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It’s true that curly girls tend to want straight hair and those of us with straight hair lust after beach waves - but beautifully-styled, sleek hair is a year-round winner. If you’re lucky enough to have naturally-straight hair, here’s our pick of the 11 best straight hair hairstyles.

Straight hair can be problematic as it’s prone to greasiness - especially if you’ve got fine hair. This is because the lack of kinks and curls in your hair makes it easier for oil to travel down the hair shaft, making your strands clump together and look dull. If you have to wash your hair every day, these simple styles for straight hair are quick to do on busy mornings, and they’ll look super-chic until the end of the day.

1. Mid-length bob with choppy layers

This versatile, chic cut is great for people with thicker hair, as you’ll need to dial up the volume to pull this look off. Choppy bobs are different to blunt bobs as your stylist will add in layers to add movement and texture, and remove excess hair weight which can swamp your features.

Make sure the layers at the front are cut to a few inches below your chin - any higher and the rest of the look will look too angular. To give your roots the volume they’ll need, apply root booster after washing and blow-dry with a rounded brush for volume and smoothness.

Redheaded woman with a chin-length bob with choppy layers

2. Glossy glass hair with centre parting

If your hair’s long and in good condition, go for the glass hair look. Straight hair’s the easiest hair type to achieve this mirror-like style as its smooth surface easily reflects light. Start by asking your stylist to trim off any damaged hair or split ends, and ask for some chin and collarbone-length layers at the front.

When you’re home and ready to try out this look, wash and condition with our Vibrant Shine range and apply heat protection to damp hair, and then give yourself a smooth blowout before sectioning off small, manageable sections of your hair and straightening. Run a glossing serum through your lengths and ends, and finish off with a spritz of our glossing spray.

Woman with glossy glass hair with balayage

3. Slicked-back neck-length lob

Taking inspiration from the 90s where slicked-back lobs were big news on the catwalks and red carpets, this reimagining keeps the long sides of a straight layered bob and allows you to keep the length you love.

Neck-length, poker straight strands in the back create a flattering blunt look, just hitting the jawline in the front with a crisp, super-sharp bottom. Be mindful of the products you use to slick your hair back - our light smoothing crème keeps flyaways at bay and fights frizz without weighing your hair down.

Woman with a slicked-back neck-length bob wearing pearl earrings

4. Angled A-line bob

If you’re after depth, movement and texture, ask your stylist for this lived-in, super-chic look. It works best on mid-length, thick hair, and subtly falls longer in the front than in the back.

Don’t feel you have to ask for a dramatic angle; the beauty of this cut is you can make it as slight or bold as you'd like. Unlike graduated or inverted bobs, A-line bobs don’t have stacked layers in the back - so you can still tie your hair back or rock an updo if you want. To add some extra volume, spritz our thickening spray on your lengths after washing to give fine hair an instant boost.

Redheaded woman with A-line angled bob

5. Chin-length bob with a blunt fringe

Chin-length bobs are characterised by their clean, angular lines, which create an impactful, cheekbone-highlighting look. If you’ve always wanted a fringe but been too timid to take the plunge, reconsider, as this cut’s fringe is what makes it suit most face shapes, flattering women of any age.

Round faces will benefit from accentuated features as the bob creates the illusion of an elongated face shape; it even softens sharp features on square or heart-shaped faces.

Brunette woman with chin-length bob with a blunt fringe

6. Mid-length wolf cut

Closely related to the mullet but longer, shaggier and more tousled, the wolf cut is a mix of the shag haircut and a mullet, but generally used on longer straight hair.

The beauty of this low-maintenance cut is its layers; shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy sections around the sides and back add dimension and texture. Use our thickening mousse to add natural-feeling volume to just-washed hair, and blow-dry to maximise volume.

Non-binary person with a beige blonde wolf cut

7. Angled pixie cut with side parting

Pretty pixie cuts are excellent for thick or thin hair, and you’ll have more styling options than you probably think. Keep things super-straight and smooth with a dab of serum, or use a texturising spray to give your look an edge.

Oval, round and heart face shapes are usually the best fit for pixie cuts, but most face shapes can handle very short, straight hair. Ask your stylist for a choppy pixie cut with disconnected layers paired with a modern side swept fringe. Ideally, you want the side and top sections of hair swept forward to blend in with the fringe and give your crown more volume.

Blonde woman with an angled pixie cut with a side parting

8. Graduated chin-length bob

This elegant style takes the recent graduated bob trend and updates it with slightly longer, less severe layers. Ask your stylist for slightly-stacked layers at the back and longer strands at the front for a sleek, smart bob look which you can style in minutes.

Mid-length bobs are a great way to remove length and weight from thick hair, and they also work for thin hair as they add fullness, body, and remove split ends - which can make your hair look even more fragile. If your hair’s prone to frizz, use a small dab of our Secret Agent Touch-Up Crème during the day to keep things under control, and your bob looking its best.

Woman at the hairdressers with a graduated chin-length bob

9. Long hair with face-framing layers

If you’re lucky enough to have thick, long, straight hair, face-framing layers will update your look and flatter your features, especially if you have a square or rectangular face. Face-framing layers soften prominent, chiselled features - think wispy, dreamy, mid-length layers and avoid long layers, as they’ll lengthen your face.

Honey blonde woman with a half-up hairstyle with long layers

10. Rounded mullet with straight fringe

Shag cuts and mullets have been on the up since early 2020, and the look once favoured by the cast of 1980s police dramas is on the rise. Keep your hair short on the top and sides and longer on the back, and add choppy layers for movement and texture.

The modern approach to mullets is much less rigid, so talk to your stylist if you’d like to experiment with a slightly different length or layer structure. If you’ve got thin hair, our PROfiller+ thickening spray will give your hair a plumping boost to give your mullet the oomph it needs.

Blonde woman with a choppy mullet with a fringe

11. Undercut with rockabilly bangs

This look isn’t for the faint-hearted - but if you fancy an eye-catching style which takes minimal maintenance, this short undercut haircut with a retro fringe could be your perfect match. Wearing your fringe to one side adds volume and body, and this rounded retro fringe style exposes your eyebrows and forehead. The undercut’s short sides paired with a soft transition to longer on hair on top refreshes the 2010 grunge look for a modern, edgy result.

Short hair and undercuts need regular trims to stay looking sharp - take care of your hair in between salon visits with our Detox & Repair range. Late nights, city living and pollution can all impact your hair, so put something back to keep your look on point.

Woman with an undercut and a rockabilly fringe

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