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Big, voluminous hair will never go out of style, although it can be tricky to pull off if you’ve got thin hair. The secret is to find a product range that adds volume without weighing down your locks - that’s why it’s important to invest in products specifically formulated for finer hair.

We have two ranges suitable for fine or thin hair - the products you choose will depend on your hair type. If you have thin or thinning hair and you want to maximise the appearance of your hair’s thickness, we recommend you use our PROfiller+ range, which is infused with Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid and works to plump and strengthen hair from the inside out, leaving you with stronger, fuller-looking hair in just one use.

On the other hand, if you have fine hair but lots of it, we’d recommend you try our Volume Lift range. It contains Air-Silk Technology to add ultra-light body to your locks, leaving your hair ready for styling with heaps of lightweight volume, and touchably soft.

The best shampoos for fine hair

Voluminous hair starts by choosing a good shampoo for fine hair. Our Volume Lift Lightweight Shampoo is expertly-formulated to gently cleanse fine hair while adding natural-looking and feeling body and bounce, thanks to its Air-Silk Technology.

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The best shampoos for thin hair

If you’re looking for fullness , our PROfiller+ Thickening Shampoo is all you need. Biotin and Hyaluronic Acid strengthen and hydrate your hair, and the creamy, luxurious foam cleanses and rinses clean, to help strengthen fragile strands.

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The best conditioners for fine hair

Our Volume Lift Lightweight Conditioner weightlessly conditions and detangles, infuses natural volume, then rinses clean. If you’ve found some conditioners leave your hair flat and greasy-looking, this light conditioner could be your perfect match. Top tip - avoid applying to your roots and focus on your lengths to maximise volume and avoid flat-looking roots.

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If your fine hair needs extra hydration, our Lightweight Conditioning Mist detangles, nourishes and hydrates fine, dry hair.

This leave-in conditioning spray acts as an added conditioner, nourishing hair and restoring strength, silkiness and shine without weighing your hair down. This lightweight formula is ideal for reducing breakage, with the added bonus of heat protection. Just spritz all over clean, damp hair and style as you usually would.

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The best conditioners for thin hair

Designed to be used after our PROfiller+ Thickening Shampoo, our PROfiller+ Thickening Conditioner hydrates your strands and helps to reduce hair loss due to breakage. It increases the look of your hair’s thickness by creating space between your strands, building three-dimensional texture for natural-looking body.

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The best styling products for fine hair

Protecting your hair from the harsh heat of your stylers is essential in retaining moisture and keeping your hair from drying out. Lucky for all of you volume seekers, our Volume Lift range includes a Root Booster, Thickening Mousse and Thickening Blow-Out Spray to maximise fullness with their Air-Silk Technology and provide heat protection.

Our root booster acts as a hair thickening lifesaver, giving your hair an instant boost for natural-feeling style with a lightweight formula. Just spray generously and evenly onto towel-dried hair, focusing on your roots for increased crown volume.

If you’re looking for a bouncy blow dry to turn heads, our thickening blow-out spray is activated by your hairdryer’s heat, providing naturally full, touchable, and long lasting volume. Alternatively, use our thickening mousse to achieve natural-looking volume - its light, airy formula is perfect for lifted looks that need some serious volume.

Finish off your look and hold it in place all day with our Volume Lift Hairspray - this ultra-fine volumising hairspray adds lightweight hold without that sticky, weighty feeling you may get with some other hairsprays. Create additional volume by gently pushing the hair on your crown upward once you’ve sprayed.

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The best styling products for thin hair

Once you’ve used our PROfiller+ shampoo and conditioner, we recommend getting your hair ready for styling with our PROfiller+ Thickening Spray.

This double-duty styling spray prepares your hair for heat styling and thickens thin hair by up to 200%*, spreading quickly and evenly throughout your hair to maximise fullness. It's light and flexible, so won’t weigh your hair down - spray throughout towel-dried hair, focusing on your roots, and blow-dry as usual.
*When using PROfiller+ Shampoo, Conditioner & Spray vs. basic shampoo

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