Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Tips on Choosing The Best Shampoo for You

Looking to up your in-shower haircare game? Find the perfect shampoo for your hair type below.

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With endless shampoo options, it can be easy to grab one without thinking too much about what your hair actually needs – but at John Frieda, we know that great hair starts in the shower, and for great results you should take your hair care as seriously as your skincare. So, whether you have frizzy, fine, curly or straight locks, we’ve got you covered.

Read on to find the best shampoo for your hair type, as well as handy tips and tricks on how to choose the right shampoo for you.


Choosing the best shampoo for your hair colour

Whether you dye your hair or are embracing your natural shade, using a targeted colour shampoo can really help enhance your hue. 

1. Bright and beautiful: finding the best shampoo for your blonde

Coloured blonde hair can be prone to turning brassy and dull, making it hard to maintain. However, with the right blonde hair products, you can maintain that ‘just-stepped-out-of-the-salon’ feeling for longer. 

If you notice any yellow or orangey tones, why not tone your hair at home by using a purple shampoo? Our Violet Crush range instantly knocks out any brassiness in just one wash. 

Alternatively, for blonde highlights, our Highlight Activating Moisturising Shampoo is perfect for brightening dull or faded highlights whilst moisturising hair at the same time. Simply massage into wet hair and rinse well before following up with conditioner

Check out our round-up of hair highlights ideas for further inspiration. 

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2. Vibrant and radiant: finding the best shampoo for your red locks

Bold and beautiful, coloured red hair is notorious for fading very quickly. To maintain your vibrant, head-turning shade between colourings, use our Radiant Red Red Boosting Shampoo and enjoy a longer-lasting colour.

Formulated with Pomegranate Extract and Vitamin E, this product softens and smooths your locks with every wash. Follow up with Radiant Red Red Boosting Conditioner afterwards for hair that immediately feels more radiant. 

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3. Bold and shiny: finding the best shampoo for your brunette

Maintaining that rich and deep brunette hue can be tricky if you’re using a regular shampoo and conditioner, so we’d recommend using our Brilliantly Brunette Visibly Deeper Shampoo to cleanse and add a deeper shade of brunette as you wash your hair. 

This product is formulated with cocoa and evening primrose oil and creates a deeper and richer colour as you cleanse. If your locks are feeling a little dry, our Colour Protecting Moisturising Shampoo (also from the Brilliant Brunette range) is just what you need – it works to rehydrate and replenish dry brunette hair whilst also making sure your colour doesn’t fade. 

4. Chic and stylish: finding the best shampoo for your natural grey

Natural grey hair can be prone to dullness and dryness, so it needs special care. When it comes to choosing the right shampoo for grey hair, we’d recommend our Shimmering Silver Shampoo which hydrates and illuminates silver strands for youthful radiant shine.

This product is formulated with SilverGloss technology and also lathers up nicely, leaving locks feeling lovely and clean. When paired with Shimmering Silver Conditioner, the outcome is positively dreamy. Take a look at our guide on how to care for natural grey hair to keep your bold shade looking its best too. 

Choosing the best shampoo for your hair type

If your locks fit firmly into the curly, frizzy or fine bracket, then choosing a shampoo according to hair type is a good avenue to explore.

1. Caring for curls: one of our best shampoos for curly hair  

Curly girls - we know that your hair needs special care! Our Dream Curls Shampoo is designed to cleanse and hydrate to define and enhance your natural style. Formulated with Abyssinian Oil, this shampoo is ideal for wavy and curly hair lengths and results in ultimate curl envy when used in conjunction with Dream Curls Conditioner

For further curly hair care inspiration, discover our other products for curly hair and how to use them, as well as our round-up of six curly hairstyles to try at home. 

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2. Farewell frizz: some of our best shampoos for frizzy hair

If you’re wondering why your hair is so frizzy, frizz is usually caused by dry or damaged hair – which is why it’s a good idea to begin your frizz fighting routine in the shower for long-lasting smoothness! 

One of our best shampoos for frizz fighting is infused with Keratin Frizz Ease Brazilian Sleek Shampoo. It helps smooth strands, hydrate and restore hair’s natural defense against frizz. Best used in conjunction with the Frizz Ease Brazilian Sleek Conditioner!

If you have fine hair and are looking for tips and tricks on how to combat frizz, take a look at our round-up of the best products for fine and frizzy hair.

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3. Va-va-volume: one of our best volumising shampoos

While teasing and styling your locks can give your hair a lot of lift, adding volume to fine hair really does start in the shower. Our Volume Lift Lightweight Shampoo is formulated with a caffeine vitality complex which creates a fuller looking, soft style, whilst at the same time cleansing and helping detangle.

You can use this shampoo on fine or flat hair - for added volume that starts in the shower!  Follow up with Volume Lift Lightweight Conditioner and Fine to Full Blow-Out Spray for additional oomph. 

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Choosing the best shampoo for your haircare needs

No matter your hair colour, thickness or texture, it can easily become damaged, broken or built-up with oil  and styling products. Luckily, this doesn’t have to always mean a trip to the salon for a quick cut. A few simple swaps in the shower can help hydrate, revive and rescue your style.

1. Hydration hero: one of our best shampoos for dry, dehydrated hair

Damaged hair is lacking moisture, so give your locks a surge of intense hydration with our Hydrate & Recharge Shampoo. Infused with nutrient rich drops containing monoi oil and keratin, this hydrating shampoo transforms dry, lifeless strands into silky hair that moves with you.

Our guide on how to hydrate hair at home is also chockful of other useful tips on quenching thirsty hair and bringing it back to life again. 

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2. Bleach defeat: one of our best shampoos for dry, damaged hair

Bleaching can cause your hair to feel extremely dry. To combat this, try our Detox & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner to transform dry and stressed hair into a style that is smooth and full of shine. Formulated with antioxidant rich green tea and nourishing avocado oil, these are some of the best products for bleached hair – working to free up your hair from unwanted impurities and creating the perfect foundation for visible repair and immediate regeneration.

Check out our top tips on how to repair & care for damaged, bleached hair to keep your lighter locks looking their best. 

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3. Split end saviour: one of our best shampoos for split ends

The only real way to get rid of split ends is to have them cut off, however you can certainly prevent them by using a repairing shampoo at shower time and then spritzing your locks with a heat protecting spray before using heat stylers. 

We’d recommend our Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Shampoo, formulated with Anti Damage Technology. Simply apply to wet hair, lather and rinse well, before following up with Miraculous Recovery Conditioner

Discover our top tips on how to protect your hair from split ends including the best products to use to conceal them if you can’t get to the salon for a trim!


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Whether you want to enhance your colour, boost your shine or have a fuller style, now you know the importance of starting your regime in the shower with a targeted shampoo. Visit the rest of our hair care articles on the John Frieda blog for even more inspiration! 

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