The Ultimate Hairstyle Guide For Good Wedding Guest Etiquette

Let’s talk wedding guest hair etiquette. First thing is first: be sure to take note of the dress code on the invitation, RSVP by the stated date, and Google the location to determine the formality of proceedings.

As for your outfit inspo? Diana Mather Director & Senior Tutor at The English Manner says: “Dress codes have changed. At one time it was a real ‘no-no’ to wear black at a wedding. It was considered bad luck and was reserved for funerals, but rules have relaxed now. Although definitely no white (nobody wants to compete with the bride).”

The Headgear 

In the headgear department, the authority on British etiquette Debrett's says: “While it’s true that a hat can elevate an outfit from ‘garden party’ to ‘elegant wedding,’ many women simply prefer not to wear one – whether for comfort, taste, or because they want their outfit to do the talking." And if you do wear one, the only rule they offer nowadays is, “Hats should not hamper kissing.” We couldn’t agree more.

So that’s the headgear dos and don’ts. Now all that’s left is to sort out the tresses. Read on to find easy wedding guest hairstyles for short or long hair that are quick and easy to re-create from the comfort of your home or hotel room, and are on point in the etiquette department too. (5).jpg

Black Tie

Black tie is usually for weddings held later in the day, and it means evening wear for ladies. Although take note: there should be no hats or headpieces worn after 6pm.

The Hairtequette

Hair should be well groomed. Think of the words ‘dressy’ and ‘finished,’ and aim for short, slick side partings, barrel tonged waves, ballerina buns and up-do hairstyles. Hats should be replaced with hair accessories (try pearl or Swarovski barrettes), because when wearing a formal dress, you don’t want an oversized hat spoiling the silhouette.

Black Tie Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Inspo For Every Length

Wedding guest hairstyles for short hair: Try a minimalist slick-down and get glossy with Frizz Ease Secret Weapon Touch-Up Crème

Wedding guest hairstyles for medium hair length: Opt for the super slick side part (try flat irons for polish), and use Frizz Ease Extra Strength 6+ Effects Serum to ensure a frizz-free day. 

Wedding guest hairstyles for long hair: Try a barrel tong wave or a classic Hollywood wave, and style with Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Leave In Cream Primer for ultra-refined locks. Top it off with a dainty metallic hair crown or headband. (6).jpg

City Slicker

The reception at city weddings is usually in a hotel or a restaurant. The dress code depends on the time and place.

The Hairtequette

If indoors, you’ll need to remove the hat (it is likely to be considered rude if it remains on your head). You could try some hair clips, silver bows or bands that have interesting gold-tone or silver bows. 

City Slicker Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Inspo For Every Length

Wedding guest hairstyles for short hair: Semi-styled is the way to go. Don’t be afraid to use a tong to inject a wave and a certain polish to the ends.

Wedding guest hairstyles for medium length hair: A slick, bob or lob straightened with glass-like shine (try Frizz Ease Thermal Protection Serum) is the perfect fit.

Wedding guest hairstyles for long hair: If adding clips to thin hair, don’t forget to texturise with the Beach Blonde Sea Salt Spray, as they can have the tendency to slip out. (3).jpg

Country Wedding

Country weddings are traditionally held at the bride’s house, usually in a marquee, stately home or country hotel.

The Hairtequette

If you’re in a marquee, think about using natural or faux flowers, weaved into a half-up, half-down style. If it’s in a stately house, draw inspiration from vintage or art deco styles, as they have both polish and poise.  

Country Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Inspo For Every Length

Wedding guest hairstyles for short hair: If hair is down to your temples, try swooping it up in a quiff.  

Wedding guest hairstyles for medium length hair: Try an exaggerated side part, which looks chic and edgy at the same time.

Wedding guest hairstyles for long hair: Twist or plait hair and roll into a low messy bun makes for a lovely option for a relaxed up-do hairstyle. (4).jpg

Boho Wedding

Think greenery, fluttery fairy lights, tipis and a laid-back festival vibe.

The Hairtequette

Don’t worry about hair being perfect. It’s all about the fly-aways and letting your hair down. Hair bands, railroad pins, flowers, pearls, Grecian crowns, and ribbons – anything goes.

Boho Wedding Guest Hairstyles: Inspo For Every Length

Wedding guest hairstyles for short hair: Pixie cuts can be left undone and fluffy. Or, if you’re growing out a shaved head, then gently spike for volume.

Wedding guest hairstyles for medium length hair: Wavy bobs are the order of the day. Keep everything in place with Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Intense Hold Hairspray. 

Wedding guest hairstyles for long hair: You could try a messy top knot, half-up, half-down with a roll or plaits or even  surf-girl waves. Anything that moves goes perfectly with the relaxed vibe. Apply some Air Dry Waves Styling Foam to enhance natural curls and waves.

One last piece of advice? Leave those drastic unicorn-bright blue, purple or pink Insta-inspired dos at home – you really don’t want to be 'that one' who ruins the wedding photographs.

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