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Trying to grow your hair out can feel like an endless waiting game - yes, you’ll need patience to grow a thick, strong mane, but there are plenty of other ways to encourage your hair to grow faster.

On average, our hair grows around half an inch a month – that’s around 6 inches a year, but this can vary from person to person. On the flipside, according to the NHS, we lose between 50 – 100 hairs a day – often without noticing.

If you’re trying to grow your hair or you’re looking to improve the condition of thin hair, here’s how to give your hair the best possible foundation for fast growth.

1. Trim your hair

It sounds counterintuitive, but regular trims are exactly what your hair needs to encourage healthy growth. Having a haircut won’t make your hair grow faster, but it will get rid of split ends and breakage which can travel up the hair shaft, damaging your strands and minimising volume.

Getting rid of frizzy, damaged ends will make your hair look like it’s healthier, neater and growing faster.

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2. Eat protein-rich foods

Good hair health starts from the inside – so build up your hair’s strength with protein-rich foods like eggs, oily fish, beans, nuts, whole grains and lean meats, like chicken.

Protein is important because each strand of your hair is made of keratin, a tough protein that’s also used to create fingernails and skin. If you don’t consume enough protein, your body will divert its protein sources to more critical areas, and your hair may suffer.

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3. Take a hair-boosting supplement

Add a multivitamin to supercharge your added protein intake. You can either look for a vitamin that’s made especially for skin, hair and nails, or you can speak to your GP about the right mixture of vitamins and minerals you may need more of. The following vitamins are vital to healthy hair growth and avoiding hair loss:
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin E
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Omega-3 fatty acids


4. Use a strengthening shampoo and conditioner

How often you wash your hair - and what you wash it with – can play a huge part in hair growth. Use a strengthening shampoo and conditioner to reverse the look and feel of damaged hair - our Detox + Repair range protects delicate strands and restores weak, brittle hair fibres.

Consider washing your hair less frequently, use a gentle massaging motion to stimulate your scalp and hair follicles and rinse your hair with lukewarm water to close your cuticles and avoid dehydrating your hair.

5. Use a weekly hair mask

A pampering weekly hair mask can help detangle your strands, add in some much-needed hydration and reduce the appearance of damaged hair.

Our Detox + Repair Masque is infused with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Avocado, and cares for dry, brittle hair which needs some TLC. Pro tip - apply to damp hair and wrap in a warm towel for 5 minutes to let the treatment soak in and penetrate your hair.

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6. Take care after washing

Your hair’s at its most vulnerable when it’s wet, so take care when it’s damp and before styling. Wrap wet hair in a microfibre hair turban or blot dry gently with a soft towel – avoid rubbing or tugging it.

Brush your hair gently, starting at the ends and moving up towards the roots – avoid dragging your brush through difficult knots. Spritz damp hair with our Daily Miracle Leave-In Conditioner to instantly detangle and protect brittle strands.

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7. Always use heat protection

If you use heat-styling tools, turn them down to their lowest setting and always use a heat protection spray to shield your hair from heat damage. When blow-drying your hair, stop when it’s 80% dry and wait for it to dry naturally before leaving the house.

If you’re always using your curling wand, consider trying a heat-free way to get wavy hair.

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8. Protect your hair from the elements

Extreme heat and cold are both damage hair, so wear a hat during bright sunlight or cold weather, and tie your hair back on windy days to avoid your hair becoming frizzy and tangled.

If you’re not too keen on hats or scarves, our Detox & Repair range can help put back what the day’s taken out.

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9. Brush your hair at night

Over-brushing can weaken hair, but giving your tresses a few strokes before bed can actually help smooth natural oils through your lengths to avoid dehydration and stimulate scalp circulation. It also helps prevent knots forming while you sleep.

To give your hair the ultimate night-time treat, invest in a silk pillowcase or silk hair wrap, as silk’s kinder to your hair than cotton or polyester, and will help reduce breakage. Add a few light spritzes of our Detox & Repair Care & Protect Spray to soothe, smooth and nourish stressed hair.

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