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Please read these Terms and Conditions of Use before using the John Frieda website. With use of the website you accept the Terms and Conditions. If you have questions or need technical assistance while accessing the website, please contact us.


Unless otherwise specified, Kao (UK) Limited and its affiliated companies hold the copyrights to all images, sound, written text, and other content (collectively the “Content”) on the Website.
The Content may be freely viewed, but it may not be used (in any form, including, but not restricted to, reproduction, modification, and distribution) by any method or for any purpose extending beyond personal use or beyond the range authorized under law, without prior written authorization from Kao (UK) Limited. Please note that use of the Content without such prior authorization from Kao (UK) Limited may constitute infringement of copyright law and trademark law or violation of image rights and privacy.
Trademarks, etc.
Rights in connection with trademarks, logos, and service marks featured on the Website belong to the Kao Group, of which Kao (UK) Limited and affiliates are members, or rights-holders who have granted authorization for use to Kao (UK) Limited (collectively “rights-holders, etc.”). Trademarks, logos, and service marks featured on the Website may not be used without authorization from the said rights-holders, etc.


Links to the John Frieda website:

Links to the John Frieda website are in principle unrestricted. We may, however, request to remove an incoming link, depending on the content of the website the link is coming from and/or the method by which the link is established. For further details, please see “Precautions regarding incoming Links” hereunder.
John Frieda does not check on the websites of third parties with incoming links to the Website (“third-party websites”) and can provide no guarantees of any kind in this regard. We therefore bear no liability for any damage that may arise in connection with incoming links to the Website.

Precautions regarding incoming Links:

You are forbidden to link content to the John Frieda website that contains any of the following content:
•    Content contrary to public order or good morals
•    Content that violates laws and regulations
•    Content of an antisocial nature
•    Content containing material of an explicitly adult nature
•    Content that defames or insults John Frieda (or an affiliated company), an artist, or any other related party

Please observe the following rules when setting up a link to the Website:

•    A click of the link should either open a new window on the user’s browser or switch from the page with the link to the linked page on the Website.
•    The link should not be established for any improper purpose.
•    The link should not block the use of the Website by other parties

Links from the Website:

John Frieda provides links from the Website to third-party websites for the convenience of customers. No content featured on third-party websites is guaranteed or authorized by John Frieda. If you access those links, you will leave the John Frieda website.
John Frieda does not control these third-party websites and cannot represent that their policies and practices will be consistent with the John Frieda Privacy Statement. John Frieda therefore bears no liability or responsibility for the content of third-party websites or for any damage that may arise from a customer’s use of a third-party website.


John Frieda publishes all information on this Website to the best of its knowledge and belief.
However, John Frieda expressly disclaims any and all warranties whatsoever regarding the content, including, but not limited to, warranties with respect to accuracy, recency, validity, and safety. In no event whatsoever shall John Frieda be held liable for any damages, losses, and/or troubles, etc. arising out of, or resulting from, the use of the Website.
Moreover, John Frieda may change, modify, and/or delete, etc. the content of the Website, or may suspend or discontinue, etc. any aspect of the Website without any prior notice.
John Frieda expressly disclaims any and all liability whatsoever for any damages incurred to customers herewith.

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