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If you’ve been struggling to repair your damaged blonde hair, we have great news for blondes who want to achieve their best blonde without compromise this summer.

Our new Blonde+ Repair range was developed by experts to help bring dry, dull and distressed blonde hair back to life. Now, you don’t have to make the choice between having brighter blonde hair or healthy-looking hair - you can have it all.

What is the Blonde+ Repair System?

Our new haircare range for blondes is a set of three products that help you achieve your best blonde yet.

Blonde+ Repair is a transformative hair care system, dedicated to strengthening and revitalising blonde tresses, delivering visibly repaired results from the very first use to reverse the signs of damage from frequent bleaching, colouring and heat styling.
  • Pre-Shampoo Treatment: This caring pre-wash treatment creates a protective layer on the hair before washing that minimises hair fibre swelling and locks in moisture, and works in just 1 minute. The bleaching process significantly swells the hair shaft, making it more porous. This results in damage when you’re washing your hair, as your hair absorbs more water. This pre-wash treatment for blondes minimises water absorption, leading to less hair swelling and damage to the hair cortex, as well as preventing further damage from occurring during washing.
  • Bond Building Shampoo: Our shampoo for damaged blondes gently cleanses and helps reverse the signs of damage. It was created specifically for damaged blonde, and contains Bond Building Plex technology to repair and strengthen blonde hair, as well as protecting it from future damage.
  • Bond Building Conditioner: This nourishing conditioner soothes and strengthens damaged blonde hair, and helps to reverse surface damage with every use. It builds new hydro-bonds directly at the hair fibre to replenish and strengthen your blonde, leaving it soft, smooth and ready for styling.

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Who can use the Blonde+ Repair System?

Our Blonde+ Repair System was developed specifically for blondes who experience moderate to severe damage from colouring, highlighting or bleaching.

What does the Blonde+ Repair System do?

Our expertly-formulated three-step system reverses the signs of damaged strands with every use, repairing the look and feel of blonde hair damaged by frequent bleaching, colouring and heat styling.

How does the Blonde+ Repair System work?

Each of the products in the Blonde+ Repair System contains our Bond Building Plex, which helps to mend blonde hair damaged from colouring, highlighting or bleaching.

The products within the range work together to soften, strengthen, and brighten blonde to reverse the signs of damage for healthier looking and feeling hair.

Does the Blonde+ Repair System lighten blonde hair?

No - these three products won’t lighten or tone blonde hair.

Graphic showing how the John Frieda Blonde+ Repair range works

Can I use the Blonde+ Repair System on grey or brown hair?

If you’ve got damaged grey, brown, red or black hair, you can still use the Blonde+ Repair System - however, these products were developed specifically for people with damaged blonde hair.

Can I use Blonde+ Repair products individually?

You can - but we’d recommend you use all three every time you wash your hair to see the benefits.

Can I use Blonde+ Repair products with other John Frieda styling products?

Yes, you can - after washing your hair with the Blonde+ Repair range, you can then go on to use your usual John Frieda styling products.

If you’re trying to limit damage from heat styling, give our Heat Defeat Protecting Spray a go - it’s formulated with ThermaGuard Complex and humectants to help seal strands and protect your hair when you’re using hairdryers or straighteners.

Is the Blonde+ Repair range vegan?

The range is vegan friendly, and cruelty free. It’s also free from parabens, phthalates, and dyes.

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