What To Pack for a Weekend Away: Our Hair Essentials for Your Next Mini-Break

woman with long wavy brown hair holding a map and standing in front of the Colosseum in Rome

by Sarah Joan Ross

Packing hair products for a weekend away is simpler than it seems – you just need the essentials! From bustling city escapes to  relaxing jaunts in the country, we’ve selected a few must-have hair products to help you decide what to pack for a weekend trip. Keep reading to find out our essential holiday hair products for luscious locks all weekend long! 

Hair essentials for a City Break

Along with athleisure and a Pac A Mac, you'll also need to find hair styling solutions that will easily slot into a hectic itinerary. On your list of things to pack for a weekend trip to the city, add a hair oil. Oils are brilliant, all-round multi-tasking products, especially for those who have curly and frizzy hair. 

Our Nourishing Oil Elixir works to combat the frizz and flyaways while you explore the city. This elixir is formulated with argan oil and heat protection to nourish dry, damaged frizzy hair. Just massage the oil in before you shampoo to soften tight curls and detangle with ease. Plus, applying a few drops to dry hair can tame, add definition and provide a much-needed moisture boost.

Those with thin, flat hair will benefit from a hard-working blow dry spray to help give your style hold and longevity and ensure you look nice from day to night. We love the Volume Lift Root Booster for adding oomph to roots whilst also providing heat protection. If you’re looking for all-over volume without the weight, then the Fine To Full Blow Out Spray is the one for you. Formulated with Air-Silk Technology, this lightweight formula is perfect for keeping your locks looking their best on your sightseeing adventures. 

Hair essentials for a Girls Weekend

Two pretty women with cucumbers on eyes and towel on their heads

Half the fun of a girl’s holiday is getting ready together, whether you’re going out or staying in. If you’re wondering what to pack for a girl’s weekend, don’t forget to include a few of John Frieda’s brilliant travel-friendly Miracle Drops Masks to give your locks some TLC before the night ahead. The one-use treatment comes in three varieties; Damage Repair, with Vitamin E Oil, helps make breakage-prone hair stronger, Frizz Smoothing, with avocado oil, for out-of-control locks, and Blonde Brightening, with grapeseed oil, boosts shine and brightness.

Once hair is nicely nourished, you’ll need a styling product for a night out on the town. Enter Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray. This spray is rich in magnesium and boosts the contours of your existing curls, restoring elasticity and providing heat protection for your night out hairstyle

What to pack for a weekend away in the country

Girls enjoying summer outdoors

Those windy country walks can whip hair into a frenzy, while lazy pub lunches spent in front of a roaring fire is the fastest way to dry and dehydrated hair. Restore some order with a therapeutic deep conditioning treatment. Our Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner contains targeted Anti-Damage Technology to help repair surface damage, increase moisture levels and rescue hair in distress. It conveniently also comes in a 25ml sachet, so it won’t take up any room in your overnighter.

What to pack for a weekend away with your boyfriend

Romantic couple in restaurant

If you’re jetting off for a romantic weekend away, you might want to think about packing a few go-to hair products. Hotel amenities are often not designed for your hair type, so it’s worth stowing travel-sized versions or decanting some of your favourite John Frieda shampoos and conditioners

If you find that your hair fluffs-up in any type of heat or humidity, pack John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum. This is the perfect holiday hair product as it helps keep frizzy flyaways at bay in sweltering climates—even in up to 90% of humidity, helping you look your best on your romantic getaway. It’s also worth taking some sort of shine treatment, as nothing screams beautiful locks like shiny, healthy-looking hair. We love 100% Shine Glossing Mist, as you can simply spritz and go. 

Now that you’ve got your full list of what to pack for a weekend away when it comes to hair essentials, you’re ready to go! If the weather of your destination is not looking great, be sure to check our best products for humidity and frizz for all the wet, windy and humid weather hair tips you’ll need to look your best. Plus, if you’re trying to find the right products for your hair type, read our hair products blog for all the information you need to take your locks to the next level.

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