10 Easy Gym & Workout Hairstyles to Keep You Cool & Stylish

Who has the time to wash, blowdry and style their hair after every workout? Not us! However, we do want to look good while we work out with burpee-proof styles!

Woman in gym clothes drinking water with black hair tied up in a bun

Before you decide on your perfect workout hairstyle, it’s important to take into account your hair thickness and how strenuous your workout will be to avoid damaging your locks. So, to avoid stray strands sticking to your sweat, keep reading for all the inspiration you need for gym hairstyles that won’t budge whilst you lift, spin, sprint and stretch...


Gorgeous gym hairstyles for long hair

Longer hair naturally needs more support in order not to fall or loosen as you work out. We've got three failsafe and functional styles to keep your gym hair looking stylish and ready for a sweat-sesh... 

1. Ponytail braid

A classic with a twist! A braided ponytail is the perfect style to scoop all of your hair out of your face and avoid stray strands clinging to sweat. 
Simply put your hair into a high ponytail and slick back with a smoothing crème  to keep those flyaways at bay. Then, separate your ponytail into three strands and tightly braid all the way down to the ends before tying up with a band. 

2. Bubble ponytail

If you want to dress up a classic ponytail, try a bubble ponytail. Not only will you look stylish, this look is really easy to create and will keep your hair in place.
Bubble ponytails work best when your hair is properly primed and styled beforehand, so we’d recommend spritzing Volume Lift Fine To Full Blow-Out Spray over towel-dried locks to add extra volume. 
Then, it’s a case of putting your hair into a ponytail and then creating your ‘bubbles’. A few inches from where you’ve tied up your hair, start to tease strands to add volume and then secure with a hair tie. Repeat this process for the whole length of the ponytail. 

3. Workout braids

Woman outdoors with long light brown hair holding her workout braids

Workout braids are ideal if you want to lock in a cool style that will last you hours after you work out. Make sure they stay put by spritzing our Moisture Barrier Intense Hold Hairspray once you’ve braided your hair. 
If you want to change up your style after leaving the gym without washing and styling, simply let your braids loose for a stylish beach waves look. 
Workout hairstyles for medium length hair

4. Half up half down

If you want your face hair free but still want to show off some length, this style is for you. Plus, it is perfect to take you from your workout to a celebratory brunch after! You can also braid the top section of your hair if you have a fringe and don’t want it to fall loose during your workout. 

5. Topknot

Woman boxing at the gym with black hair wearing a topknot

If you absolutely hate any hair getting in your face while working out – go for a topknot! Simply flip your hair upside down, gather your locks on the top of your head and then twist and secure into place.
A topknot is also perfect for curly girls – just leave your curls loose instead of twisting for an ultra-cute style. Make sure to complement your curls with appropriate curly hair products too! 

6. Gym bun

Woman drinking water in her gym clothes with black hair in a gym bun

Similar to a top knot, a bun will keep your locks completely out of your face during a workout with zero hair hanging down. 
If you prefer a slightly more polished look, try a gym bun. Whilst scooping your hair onto your head, smooth your strands and spritz with our Volume Lift Lightweight Hairspray before tying into a ponytail and twisting round into a neat bun. 
Gym hairstyles for short hair

7. Half up bun

Super flattering for shorter length hair, a half up bun will keep your locks out of your face during your workout. Mix up your look and check out our other updo ideas to keep you cool too!

8. Double buns

If you like pigtails but want you all of your hair up and out of the way, go for a double bun. Not only will your short locks be swept off your face, but this look is super cute too - so you can continue your day with your hairstyle intact, long after your sweat sesh. 
Keep any flyaways at bay and hold your buns in place by finishing your look with our Volume Lift Lightweight Hairspray. Side ponytail braid

Any sort of braid is great for a workout as it keeps all of your hair securely out of the way. A low side ponytail braid is also great for low impact exercise like yoga, while still keeping your hair out of your face. 
For even more braid inspo, check out our top 10 braided hairstyles with helpful how-to guides on creating the look.  

10. Wearing a headband for short hair

If you can’t gather your shorter length hair into a hair tie, a headband is the solution to keeping your hair off your face! You can get totally creative here too, from plain and simple to bedazzled and colourful. There’s a style to suit everyone - you could even match it to your workout clothes!

Post workout hair care and products
All of our workout hairstyles will keep you looking cool and stylish long after you’ve exercised. However, it is still super important to use the right products when washing hair after gym to cleanse and nourish your locks properly. 
Our top recommendation for a post workout shampoo and post workout conditioner is the Detox & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner
These are great post workout hair products because they remove product build-up and provide dry, stressed hair with rich nutrients that help it regenerate. 
So, that’s the workout hairstyles and post workout haircare covered! But what about all the other ways you can care for your luscious locks? Visit our guide on how to deep condition hair like a pro and learn how to protect your hair from breaking too with our article all about split ends. 

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