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Rose gold hair started gaining popularity in 2019, and five years on, this shimmering, soft pastel trend doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

The beauty of rose gold hair is it’s simple to recreate the look with your stylist, and even when the colour begins to wash out, you’ll still be rocking a multi-dimensional shade of pink and gold long after dye day.

If you’d like to jump on the rose gold hair trend, here’s everything you need to know about getting - and maintaining - rose gold hair.

What is rose gold hair?

Rose gold hair is, quite simply, a light, pastel-themed hair colour that blends shades of pink, peach, and gold to create a warm, metallic hue.

This soft and subtle blend of flattering colours typically involves lightening your hair to a blonde or light copper base before applying rose gold tones.

Can I get rose gold ombre or rose gold balayage?

Yes, you can - as it’s a light colour, rose gold works in a similar way to blonde, and can be used in balayage or ombre. Both styles involve blending a peachy, pinky rose gold hue into your natural hair colour, but they're executed slightly differently.

Rose Gold Ombre: This technique gradually transitions rose gold from your roots to the ends of your hair, creating a subtle, dramatic gradient effect, depending on your preference. It’s a beautiful way to add dimension and interest, especially if you’re moving away from blonde.

Rose Gold Balayage: Balayage involves hand-painting highlights onto the hair to create a natural, sun-kissed effect. With rose gold balayage, your colourist will strategically apply rose gold highlights and lowlights to certain sections of your hair, typically focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. This technique results in a softer, more blended look.

Woman with long hair with a rose gold balayage look

Which skin tones suit rose gold hair?

As a rule, warmer, more golden variations of rose gold hair look stunning on people with warm-toned olive or deep skin, while cooler, ashier pink-blonde shades are a great pairing for fair, cool-toned skin.

Rose gold is a great all-rounder as it’s flattering across nearly all skin tones - however, if you’re unsure of the shade which will look best on you, ask your stylist for help.

Can brunettes and people with black hair have rose gold hair?

The short answer is yes, you can - but this is definitely a case for your stylist. You’ll need to go through a bleaching and toning process to lighten your hair to a level where the rose gold tones can be seen and shine through.

If your hair is very dark, you may need multiple bleaching sessions to ensure your base colour is light enough to support rose gold.

Brunette woman with dark blonde and rose gold balayage

How to ask for rose gold hair

If you’ve set your mind on rose gold hair, you’ll want to arrive at the hairdresser with plenty of ideas and inspiration for them. However, bear in mind that even if you have a certain look in mind, your stylist may suggest an alternative.

Listen to their advice - they have the experience and colour training to know which colour will look best with your skin tone long-term.
  • Bring inspiration: Show your stylist pictures of the rose gold hair colour you want. This helps your stylist understand the shade and tone you're aiming for and ensures you're both on the same page.
  • Stay realistic: If your hair is currently dark or has previous colour treatments, your stylist will need to assess whether achieving rose gold is feasible in one session or if it will require multiple appointments.
  • Talk about maintenance: Discuss the level of maintenance required for rose gold hair, including touch-ups and at-home care. This ensures you're prepared for the upkeep involved in maintaining your new colour.
  • Stay open minded: While you may have a specific shade of rose gold in mind, trust your stylist's expertise and be open to their suggestions. They may recommend slight adjustments to tailor the colour to suit your skin tone and hair type.

How to maintain rose gold hair

Rose gold hair is beautiful - but it also takes careful maintenance as reds, pinks, and rose colours fade the fastest.

We believe there are several ways to stop your hair colour from fading, but one of the most important things you can do is use the right haircare products to protect your colour. Our PRO Colour Revive range strengthens and cares for coloured hair while locking in colour, preserving your shade for up to 40 washes*.

Woman with pinky rose gold coloured hair

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