Three bridesmaids with pink dresses and elegant wedding hair

by Sarah Joan Ross

When it comes to choosing the right hairstyle for a wedding, Luke Hersheson, CEO at Hershesons, has everything covered.

“As a starting point, take everything into consideration.” He advises. “The neckline of your dress, the style of the wedding - is it a relaxed affair or more polished? - and the weather.”

With this is mind, we’ve collated the best ideas for wedding guest hair for 2022.

Easy wedding guest hairstyles for all hair lengths

Wedding guest hairstyles for short hair

“Creating any kind of ‘knot’ is clearly not an option if you have short hair," says Luke. "Instead, think about adding some texture in - use a good hair texturiser or even dry shampoo to give the hair some grit.

"Create some drama to the look by adding in a deep side parting, and if you have the tools to do it, tease out some soft, romantic curls and then clip them in place, keeping the hair away from your face.”


Wedding guest hairstyles for medium length hair

“Always take into consideration the neckline of your dress, for both mid and long length hair,” Luke advises. “Generally, high necklines should be ‘shown off’ by wearing the hair up, and low necklines are offset by loose, free-flowing hair. Low ponytails are both simple and sophisticated and usually work with anything.

“I personally prefer something that looks less polished and more minimal. Again, start with adding texture in, use a curling tong to create tousled and very loose waves. Then gather the hair at the nape of the neck using your hands or fingers only – avoid a brush for this – and secure gently into a low ponytail. You can accessorise with a velvet bow or a magpie-style jewelled clip to finish the look.”

Brunette with low ponytail

Wedding guest hairstyles for long hair

“Again, think about how to work your hair look with the dress you’re wearing,” Luke continues. “As a failsafe, a sophisticated bun usually works across all styles. You can add in intricate details or keep things simple.

My preference is to downplay the look, to keep it interesting – nothing too polished. Try a low bun, but instead of keeping all the hair tendrils tucked in, let some of them loose. Fly-aways to frame the face also add an ethereal, romantic edge to the look.”

Wedding guest with an elegant bun

Boho wedding hairstyle ideas

This is the kind of wedding where you can really let your hair down. Imagine relaxed styles, waves, and a certain undone-ness to keep with the spirit of things. Think French – you want to look like you haven’t tried too hard, but your hair should still look touchable, structured and semi-polished.

Boho wedding guest hairstyles for short hair

Short, textured hair looks great, so try adding some oomph with hair root booster or thickening spray to amp up short, fine hair for lasting volume with minimal weight. If your pixie cut is too short for accessories, try adding flakes of gold, metallic paint or even some super-sized glitter to make a statement.

It’s always worth checking with the bride to see what the colour scheme is – if you can match with the rest of the wedding party, you may get extra brownie points. If you’re looking for boho accessories, go for floral garlands, pretty barrettes, or a jewelled headband to go all-out boho.

Happy bride posing in her wedding day

Boho wedding guest hairstyles for mid-length hair

For long fringes and side layers, you can work a romantic half-up twist. It’s a great alternative to a plait, and it keeps hair out of your face if the weather’s warm or windy. This style work well on kinky, wavy hair, as you’ll get the volume you need at the back to pull this look off.

If you’ve got straight hair, check out our tutorial on how to get wavy hair overnight.

Half up half down boho wedding hair

Boho wedding guest hairstyles for long hair

Try fishtail plaits, side braids, and half up/half down styles with a wave or some movement. Think relaxed and informal, slightly-textured and un-done with dewy skin and blotted, matte lips. If your hair texture is fine to medium, you can add touchable volume with a thickening mousse.

Thicker hair prone to frizz might need a small amount of hair serum - smooth it sparingly through your lengths for shine and to tame frizz.

Brunette with fishtail plait

Black tie wedding hairstyle ideas

Black tie weddings are normally a post-6pm evening affair, so you’ll need to think about a hairstyle that will complement a cocktail dress or full-length gown.

Black tie wedding guest hairstyles for short hair

The key to a black tie hairstyle is looking sharp, controlled and glossy. Try a slicked down, severe side part with a super high-shine wet finish. Use a hair serum sparingly to add hydration and shine – and consult our guide to finding the right hair serum if you’re unsure which one will work for you.

Blonde woman with slicked back hairstyle

Black tie wedding guest hairstyles for mid-length hair

A sleek, tamed bob can work well with all outfits. Keep flyaways to a minimum by spritzing a toothbrush with a lightweight hairspray and gently smooth down rogue strands. Bring out the pearls, sparkly slides and clips for added glamour – and remember that less is more when it comes to black tie accessories.

Brunette woman with a sleek mid length bob

Black tie wedding guest hairstyles for long hair

It’s time to tame frizz and embrace your inner A-lister. Think swingy, shiny hair, either poker straight or a Hollywood wave. Alternatively, try slicking hair back in a high or low ballerina bun for an uncomplicated, effortless ‘do.

Black tie events aren’t the time to try voluminous, 80s-style volume – keep your style chic and toned-down to let your outfit do the talking.

Woman with sleek dark long hair

Country wedding hairstyle ideas

Countryside weddings – or woodland weddings set in a rural location - can range from nuptials in grand stately homes to relatively-relaxed barn affairs.

Whatever the destination, one thing’s for sure - the unpredictable British weather. Choose a ‘do that will withstand all weather conditions - from sun to wind and rain - and remain stylish at the same time.

Rustic wedding guest hairstyles for short hair

An expertly-done finger wave on pixie cuts can look super elegant – think 1920s flapper style or the universal appeal of the Downton Abbey clan.

You’ll need a set of products to complete this look, including a rattail comb, hair gel, hair mousse and clips to keep your hair in place. This look takes time and effort to get right, so it might be worth enlisting your stylist’s help on the day.

Wedding guest with finger wave hairstyle

Rustic wedding guest hairstyles for mid-length hair

A side-parted roll, low chignon, and messy bun can look super chic. Keep hair in place with plenty of bobby pins and use an strong hold hairspray to protect your hair from the elements.

Give a subtle nod to the countryside with real (or artificial) flowers placed strategically throughout.

Blonde woman with an elegant messy bun at a country wedding

Rustic wedding guest hairstyles for long hair

Half-up styles are a perfect accompaniment to countryside weddings, ranging from elegant mini chignons to soft, textured twisted half updos.

If you’re looking for a simple style which you can practice at home, try a twisted low bun with loose curls – leave tendrils around your face to frame it and give you style a more relaxed look.

Woman with long flowing brunette hair

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