The future requires that we not only ensure the highest levels of safety and performance experience of John Frieda products, but also that our products consider the well-being of our society, and planet.

We’re committed to:   


Safe For The Planet

Formulas that are SAFE FOR THE PLANET, possessing the lowest level of environmental impact and the highest level of performance.

We’re committed to developing your favourite John Frieda products to provide the highest level of safety and performance with the lowest negative impact on people, animals and planet.


Sustainable Formulation Design Vision.

By 2025 – strive to have all our products be safe for land & water through formulas which are made with biodegradable ingredients and will not harm aquatic life.


Responsible Ingredient Selection.

Our sustainable formulation design vision guides our ingredient selection. We use responsibly sourced ingredients that are aligned to our standards with respect to natural systems, animal welfare, human health and human rights.

Supporting Zero Waste

Packaging that supports ZERO WASTE, tackling the impact of plastic head on and using innovation to reduce our use.

For us, packaging is more than just a means of bringing our great products to you. We take great pride in providing product packaging that visually delight, are easy for consumers to use and are made with our planet in mind.

When it comes to Sustainability, our goal is to offer packaging which brings to the marketplace innovative packaging materials, designs and system that support people in attaining a ZERO WASTE lifestyle. Our 3 key goals:


Reduce: By 2025, reduce fossil fuel-based virgin plastic by 30% compared to 2017. By 2025, minimize the amount of plastic packaging used via innovative designs.


Replace: By 2025, strive to incorporate 50% Post Consumer Recycled Materials in our plastic packaging and use responsibly sourced wood fiber materials.


Reuse: By 2025, innovate with new reuse and refill formats that help consumers re-use their original packaging many times.


Recycle: By 2025, strive to have all of our packaging be designed for recycling. By 2023, eliminate use of black plastic.



Care For Society

Haircare For Hygiene Poverty

We have partnered with The Hygiene Bank to provide product donations to help tackle hygiene poverty.

Everyone deserves to have access to the basics, and we believe hygiene poverty is a problem we can solve together, therefore through donations given to The Hygiene Bank, we are helping to provide products to people who need them across the UK.

We know first-hand the feeling of empowerment that freshly washed hair can give you. That’s why partnering with The Hygiene Bank felt only natural for us, as we both strive to instigate social change and help members of our community in need. In total, we have donated 67,000 products that were distributed across the UK.

Respectful of Resources

Production that is respectful of resources, with ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions, water consumption and waste generation.

Our production is all about doing more and better with less. Every step along the way, we strive to be respectful of resources, with ongoing efforts to reduce carbon emissions, water consumption and waste generation.

To reduce the environmental impact of production is a massive task, because it is necessary to transform not just one manufacturing module, but a vast sum of small steps along the process. This does not stop us though – we evaluate and measure our impact on the planet and look for ways to minimize overconsumption and inefficiencies in energy, water and waste.

Since 2022, Kao operated factories and offices are climate neutral.*
Over the past years, we have applied a wide range of measures to pave the way towards climate neutral operations: Since 2014, all Kao operated factories and owned offices in EMEA have been using 100% renewable electricity. Energy saving measures have been implemented, resulting in a 31% reduction in energy consumption since 2010. Additionally, Kao has reduced its waste water volume by more than 12% since 2016 and completely switched to sustainably sourced paper (FSC certified) in 2015. We have found ways to reduce our water consumption and now have a set plan how by 2025 to reduce wase to landfills to zero.


* Together with ClimatePartner, we have calculated our carbon footprint, have cut our carbon emissions wherever possible and offset all unavoidable emissions through internationally recognised climate protection projects from the ClimatePartner project portfolio. Achieving carbon neutrality is not an end goal but a bridge to more-substantial reductions. Want to know more about carbon offset projects? Click here
** Electricity is only one source of energy we use.


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