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What is the PROfiller+ range?

Our PROfiller+ range is a set of three texture-building products to boost your hair’s volume, including: These three products are designed to be used together to boost your hair’s volume and reduce breakage.

What does the PROfiller+ range do?

Put simply, this range has the potential to plump your overall hair thickness by 200%*, and instantly create the look and feel of more hair.
  • When you use our gentle thickening shampoo, micelles remove unwanted deposits, leaving your hair squeaky clean, and help build hair strength
  • Our thickening conditioner increases thickness by creating three-dimensional space in between strands
  • Our thickening spray gently coats your hair with a light, flexible film to provide a thicker look and feel with natural movement
*When using PROfiller+ Shampoo, Conditioner & Spray vs. basic shampoo

PROfiller+ products on a marble bathroom top with a hand holding the thickening spray

Who is the PROfiller+ range designed for?

Anyone can use PROfiller+ products - but the range was specifically designed for people with thin, fine or fragile hair.

How does PROfiller+ shampoo work?

Our thickening shampoo is infused with Biotin, known to provide hair with strength, and Hyaluronic Acid, which hydrates hair.

Explanation of the benefits of John Frieda PROfiller+ shampoo

Do PROfiller+ products help hair regrow?

PROfiller+ products won’t help your hair regrow, especially if you have underlying or pre-existing conditions which lead to ongoing hair loss. However, the range will help to boost the appearance of fine, thin hair, helping it to look thicker.

Can I use PROfiller+ on thick hair?

If you have thick hair, you can use the PROfiller+ range - however, you may find the plumping effects are less noticeable as your hair is possibly already able to hold and maintain voluminous styles.

Can I use PROfiller+ on short hair?

People with short hair can use our PROfiller+ range - however, the visual effect of thicker hair may be more noticeable for people with longer hair.

Before and after shot of a young blonde woman using the PROfiller+ range

Can I use PROfiller+ products on curly or wavy hair?

Yes - the PROfiller+ range can be used on fine curly or wavy hair.

Do I need to use the full PROfiller+ range to see improvements?

For optimal results, these three products are designed to be used together to thicken hair overall by 200%* and reduce breakage. However, each product on its own is still designed to help to boost hair thickness and fullness.

*When using PROfiller+ Shampoo, Conditioner & Spray vs. basic shampoo

What happens if I stop using the PROfiller+ range?

If you discontinue using PROfiller+ products, the thickening and plumping effects of the range will wash away with your next shampoo.

Beautiful blonde woman with thick, volumised hair

Do I need to use heat styling tools with PROfiller+ products?

If you're using the thickening spray, we’d recommend you use heat styling tools for best results.

This spray contains styling polymers to provide a thickening boost to create the look and feel of more hair. When these polymers are exposed to heat, they create space between the hair fibres, which creates a thicker look in your strands.

Our thickening spray’s formula contains a lightweight film-forming technology that spreads evenly across your hair to create a flexible network, while providing lightweight hold and heat protection. This makes your hair look and feel thicker.

For maximum fullness, style your hair with your hair dryer or heat styling tools until it’s completely dry.

Can I use other John Frieda styling products with the PROfiller+ range?

Yes, you can use your regular styling products alongside the PROfiller+ range. If you want to use additional products in combination with the ProFiller+ Thickening Spray, please use small amounts at first and add more if you need to, as your hair may start to feel heavy and weighed down.

If you want to minimise frizz and add in a lightweight smoothing product, we’d recommend using our Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Crème alongside the PROfiller+ range.

If you’d like fuller-looking lengths and volume at your roots, we’d recommend using our Volume Lift Root Booster on your crown before using your heat styling tools.

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