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Thinking of switching up your style? You’re not alone - plenty of women over 50 make the decision to try a new hairstyle. If you’ve stuck with the same style for years and you’re looking forward to celebrating this new stage of your life, getting a brand new haircut is a hugely-positive change you can make to boost your self-esteem and freshen up your look.

If you’re suffering from hair loss or thinning hair, don’t be tempted to go straight for a super-short cut - if you prefer a bit of length, choose a cut that falls between your chin and a few inches below the shoulders - or go for a face-framing fringe. Layers create the illusion of thickness and texture, and wavy styles boost volume and look ultra-modern.

If you’re unsure of which cut to go for, we’ve compiled a list of 9 of the best for all face shapes and hair types.

Classic lob

The lob (a portmanteau of ‘long bob’) is a simple, easy-to-style cut which works for women who want to boost volume and add definition to their style. Typically, the length of a lob haircut falls somewhere between the chin and collarbone, and suits heart-shaped or round faces with wide cheekbones and foreheads, and pointed chins. Straighten and smooth the front section for a sleek, polished look, or use a round brush to blow it out. Our Volume Lift Root Booster adds natural-looking volume - spritz it on your roots when your hair’s damp, and blow dry for maximum lift.

Brunette woman with classic wavy lob

Layered bob

Layered bobs have shorter layers at the nape of the neck, gradually increasing in length towards the front to add texture, volume, and movement to the hair. The great news is they can be customised to suit various face shapes and hair types, and can be worn sleek and polished or tousled and carefree. Ask your hairdresser to keep some length for layered texture and movement, and add face-framing layers to make sure the finished result looks modern and flattering.

Blonde woman with short layered bob

Chin-length bob

A chin-length bob is where your hair is cut to fall just at or slightly below your chin. It’s suited to thicker hair types, and complements round and heart-shaped faces as it draws attention to your jawline, highlighting your best features. It’s also super-easy to style and incredibly low maintenance - for an effortless day-to-day look, run a small amount of Frizz Ease All-In-1 Lightweight Serum through your mid-length, and blow-dry with a round brush, using our Frizz Ease Intense Hold Hairspray to set your style.

Brunette woman with chin-length bob

Shoulder-length waves

Don’t be put off by thinking shoulder-length waves are just the domain of influencers - this pretty style is appropriate for any age. It helps if you have wavy hair to start with, but if not, there’s a simple way to get this style. Begin by applying our Volume Lift Thickening Mousse for added lift and texture onto towel dried hair, then blow dry and curl hair with a medium-sized curling iron, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends for soft waves. Finish with a light-hold hairspray to keep your waves bouncy, and avoid touching your hair too much through the day to maintain the waves’ structure.

Older blonde woman with shoulder-length wavy hair

Textured crop

If you’re thinking of embracing a shorter cut, a textured crop involves cutting your hair close to your head with varying lengths and angles, creating texture, fullness and slight movement. It’s a low maintenance style which suits high cheekbones, but the trick to getting this style right is keeping it modern. Textured crops for women are often paired with a slight fade on the back and sides, but if you don’t fancy that, ask your hairdresser for a blunt, side swept fringe and easy-to-manage layers.

Asian woman with textured, cropped dark hair

Sleek lob

Chic and contemporary, sleek lobs combine the classic lob (or ‘long bob’) with a smooth, polished finish. Ask your hairdresser for a shoulder-length cut with clean, straight lines and minimal layers - you want the finished cut to look sleek and glossy. To get the look at home, wash your hair then spritz Frizz Ease 3 Day Straightening Spray through your lengths. Dry and straighten your hair, then run a small dab of Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Crème through your lengths and ends to keep your lob frizz-free and fabulous.

Blonde woman with a smooth, straight lob wearing glasses

Soft pixie cut

Soft pixies are a gentle variation on the classic pixie cut - this rebooted look focuses on maintaining a bit more length on the top and sides, creating a softer and more feminine look. Your hairdresser will be able to advise you on the best length and layering for your face shape and hair type, but don’t be afraid to ask for textured or layered top layers to add movement and fullness.

Older woman with grey hair styled in a soft pixie cut

Asymmetrical bob

This edgy cut suits square faces as it ‘softens’ the face and draws attention away from heavy jawlines. Asymmetrical bobs look great with either wavy or straight hair - and it’s perfect for older women who want a fresh look without a drastic change. They’re cut with a carefully-structured, purposeful uneven side, and they’re fun to play with if you’re thinking of going short but you don’t want to take the plunge just yet.

Redheaded older woman with an asymmetrical bob

Textured fringe

A textured fringe is different to a blunt fringe - its additional layers give this fringe a lived-in vibe that adds softness, definition and, well, texture. Adding a textured fringe can instantly refresh your style and draw attention to your eyes, and works especially well if you’ve currently got long layers at the front of your head which are prone to thinning and split ends. To style this fringe, start with a spritz of our Volume Lift Thickening Blow-Out Spray, gently brush through with your fingers and blowdry from side to side.

Older woman with a textured fringe haircut on the beach

How does menopause affect women’s hair?

Menopause includes several hormonal shifts, notably a decline in oestrogen and progesterone levels, which can impact hair health. These lower hormone levels can weaken hair follicles, leading to increased hair shedding and slower growth. If you’re going through the menopause, you may notice a decrease in overall hair volume, with a widening part and thinner strands.

Taming frizz after the menopause

You might find your hair is more frizzy while you’re going through the menopause. With less oestrogen in your system, your hair thins out, and strands become more fragile, dry, and frizzy. Luckily, our range of hair serums are on hand to help defeat frizz - run a single pump of our All-In-1 Lightweight Serum through your lengths and ends to smooth, hydrate and banish frizz instantly.

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