pony. Whatever your vibe, there’s one key thing — height at the crown. Backcomb the top section of hair and spritz the tease with an extra hold hairspray.

woman with a beehive hairstyle

Roll With It

This party look can go two ways. Roll under and loosely pin for a faux bob style or outwards for a modern take on retro. Whichever way you roll, you’ll need a nice flexible hairspray so hair remains touch-ably soft and not overly rigid.

Opt for a Playful Top Knot

Give your party hairdo a relaxed vibe rather than a formal hairstyle by sporting a messy top knot. The key to this is blow drying with Luxurious Volume Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion, then back-combing at the roots to give hair a kind of scaffolding for volume and extra hold.  

red-headed woman with a top knot hairstyle

Braid with a Bow

For a touch of romance, opt for a relaxed and loose braid hairstyle. Either go straight down your back or meander to one-side. Whichever way it falls, add a finishing touch with a piece of thin black velvet ribbon tied into the ends to top it off elegantly.

Add a Ribbon

Bows are big this season, and no more so than for Christmas party hairstyles. We’ve seen them all over the catwalks and red carpet, so whether you’re sporting a slick pony or cute up-do, top it off with an oversized bow. 

the back of the head of a red-headed woman with a big blue bow

Get Knotted

This is a fun alternative and a contemporary update to the classic ballerina bun. You can either make three little knots horizontally at the base of your head or line them up vertically, chignon style. The more buns, the merrier.

Rock a Faux Hawk

This is a punky, rock star alternative to a traditional up-do. It works on super short styles or you can fake it with some fishtail, plain plaits, mini-knots or buns. It’s the perfect wow style for when you want your hair up and out of your face.

side profile of a woman with a plaited top knot hairstyle with blue

For even more hair inspo for the party season, check out our list of fuss-free hairstyles which will turn your hair from dull to dazzling within minutes! 

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